I’m in Arbroath – home where the Scottish Independence was signed.


*Arbroath is an ancient port with origins dating back to Pictish times. With a population of 25,000, Arbroath is the largest Angus town, and home of the famous Abbey, which was founded in 1178. It was at the Abbey in 1320 that the famous Declaration of Scottish Independence was signed, outlining the desire of the Scottish people for self-determination. https://www.visitangus.com/info/20013/arbroath

I have been transferred, I just got to my new area just a while ago and I don’t have long to email today which kind of sucks, but oh well. So I’m in an area called Arbroath. I’m companions with Elder Foster who is from England, this is his second transfer in the mission so I will be his trainer and finish training him. Should be all fun stuff I’m really excited. I’m also in a 4 man flat with Elder Peterson and his trainee who is also from England sorry I forgot his name already… But we are all in the same flat! So it should be some fun stuff happening.

So I did get the other t-shirts and I don’t have my camera so don’t have a way to send any photos, but the packages do send to the mission home. I will get it and when things like moves happen I’ll be able to get it still and what not. So send all the packages to the mission home. Then I do have the book that you are talking about but I got it like a week or two ago. So I’ll send that off to you as soon as I can.

Alright so this past week has been a crazy week of running around and visiting everyone and finding new investigators, but I’m running out of time and really nothing to exciting really happened just going around and talking to people. We had moves call on Saturday and I got the call that I was moving, so I spent Sunday packing and getting ready to leave so it was all good. Nothing really else though. That I can think of it was just kind of a long week and really not too sure what to say about the week.

But it’s great to always hear about family history work thank you! When I get the package I’ll be able to type up more about the week because I’m doing a lot just forgot a lot of it by the time I email.

Oh wait I did do something fun I went on exchange with Elder Milburn in Paisley on Saturday. He is one of my favorite Elders in the mission. So that was just great! We went all around Paisley because I’ve never been and it was a lot of fun, then like half way through the day Elder Cropper came back with the zone leaders from some meeting and we went back to Kilmarnock and that was that.

OH so new companion! Well I’m in a four man flat and they all want a shirt… So I’ll talk to them about it and get back to you on it…

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