Reading Jesus the Christ and applying it to my own missionary life


Look at all that well thank you it was a lot to read, but I did read it all. It is always great to hear about what is going on back at home, and yes I would love to get the music and did you find any good videos to send me for the missionary work just wondering? And no the shirts have not come yet, so don’t know when they will. It is move’s call this Saturday so will find out what is happening there.

So this week for myself:

The start of the week was pretty normal, we had a good FHE night with Brian and some people came over to that. Then the following day we had a good district meeting and what not, then came back to Kilmarnock and got started on the work again. It was all pretty well.
I’ve been doing a lot of studying on the life of Christ so reading through Jesus the Christ and what not. That is pretty amazing I will tell you that, and it has been a lot of fun to be able to apply what I’ve learned about his example into my own missionary life.

So back to the start of the week. We went over to the Dalleys and we had gave them some help with painting one of the rooms in their home. Got out the paint and Elder Cropper and I painted away! Paint, paint and some more paint. I think we got most of it done not sure what it is like now, haven’t heard from them. So then after all that good painting, we went on and seen some people and it was all good.

We have been blessed this week to have a sort of new investigator. Carla is a former investigator and we were able to see her and share more about everything, and she wants to come to church! She wants to meet new and good people. So we are like yeah come to church! We will be giving her a baptismal date the next time we see her. She really wants to learn and come so it will be great. Really excited to be seeing her again this next week.

So following on in the week we had a busy day of seeing people. We saw Stephen our investigator that works like all the time, and he has been having a hard with a few things so we shared the plan of salvation with him. We talked about the atonement purpose and how it brings us joy in this life. It was so great, the spirit was just like BANG! So we were able to help him set a day of baptism for April 1st! So Wohoo! He is going to find some joy. It was great to be able to teach him and I’m really praying for him every day that he will want to have this feeling more in his life.

So afterwards we went to Dean Park or the “Woods” with our friend Fiona! And we went on a good long walk down to some animals and we fed them apples. It was pretty funny, but after the animals and the apples, we had a really good talk about the restoration of the gospel.  I think she really likes it. She has learned so much about the gospel and the church it is pretty cool. Her favorite soap is the District which is used a lot for training missionaries. So we will hopefully see her again and share some more things with her.

Then we had an Area broadcast for the whole of Europe! It was really cool. So we went down to Ayr and the broadcast was from Salt Lake, but it was for everyone in the Europe area. It was interesting as I have been to an area conference before but the way they did it was interesting. So we got to the church and the stake president got up and talked about a few things, then the bishops from Ayr and Irvine spoke. Then the broadcast started and there were 4 speakers and oh my oh my…that was just amazing. The talks were great and I loved them all. The first talked about how to find joy, the next talked about our testimonies, and another about being self-reliant kind of thing. It was good! The last speaker was Elder Ballard! And his was great! I learned something new from all of them!

Then to end that great day we were out street contacting and we ran into a prophet, it was interesting. Elder Cropper stopped him and we started the normal missionary talk and the dude was like “I am a prophet of God” and we were like ah no, don’t think so. Mostly because he would only be able to talk to God after he had some illegal drugs… So that was pretty funny! Then we went to the Allen’s for Dinner and had some really good food. Oh man Dave Allen makes the best food.

So that was this past week not sure if I forgot anything, but I’m working on the family here in Kilmarnock they haven’t answered me back but I am trying!

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