I’ve met some of our family!

Days of the weeks sounds interesting and helping out with the missionaries sounds like fun. The ward here did the same thing for new years and that was really nice.

Then the broadcast I don’t know what is happening. I’ve heard the changes in some other missions, but I don’t think that there will be changes here in this mission. We have been very successful and to change the way we are doing things I think might not help with the goal, but you never know. So I’ll find out Thursday.

Margaret Paschke was just asking me questions like who’s my mother and father, what’s my great grandfather’s name, what is his middle name, and stuff like that. Then she was telling me things about the family.

Which goes into this week. Margaret gave me a name of some of the Saunders family here in Kilmarnock. Mrs. Jamise (I think). Well I went Tuesday and their daughter, Judy, was in so I talked to her and then I told her that I would come back later on in the week.

Well Later on in the week I went back and her husband came to the door and invited us in. Well we sit down and we were just talking and she brought up her husband and how they know Brian, our recent convert that was just baptized. Her Husband John was there at the Baptism for Brian and I even sat down next to him and talked to him. So that was like Woah!! And then she told me some stories about the family and we figured out the connection of family. I believe Grandpa Saunders brother Richard Saunders is her grandfather. I think that is what she said. I’ll be going back again sometime this week and getting everything written down and the photos that she has photo copied to send to you. So it was really cool. She asked us why we found all this family history stuff so interesting. So we were able to explain the importance of family history work and the temples. She also asked us a gospel question about two scriptures and next time we see her we will be able to tell her about the meaning of the scriptures that she was confused about. So it was all really cool!!

Then later on the week we went out for lunch with an investigator of ours, Fiona. She is really nice and has a really interesting way to view the world.

So she had a lot of questions at first, but at the end we were able to get her to understand our purpose and invite her to baptism. Then we were able to help her understand a few things that she was having a hard time with. So it was all really good. I loved teaching the lesson.

So moves call is this week and I do believe that Elder Wall is gone. I think I’ll be staying for sure, but it could be different I don’t know. Going to be a fun moves call this week.

Other than that not to much as happened this week.


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