The work is really starting to progress a lot more here in Kilmarnock

So this week not too much has been different we have been all over the place though finding and what not.

Monday was a pretty normal P-day. Then Tuesday we had a district meeting in Ayr and went on exchanges with the Elders from Beith/Kilwinning. Their area has been really weird because of some flat problems, so it has caused a whole mess in the area for them so that they had to move areas. Also the church leaders are all mad and upset that they are working two areas and it makes no sense. Well anyways I went off with Elder Quiton. So I was with him and we had a pretty alright day in Kilmarnock. We had a few appointments set up but they didn’t hold, and we went around to go try by people, but not many of them answered. We did get to see Fiona our neighbor, she told us she would be open on Tuesday to meet. So hopefully we can see her. That is really about it.

That day ended and we went on exchanges again with the zone leaders. So I was off with Elder Calton, and he is a pretty cool guy. He’s my age, he went out on his mission right after high school so he will be going home soon. But it was a really good day with him. We were mostly finding the whole day. We had a few appointments fall through, but not much we could do.

Then the rest of the week was pretty straight forward of finding and what. We ran into a few solid people in this past week and hopefully they hold in this next week!

Also while we were finding out on the street, we stopped a guy and he started to go off about how we need to believe in Jesus Christ and the bible is the word of god. So I shared my testimony of Christ, but he didn’t seem to like it. He told us we don’t have faith because we have more than a bible. So I simply told him about how the Book of Mormon and the bible support each other, and he went nuts but, again I shared my testimony and then he left. It was interesting, but shortly after that we got like 3 or 4 possible investigators! So it was all good!

The work is really starting to progress a lot more here in Kilmarnock. The ward is starting to help out more and offer more for us and we are doing everything we can for them. So it is turning out to be really nice here.


Also it was national nut covered in chocolate day so I bought nuts covered in chocolate! And then we saw this really cool castle so got a picture with it, It was the best castle I’ve seen here in Scotland. Sorry didn’t get to many pictures this week. A lot of fun things happened. Like buying really good Kebabs from an Indian guy that couldn’t speak English. I’ll have to get more pictures for this next week. Really a lot of fun things have been happening I just forget it about it by the time it comes to emailing so the key board thing should be a help throughout the week!


Also where are my national days of the week?

OH another thing, the family. So I met Margret and some other lady that I forgot her name… But they have a lot of cool stories about the family. The Saunders family has a family crest as well, but I didn’t get it. But pretty much they pulled out these photos and and just went off on talking about all these people and all of it went over my head so can’t tell you much. But this week I’m going ask them to go and look for family names that I don’t have. So like Richard Saunders parents, the one that was born in St. Quivox in like 1750 or something like that. So I’m going to try to get them to go out and find the names and find people.

And I would like the addresses of family here in Kilmarnock. More likely to let me in and talk to them.

We know stuff that can make you even more happier!


Hmm well that sounds like a fun and interesting week. It’s great to hear that stake conference was all well. I have found stake conference here on my mission to be really fun because I get to hear my mission president speak, he is really good at giving talks, like he is really good at it. So that is always my favorite.

Hmm, I will have to look up the topic for the Prophetic Principles. OH tell President Gibbons “hi” for me! I keep forgetting to email him… so I’ll get to that… feel a bit bad because I keep forgetting every week.

Well mailing the package, Hmm should send it to the mission home because then if we have to pay for any of the custom stuff the mission home will take care of it and It’ll help with the weekly email or typing up the journal at the end of the day because I always forget everything when it comes to Monday emailing time.

Then funds so interesting thing about that, so at the start of the week I had to use all my funds for travel but we can get that money back. However, it didn’t come back! So it should be coming back today… But I had to use all my personal funds for food at what not this month. So I was just going to wait till dad puts in more money at the start of next month.

Hmm I think that is everything. So my week has been long and interesting and somewhat exciting.

Monday we did stuff that I can’t remember.

