It was a great week and next week will be better


So the last few days have been butt freezing cold. I have had so many layers on like all the time, but then yesterday and today it is not cold at all. So it’s either one or the other. So the last few days there has been tons of ice everywhere and it snowed a lot as well.

And that’s really cool to hear all about your trip and I’m glad that you and dad really enjoyed it.

Oh before I forget. I talked to Margaret! You’re great aunt the other day *(we will clarify if this is my dad’s cousin Margaret or great aunt Jenny as Elder Augustine might have the two mixed up*) She sounds just like grandma Saunders so I was like wow this is weird. So I gave her name and address to the sisters over in Ayr, and they went by to go find her, and then during Brian’s baptism they called. (I’ll get to that in a second, but yes we did baptize! So happy for Brian, he has worked so hard). So after the baptism I called them back and they were still at Margaret’s and I guess Margaret heard and she just took the phone from the sisters. Then I got an interrogation of questions to make sure that I am a family member ha-ha. So I talked to her and she asked me a few questions about what I’ve been doing and she told me that she would write out some family history stuff for me and give me names and address of family members that live in Kilmarnock and in all the other areas around here. So look at that! She told me she would write you a letter. She has the old phone number but not a new so if you could get in contact with her somehow and I’ll try again. I’ll be able to get the family names from her and go try by them all!

Alright so the start of the week was pretty cool. Went on exchanges with Elder Ritchie and Elder Powell. I was on exchange for Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday I was with Elder Ritchie (the one with Glasses), then Wednesday with Elder Powell I learned a lot and it was really great.

So that was the start and we were seeing Brian every day and getting him ready for his Baptism!

Well, throughout the week we’ve been asking for referrals from everyone and it has been a blessing so much. We were at a lovely members home (with Brian) and she gave us 3! So the other day Elder Wall and I were walking through the town center and in the middle was a Preacher. This dude shaking a Bible around and then he saw us so he called us out and said, “You can be like the Mormons who defend the murder of Joseph Smith” He then goes on to make (really bad) gun sounds, I mean they weren’t even good gun sounds. So we are like alright this guy is going to be here for a while so we left to check on a referral.

We knock on the door and this older women opened the door. We told her that “Vola sent us to see how you were doing”, then she starts to cry. Sunday was going to be the year mark from her husband’s death. So we gave her a hug, because she really needed it. Then she thanked us so much and we did some service for her and we asked if there was anything else we could do for her which she said that she needed some help with her garden, because the two men she has been hiring haven’t been doing a good job. So we told her we would do it. Then she goes off on about how to pay us and we told her no that we can’t accept money. She then asked like how she could pay so we told her lunch, she laughed and said she wasn’t a good cook but she would do lunch. So it was a really good visit, we’ll probably go back soon to see how she is doing and see if there is anything else we can do for her.

So then came the Baptism of Brian!! It was so wonderful! The spirit was there and I had a chance to bear my testimony, because Brian invited a friend and I sat next him. Brian was baptized by the last Bishop and it was great.

On Sunday Elder Wall and I were asked to bless the sacrament, and when it came to Brian receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, it was such an over whelming feeling and I have been so happy for Brian. He is such an amazing person and very kind. We’ll be seeing him every day this week as well, just to make sure how he is doing and what not.

Then that leads me to here, it was a great week and next week will be better. There has been a few bumps, but just small ones that are easy to get over.

Also not sure if it will happen, but I have been asked to give the Address to the Haggis for Burns night!!

Thank you so much for sharing as well, Love you mom!

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