The work is really starting to progress a lot more here in Kilmarnock

So this week not too much has been different we have been all over the place though finding and what not.

Monday was a pretty normal P-day. Then Tuesday we had a district meeting in Ayr and went on exchanges with the Elders from Beith/Kilwinning. Their area has been really weird because of some flat problems, so it has caused a whole mess in the area for them so that they had to move areas. Also the church leaders are all mad and upset that they are working two areas and it makes no sense. Well anyways I went off with Elder Quiton. So I was with him and we had a pretty alright day in Kilmarnock. We had a few appointments set up but they didn’t hold, and we went around to go try by people, but not many of them answered. We did get to see Fiona our neighbor, she told us she would be open on Tuesday to meet. So hopefully we can see her. That is really about it.

That day ended and we went on exchanges again with the zone leaders. So I was off with Elder Calton, and he is a pretty cool guy. He’s my age, he went out on his mission right after high school so he will be going home soon. But it was a really good day with him. We were mostly finding the whole day. We had a few appointments fall through, but not much we could do.

Then the rest of the week was pretty straight forward of finding and what. We ran into a few solid people in this past week and hopefully they hold in this next week!

Also while we were finding out on the street, we stopped a guy and he started to go off about how we need to believe in Jesus Christ and the bible is the word of god. So I shared my testimony of Christ, but he didn’t seem to like it. He told us we don’t have faith because we have more than a bible. So I simply told him about how the Book of Mormon and the bible support each other, and he went nuts but, again I shared my testimony and then he left. It was interesting, but shortly after that we got like 3 or 4 possible investigators! So it was all good!

The work is really starting to progress a lot more here in Kilmarnock. The ward is starting to help out more and offer more for us and we are doing everything we can for them. So it is turning out to be really nice here.


Also it was national nut covered in chocolate day so I bought nuts covered in chocolate! And then we saw this really cool castle so got a picture with it, It was the best castle I’ve seen here in Scotland. Sorry didn’t get to many pictures this week. A lot of fun things happened. Like buying really good Kebabs from an Indian guy that couldn’t speak English. I’ll have to get more pictures for this next week. Really a lot of fun things have been happening I just forget it about it by the time it comes to emailing so the key board thing should be a help throughout the week!


Also where are my national days of the week?

OH another thing, the family. So I met Margret and some other lady that I forgot her name… But they have a lot of cool stories about the family. The Saunders family has a family crest as well, but I didn’t get it. But pretty much they pulled out these photos and and just went off on talking about all these people and all of it went over my head so can’t tell you much. But this week I’m going ask them to go and look for family names that I don’t have. So like Richard Saunders parents, the one that was born in St. Quivox in like 1750 or something like that. So I’m going to try to get them to go out and find the names and find people.

And I would like the addresses of family here in Kilmarnock. More likely to let me in and talk to them.

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