But Tuesday we went on exchange and Wednesday as well. And I have a story here. So Tuesday my companion was with Elder Kinville and I was with Elder Ritchie. We had some fun in the park I’ll send the pictures here in a sec. But later that night when we are all back at the flat I over hear a conversation going on between Elder Kinville and my companion. All I hear is that my companion would not let him go get ice cream, and Elder Kinville really wanted ice cream, which he was willing to trade a really fun day for ice cream. In fact he will pay for the whole thing himself. So I stepped in and said “Elder Kinville I’m with you tomorrow I’ll take you up on that offer”, and that isn’t all I told him if he pays for the ice cream I’ll show him a cool castle.

So the next day the two young elders set out, and we were chapping out on doors that happen to be near a castle. So we saw a few people walking up the path, and I said “Oh look people that we can share the gospel with that just so happen to be walking to a castle” So we talked to people as we walked to the castle. Then we saw the castle, it was pretty cool. Later that night we got ice cream. A lot of ice cream. Then we ate it all for dinner, which was probably a bad choice, but it was good and well worth it and that was that.

Then the rest of the week went by as normal seeing people and running around finding more people. We had a really cool thing happen where we were walking around then we bumped into this girl and we were like “What makes you happy?” and she was like “Everything!” and so I was like we know stuff that can make you even more happier! And then she was like let’s hear it! So we went to a cafe and sat down and shared the plan of salvation and I know she really felt the spirit and it was really cool. So she asked if she could see us and again and we were like yeah! But then we tried to see her yesterday but she didn’t show. But no worries we will find her again.

Then that was about it for this week. The ward is really getting on top of the missionary work and it is going pretty great. If the whole ward gets more going on it then the missionary work here would explode and they would be having so many people come to church. It would be great to see a whole bunch of people at church.


No ice cream for you Elder Cropper

Well that is mostly it. Also if you could do me a favor. I have a flash drive with like almost all the Mormon message videos, but not for 2016. If you could over time get a flash drive with all those videos and more of the missionary videos on there for me that would be great! Just like all kinds of videos. That would be great for missionary stuff. The missionary section in the gospel library app has some great videos.

So today we went on a run and emailing. Almost about done sorry. Then going shopping here soon and then probably something and then dinner with the Allen’s and then FHE with Brian. Who has been having some problems… But we’ll get it all figured out.

Well I have to get going so I will try to email sooner next week, and send the package to the mission home. Then I know it will all be good. Ahh that’s about it. Nothing really I need. Oh I forgot to tell you that I meet Margaret the one from Annbank (grandpa’s cousin) and I’ll tell you about that next week sorry. So I’ll talk to you next week! Love you!


Hope you turn your head upside down to see me 

The Sun is out Today!

Oh wow look at that. Amazing things happen all over the place. So service we don’t really do any like at shops or what not, but we do try where we can. No one has wanted us around because it has been so cold., but there aren’t any family history centers in our area. The closest one is over in Ayr, So one day. The family had to cancel on me again! But no worries I’m going Wednesday…Hopefully. I really want to meet with them and share some stuff with them. SO we will see where it goes.

Well new companion. Ah I don’t know we haven’t gotten our new super hero shirts yet, and I have no idea how to describe him. He is from Cali and is Mormon.

So I think that is all the questions you have. So this week has been an alright week. We have been out finding a lot looking for a new investigator we might have a few. We have met a few people that seem promising so fingers crossed! We have also run into a lot of crazy drunk people, and a lot of mean people. I would say more mean people this past week.

I haven’t seen the sun in days, and it has finally come out!! The SUN IS OUT TODAY! I miss the sun. Hmm. then not much else has happened nothing to funny or exciting sorry to say.

This past weekend was stake conference so that was really cool. There was some really good talks given. 3 stood out to me more than the others. The first one was a girl getting ready to serve a mission talking about the worth of souls. Then next was President Donaldson and he always gives great talks, I love that guy so much. Then the stake president gave a really good talk as well.

