We know stuff that can make you even more happier!


Hmm well that sounds like a fun and interesting week. It’s great to hear that stake conference was all well. I have found stake conference here on my mission to be really fun because I get to hear my mission president speak, he is really good at giving talks, like he is really good at it. So that is always my favorite.

Hmm, I will have to look up the topic for the Prophetic Principles. OH tell President Gibbons “hi” for me! I keep forgetting to email him… so I’ll get to that… feel a bit bad because I keep forgetting every week.

Well mailing the package, Hmm should send it to the mission home because then if we have to pay for any of the custom stuff the mission home will take care of it and It’ll help with the weekly email or typing up the journal at the end of the day because I always forget everything when it comes to Monday emailing time.

Then funds so interesting thing about that, so at the start of the week I had to use all my funds for travel but we can get that money back. However, it didn’t come back! So it should be coming back today… But I had to use all my personal funds for food at what not this month. So I was just going to wait till dad puts in more money at the start of next month.

Hmm I think that is everything. So my week has been long and interesting and somewhat exciting.

Monday we did stuff that I can’t remember.

But Tuesday we went on exchange and Wednesday as well. And I have a story here. So Tuesday my companion was with Elder Kinville and I was with Elder Ritchie. We had some fun in the park I’ll send the pictures here in a sec. But later that night when we are all back at the flat I over hear a conversation going on between Elder Kinville and my companion. All I hear is that my companion would not let him go get ice cream, and Elder Kinville really wanted ice cream, which he was willing to trade a really fun day for ice cream. In fact he will pay for the whole thing himself. So I stepped in and said “Elder Kinville I’m with you tomorrow I’ll take you up on that offer”, and that isn’t all I told him if he pays for the ice cream I’ll show him a cool castle.

So the next day the two young elders set out, and we were chapping out on doors that happen to be near a castle. So we saw a few people walking up the path, and I said “Oh look people that we can share the gospel with that just so happen to be walking to a castle” So we talked to people as we walked to the castle. Then we saw the castle, it was pretty cool. Later that night we got ice cream. A lot of ice cream. Then we ate it all for dinner, which was probably a bad choice, but it was good and well worth it and that was that.

Then the rest of the week went by as normal seeing people and running around finding more people. We had a really cool thing happen where we were walking around then we bumped into this girl and we were like “What makes you happy?” and she was like “Everything!” and so I was like we know stuff that can make you even more happier! And then she was like let’s hear it! So we went to a cafe and sat down and shared the plan of salvation and I know she really felt the spirit and it was really cool. So she asked if she could see us and again and we were like yeah! But then we tried to see her yesterday but she didn’t show. But no worries we will find her again.

Then that was about it for this week. The ward is really getting on top of the missionary work and it is going pretty great. If the whole ward gets more going on it then the missionary work here would explode and they would be having so many people come to church. It would be great to see a whole bunch of people at church.


No ice cream for you Elder Cropper

Well that is mostly it. Also if you could do me a favor. I have a flash drive with like almost all the Mormon message videos, but not for 2016. If you could over time get a flash drive with all those videos and more of the missionary videos on there for me that would be great! Just like all kinds of videos. That would be great for missionary stuff. The missionary section in the gospel library app has some great videos.

So today we went on a run and emailing. Almost about done sorry. Then going shopping here soon and then probably something and then dinner with the Allen’s and then FHE with Brian. Who has been having some problems… But we’ll get it all figured out.

Well I have to get going so I will try to email sooner next week, and send the package to the mission home. Then I know it will all be good. Ahh that’s about it. Nothing really I need. Oh I forgot to tell you that I meet Margaret the one from Annbank (grandpa’s cousin) and I’ll tell you about that next week sorry. So I’ll talk to you next week! Love you!


Hope you turn your head upside down to see me 

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