It’s Weird To Say That I’m Twenty Now :)

So New Year’s was a pretty normal day, in fact we really didn’t do too much. We went out to see our investigator. We’ve been teaching him at the church and it’s been so much better to be doing that. We’ve been setting goals with him to help him stop smoking, and during the lessons I’ve now been using my gospel arts book that Grandma sent to me and it’s making the lessons really nice, because we get to show a picture. Well I get to show a picture and talk about it and talk about the story be hide the picture as well.

So after teaching a lesson and a small lunch, we went over to a member’s home and they gave us pizza which was really good and we watched a movie (Cause we are allowed to). We watched The Secret Life of Pets, and it was a pretty good movie not too bad. So following that we went back to the flat watched another movie, Kung Fu Panda 3. We then played some card games and had some soda called Shloer, It’s really good. Then not at 12 (It was 12) we went to bed! And that was the night. So we didn’t really see any fireworks or hear anything, but we could see from earlier in the day tons of people were heading out to go to all the night clubs.

Then the following day was Sunday of course, and I had to give a talk. So I spent the morning or like 10mins of the morning putting the talk together. I really just kind of winged it, but I mostly based it off the 4th missionary and how it should be a year of change, but not just a year of change but change that can happen from year to year, and I thought it was good. The other talks were good too talking about the New Year and what not.

So then we did stuff that I’m forgetting at the moment. OH! We went to a member’s home to watch Star Wars! And saw a claymation pirate movie with the Dodo bird and the crazy queen of England. Following that was another good member appointment with food and games.

Then yesterday we went out shopping and spent most of the day at the Allen’s helping them out with their Christmas stuff and we got Pizza and played some more games, because it was a day off for us.

Then today I got gifts from some members and from my companion ha-ha. It was all pretty cool. Not too much planned for today, but should still be a fun day. It’s weird to say that I’m 20 now, so not a teenager anymore ha-ha.

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and the pictures ha-ha. I love you both so much and I’m having a great time on my mission. I’ll be able to tell you all my stories when I get home. Thanks for being amazing parents!

Then I don’t remember the question dad asked about the baby picture, but I saw! So I’ll say it means family! Because I think our family is pretty great. Tell Alex I love him and I’ll be sending him a birthday present soon!

*Thank you to Jackie Dalley for giving Elder Augustine a birthday cake and wrapping his birthday gifts. Most importantly for sharing this video with us as he blows out the candles on his cake.

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