Well after the conference we had interviews with President Donaldson so I was able to talk to him about everything I’ve been doing and what not. The last transfer was hard so I was able to talk to him all about it, and he gave me some stuff to do this next few weeks to see if it helps me out some more and doing the work here in Kilmarnock. So we were the last ones to have the interview, so President dropped us off at the closest train station. We had to get a train to Glasgow and then to Kilmarnock so it was a long time till we got back to our area yesterday.

But all that it has been pretty great. The month seems to be going by a bit slow. Or this last week was because it was cloudy and cold all week, but the sun will be coming more out in the next month! So I’m really excited for that. I’m also really excited for this next week because I know we are going to do a lot better in the area.

So one thing that President Donaldson talked to me about was stopping myself and taking in the moments around me and asking myself what do I know. When the times are hard and things are going the best way or the way I want them to go. What do I know? And I can say to myself that I know that I have a Father in Heaven that is watching over me. I know that he has given me a family. I know that as that family comes closer to Christ we come closer as a family and the relationships we have with others grows with love and respect. I know that I have millions of people praying for me daily because they want me to be happy.

There was a lot of other things that he told me that I have written down and it was really good. My mission President is an amazing man and I have a lot of respect for him.

Well I hope everyone’s week is going good and I can’t wait to hear from you next week and hear all about the crazy things happening. Stay safe from creepy school kids with guns.

It’s all crazy “hastening the work”, but really exciting!

He is wearing my kilt?!?! and my belt? And my Socks!? And my sporran?!

Well that’s pretty funny, Alex is really that tall? Oh Well I’m still short but that’s okay. I’m getting along.

Well I’m glad to hear at least it was a fun time at the Burns Supper, and Alex had a good Birthday. Which is also good, I couldn’t really send anything because well don’t have a lot of money. I’ve been sending some stuff home because it’s a bit useless for me to carry around.

Then I too get asked about Trump a lot. It’s very annoying, but I get to tell them that I have no input because I’m on a mission! So that gets them to go away. But the some of the Scottish only ever seem to focus on what everyone else is doing and never on what is happening in their own country. It’s a bit annoying but funny at the same time.

I guess who can throw the rock the highest isn’t exciting anymore.

Well all that and the week has been a bit slow. We’ve been out finding a lot, like a lot. And we’ve bumped into some interesting people. One guy has God and the Devil talk to him through the TV. So that’s cool. We got his number so we’ll probably see him again. Then a few other people, and we are getting investigators but just can’t see them all the time so that kind of sucks.

On Thursday we had All Scotland Conference. They are doing All Scotland’s now every 6 weeks. So that should be fun. This one we had a General Authority come, but I forgot his name… He was great! He was like 7ft tall so that was cool. We got a lot of great instruction about teaching others. Teaching them to repent instead about repentance and to have faith and not what is faith. So it’s been pushing us a lot to be better missionaries. It also goes with the new changes in the missionary schedule. This change will either make or break missionaries. So missionaries that do want to be here and become like Christ are really going to do great, and the others that don’t really want to do anything are going to show. So we are going to see what happens. We have been talking a lot about this in meetings. The leadership meetings we talked about it for about half an hour and looking at where we are and what we are going to do to raise that. It’s pretty cool and I’m getting really excited. The only problem is that it’s a lot of work. So getting out there and really pushing to get investigators at church and helping them to reach baptism, as well as gaining convents in the future. So it’s all crazy “hastening the work”, but really exciting!


with Elder Magby at the All Scotland Conference

So then the rest of the week has been pretty normal, just going out and talking to people on the streets and just getting out there.

Yep Mary is off on Wednesday and she is doing great. She sent me a shirt, I sent a picture of it to you.

Well this morning I had to do a deep clean of the flat. It was getting a bit gross, and the oven hadn’t been cleaned out in a long time.

I love you sorry, but I do have to get going! I’m sending Alex a birthday letter, and I will talk to you next week and explain the photos. But it’s in Edinburgh and on the train ride back. Make sure to post the photos of Elder Ritchie and my hairy legs!!