Pushing ourselves to change Kilmarnock!

Alright so the start of week was terrible, for my leg. So Tuesday we had a leadership meeting up in Irvine, and we were also going on exchanges with the zone leaders. Well I needed money for the bus ride. So I get to the atm to get the money and I’m counting it as we are heading to the bus. So in my mind I’m like oh I can trust my companion to follow as I count money. Well he walks right past this cement cube, and I run right into it! It was pretty funny. But man did it hurt.

So we get to the leadership meeting and all good things! I’m really excited for the mission for 2017. We have a goal of 450 baptisms, and we are doing everything we can to really push ourselves to this goal.

So after an amazing meeting talking about goals, what is changing, and how we can help our teams we went on exchanges. So I went off with Elder Thomson, and when we were just standing waiting for a bus people start to come up to us and ask us questions, we got to teach a lesson on the bus! So we got on the bus to get the car for the zone leaders.

And never before have had I felt like I was in Scotland till I was driving through the country side while listening to concerning Hobbits… It was magical.

So after a great day of exchanges we came back the next day and we’ve been seeing Brian our wonder investigator. He has stopped smoking! And he will be baptized this Saturday! We are doing everything we can to help him reach that goal. Brian is a great guy and he even got up in sacrament meeting to bear his testimony. I showed him D&C 68:6 to help him get up there. So it was so wonderful to see him up there.

Other than that Elder Wall and I are pushing ourselves to change Kilmarnock!

So if any members do read this blog I want them to think about anyone who doesn’t have the gospel in their life and to invite them to meet with us or to come to church. The blessings that come are far greater than any result of not telling them.

So this whole week I’ve been pushing myself to become a really powerful missionary. It’s been going great. The studies that I’ve been doing in the mornings are really applying throughout the day and I’m getting really excited for the work that is going to be happening in the Scotland/ Ireland Mission.

So that’s been pretty much my week. I got the super hero photos of Elder Wall and me!

The other day did run into a guy preaching in front of a church. He was yelling repentance to everyone. To be honest before I would think that was weird (This was the day I was on exchanges) but Elder Thomson stopped and we listened to him and then we talked to him, and got his number. He says that he can see that there are too many different churches and none are just focusing on Christ and what he asks of us. So we’re like hey guess what we come from the awesome Church that is the Church of Christ. So it was really good.

And now that’s about it! Love you guys!

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