The Sun is out Today!

Oh wow look at that. Amazing things happen all over the place. So service we don’t really do any like at shops or what not, but we do try where we can. No one has wanted us around because it has been so cold., but there aren’t any family history centers in our area. The closest one is over in Ayr, So one day. The family had to cancel on me again! But no worries I’m going Wednesday…Hopefully. I really want to meet with them and share some stuff with them. SO we will see where it goes.

Well new companion. Ah I don’t know we haven’t gotten our new super hero shirts yet, and I have no idea how to describe him. He is from Cali and is Mormon.

So I think that is all the questions you have. So this week has been an alright week. We have been out finding a lot looking for a new investigator we might have a few. We have met a few people that seem promising so fingers crossed! We have also run into a lot of crazy drunk people, and a lot of mean people. I would say more mean people this past week.

I haven’t seen the sun in days, and it has finally come out!! The SUN IS OUT TODAY! I miss the sun. Hmm. then not much else has happened nothing to funny or exciting sorry to say.

This past weekend was stake conference so that was really cool. There was some really good talks given. 3 stood out to me more than the others. The first one was a girl getting ready to serve a mission talking about the worth of souls. Then next was President Donaldson and he always gives great talks, I love that guy so much. Then the stake president gave a really good talk as well.

Well after the conference we had interviews with President Donaldson so I was able to talk to him about everything I’ve been doing and what not. The last transfer was hard so I was able to talk to him all about it, and he gave me some stuff to do this next few weeks to see if it helps me out some more and doing the work here in Kilmarnock. So we were the last ones to have the interview, so President dropped us off at the closest train station. We had to get a train to Glasgow and then to Kilmarnock so it was a long time till we got back to our area yesterday.

But all that it has been pretty great. The month seems to be going by a bit slow. Or this last week was because it was cloudy and cold all week, but the sun will be coming more out in the next month! So I’m really excited for that. I’m also really excited for this next week because I know we are going to do a lot better in the area.

So one thing that President Donaldson talked to me about was stopping myself and taking in the moments around me and asking myself what do I know. When the times are hard and things are going the best way or the way I want them to go. What do I know? And I can say to myself that I know that I have a Father in Heaven that is watching over me. I know that he has given me a family. I know that as that family comes closer to Christ we come closer as a family and the relationships we have with others grows with love and respect. I know that I have millions of people praying for me daily because they want me to be happy.

There was a lot of other things that he told me that I have written down and it was really good. My mission President is an amazing man and I have a lot of respect for him.

Well I hope everyone’s week is going good and I can’t wait to hear from you next week and hear all about the crazy things happening. Stay safe from creepy school kids with guns.

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