It’s all crazy “hastening the work”, but really exciting!

He is wearing my kilt?!?! and my belt? And my Socks!? And my sporran?!

Well that’s pretty funny, Alex is really that tall? Oh Well I’m still short but that’s okay. I’m getting along.

Well I’m glad to hear at least it was a fun time at the Burns Supper, and Alex had a good Birthday. Which is also good, I couldn’t really send anything because well don’t have a lot of money. I’ve been sending some stuff home because it’s a bit useless for me to carry around.

Then I too get asked about Trump a lot. It’s very annoying, but I get to tell them that I have no input because I’m on a mission! So that gets them to go away. But the some of the Scottish only ever seem to focus on what everyone else is doing and never on what is happening in their own country. It’s a bit annoying but funny at the same time.

I guess who can throw the rock the highest isn’t exciting anymore.

Well all that and the week has been a bit slow. We’ve been out finding a lot, like a lot. And we’ve bumped into some interesting people. One guy has God and the Devil talk to him through the TV. So that’s cool. We got his number so we’ll probably see him again. Then a few other people, and we are getting investigators but just can’t see them all the time so that kind of sucks.

On Thursday we had All Scotland Conference. They are doing All Scotland’s now every 6 weeks. So that should be fun. This one we had a General Authority come, but I forgot his name… He was great! He was like 7ft tall so that was cool. We got a lot of great instruction about teaching others. Teaching them to repent instead about repentance and to have faith and not what is faith. So it’s been pushing us a lot to be better missionaries. It also goes with the new changes in the missionary schedule. This change will either make or break missionaries. So missionaries that do want to be here and become like Christ are really going to do great, and the others that don’t really want to do anything are going to show. So we are going to see what happens. We have been talking a lot about this in meetings. The leadership meetings we talked about it for about half an hour and looking at where we are and what we are going to do to raise that. It’s pretty cool and I’m getting really excited. The only problem is that it’s a lot of work. So getting out there and really pushing to get investigators at church and helping them to reach baptism, as well as gaining convents in the future. So it’s all crazy “hastening the work”, but really exciting!


with Elder Magby at the All Scotland Conference

So then the rest of the week has been pretty normal, just going out and talking to people on the streets and just getting out there.

Yep Mary is off on Wednesday and she is doing great. She sent me a shirt, I sent a picture of it to you.

Well this morning I had to do a deep clean of the flat. It was getting a bit gross, and the oven hadn’t been cleaned out in a long time.

I love you sorry, but I do have to get going! I’m sending Alex a birthday letter, and I will talk to you next week and explain the photos. But it’s in Edinburgh and on the train ride back. Make sure to post the photos of Elder Ritchie and my hairy legs!!

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