I did the Address to the Haggis!

So first off Mary is doing great and she is loving the MTC. I haven’t heard too much because the MTC is a very busy time for everyone.

So the family members here I will be calling this week to set up a time to visit, and gather stories and pictures from them. So it will be very cool and yes they are from the Richard Saunders line. She has the same picture of great-grandpa Saunders and Richard Saunders as boys with the dog. Turns out the dog was named Hitler, so that was pretty funny. I gave them your email, so I’ll ask if she sent an email to you. As it would be better for you to talk to her and ask all these questions, but I’ll go by this week hopefully. Last week was just really crazy and I didn’t really get around anywhere.

Then the Burns Supper was so much fun! And yes I did do the Address to the Haggis! I’ll send the video, it was bad but it was super fun! and Elder Wall did the toast to the ladies. It was all great fun, we even got to help cook a lot of the food.

Then it was just a night of songs and poems and laughter. It was a great night and I really felt like I was a part of the ward, because you’ll find as a missionary here in Scotland and Ireland some members really view you as not part of the ward, just as someone who comes and goes. So it was all really good fun!!

Elder Wall has moved off to Ireland somewhere.

And that’s about it, nothing else has really happened. The work is really going great we currently have 4 investigators right now and hoping for some more soon!

So my new companion is Elder Cropper! He is from California, he is a really great guy and really nice. He went to BYU (gross) for a year, so that’s cool! BYU is a cool place (ha ha), but really though he is a great guy and we just got back to Kilmarnock today, so first day being together. I’m very excited for this next transfer and see to see how it goes.

Well I will get in touch with the family members and make sure that they email you and get all the stories down, and everything that she knows. The funny thing is that she told me that she got most of the family history stuff from you! Because she was looking at some website or the LDS family site for the family history so pretty cool, but we will get it all figured out. I don’t remember too much of the last visit because it was just talking about different family things, but I will get it all written out.

Oh Also I’ll be writing up an email for Alex for his Birthday and I’ll write a letter for him, it might get to him after his birthday.





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