On foot, no car or bikes, just walking everywhere again.

Alright so this week has been a busy week and I guess I’ll go through and try to answer the questions. I still haven’t been to the mission home to get the package so it’s just sitting there so you’ll have to wait till then when I can tell you more about my week. But to all the questions.

Spring time in Scotland. It’s cold mostly because I’m on the coast so it’s all windy all the time and what not.

First off I’m training Elder Foster who is from England and is 24. He is a convert to the church and was baptized about 2 yrs ago. So that is really cool. He is a great guy and pretty funny. Doing great and working hard which is good. He is very English.

DSC00830 (2)

Chapping in Paisley

So Arbroath is a very small and a pretty religious place. They are well known for their smokies, which is smoked Fish. So I’ll have to try one soon, sounds pretty good. So the ward is the Montrose ward, that’s where we stay in the 4 man flat.  We have to get on a 30 min bus every day to our area, which kind of sucks but oh well. If we work hard and get a lot done we’ll be able to open up a flat there in Arbroath and stay there but still have to come to Montrose for Sundays and what not. So that also means we are on foot, no car or bikes, just walking everywhere again. It’s pretty fun because you get to see a lot of stuff.

So I have been around to some of the cliffs here and today we went to a beach and castle in between Arbroath and Montrose I’ll send the photos, it’s a pretty cool place and we got to walk all long the country side. I would have to say this is my favorite part about Scotland is the country side it is pretty great and seems like a great place to be. The small towns are really where the culture is at which is pretty nice. My last two areas haven’t been like this so it’s a nice change and I’m liking it so far.

But one problem is all the other religious people really don’t like us here. We’ve had two experiences now were people are just trying to prove us wrong about everything. It usually ends in the same way but we don’t say anything to these people and they just lose it. So it’s a bit annoying but oh well.

So we’ll see how it goes this next week. Here in Arbroath there is a main street that we can talk to a few people but not many so we go around and chap most of the time and that is pretty alright.


So over all it was a pretty good week nothing really to exciting has happened.

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