I did the Address to the Haggis!

So first off Mary is doing great and she is loving the MTC. I haven’t heard too much because the MTC is a very busy time for everyone.

So the family members here I will be calling this week to set up a time to visit, and gather stories and pictures from them. So it will be very cool and yes they are from the Richard Saunders line. She has the same picture of great-grandpa Saunders and Richard Saunders as boys with the dog. Turns out the dog was named Hitler, so that was pretty funny. I gave them your email, so I’ll ask if she sent an email to you. As it would be better for you to talk to her and ask all these questions, but I’ll go by this week hopefully. Last week was just really crazy and I didn’t really get around anywhere.

Then the Burns Supper was so much fun! And yes I did do the Address to the Haggis! I’ll send the video, it was bad but it was super fun! and Elder Wall did the toast to the ladies. It was all great fun, we even got to help cook a lot of the food.

Then it was just a night of songs and poems and laughter. It was a great night and I really felt like I was a part of the ward, because you’ll find as a missionary here in Scotland and Ireland some members really view you as not part of the ward, just as someone who comes and goes. So it was all really good fun!!

Elder Wall has moved off to Ireland somewhere.

And that’s about it, nothing else has really happened. The work is really going great we currently have 4 investigators right now and hoping for some more soon!

So my new companion is Elder Cropper! He is from California, he is a really great guy and really nice. He went to BYU (gross) for a year, so that’s cool! BYU is a cool place (ha ha), but really though he is a great guy and we just got back to Kilmarnock today, so first day being together. I’m very excited for this next transfer and see to see how it goes.

Well I will get in touch with the family members and make sure that they email you and get all the stories down, and everything that she knows. The funny thing is that she told me that she got most of the family history stuff from you! Because she was looking at some website or the LDS family site for the family history so pretty cool, but we will get it all figured out. I don’t remember too much of the last visit because it was just talking about different family things, but I will get it all written out.

Oh Also I’ll be writing up an email for Alex for his Birthday and I’ll write a letter for him, it might get to him after his birthday.





I’ve met some of our family!

Days of the weeks sounds interesting and helping out with the missionaries sounds like fun. The ward here did the same thing for new years and that was really nice.

Then the broadcast I don’t know what is happening. I’ve heard the changes in some other missions, but I don’t think that there will be changes here in this mission. We have been very successful and to change the way we are doing things I think might not help with the goal, but you never know. So I’ll find out Thursday.

Margaret Paschke was just asking me questions like who’s my mother and father, what’s my great grandfather’s name, what is his middle name, and stuff like that. Then she was telling me things about the family.

Which goes into this week. Margaret gave me a name of some of the Saunders family here in Kilmarnock. Mrs. Jamise (I think). Well I went Tuesday and their daughter, Judy, was in so I talked to her and then I told her that I would come back later on in the week.

Well Later on in the week I went back and her husband came to the door and invited us in. Well we sit down and we were just talking and she brought up her husband and how they know Brian, our recent convert that was just baptized. Her Husband John was there at the Baptism for Brian and I even sat down next to him and talked to him. So that was like Woah!! And then she told me some stories about the family and we figured out the connection of family. I believe Grandpa Saunders brother Richard Saunders is her grandfather. I think that is what she said. I’ll be going back again sometime this week and getting everything written down and the photos that she has photo copied to send to you. So it was really cool. She asked us why we found all this family history stuff so interesting. So we were able to explain the importance of family history work and the temples. She also asked us a gospel question about two scriptures and next time we see her we will be able to tell her about the meaning of the scriptures that she was confused about. So it was all really cool!!

Then later on the week we went out for lunch with an investigator of ours, Fiona. She is really nice and has a really interesting way to view the world.

So she had a lot of questions at first, but at the end we were able to get her to understand our purpose and invite her to baptism. Then we were able to help her understand a few things that she was having a hard time with. So it was all really good. I loved teaching the lesson.

So moves call is this week and I do believe that Elder Wall is gone. I think I’ll be staying for sure, but it could be different I don’t know. Going to be a fun moves call this week.

Other than that not to much as happened this week.


It was a great week and next week will be better


So the last few days have been butt freezing cold. I have had so many layers on like all the time, but then yesterday and today it is not cold at all. So it’s either one or the other. So the last few days there has been tons of ice everywhere and it snowed a lot as well.

And that’s really cool to hear all about your trip and I’m glad that you and dad really enjoyed it.

Oh before I forget. I talked to Margaret! You’re great aunt the other day *(we will clarify if this is my dad’s cousin Margaret or great aunt Jenny as Elder Augustine might have the two mixed up*) She sounds just like grandma Saunders so I was like wow this is weird. So I gave her name and address to the sisters over in Ayr, and they went by to go find her, and then during Brian’s baptism they called. (I’ll get to that in a second, but yes we did baptize! So happy for Brian, he has worked so hard). So after the baptism I called them back and they were still at Margaret’s and I guess Margaret heard and she just took the phone from the sisters. Then I got an interrogation of questions to make sure that I am a family member ha-ha. So I talked to her and she asked me a few questions about what I’ve been doing and she told me that she would write out some family history stuff for me and give me names and address of family members that live in Kilmarnock and in all the other areas around here. So look at that! She told me she would write you a letter. She has the old phone number but not a new so if you could get in contact with her somehow and I’ll try again. I’ll be able to get the family names from her and go try by them all!

Alright so the start of the week was pretty cool. Went on exchanges with Elder Ritchie and Elder Powell. I was on exchange for Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday I was with Elder Ritchie (the one with Glasses), then Wednesday with Elder Powell I learned a lot and it was really great.

So that was the start and we were seeing Brian every day and getting him ready for his Baptism!

Well, throughout the week we’ve been asking for referrals from everyone and it has been a blessing so much. We were at a lovely members home (with Brian) and she gave us 3! So the other day Elder Wall and I were walking through the town center and in the middle was a Preacher. This dude shaking a Bible around and then he saw us so he called us out and said, “You can be like the Mormons who defend the murder of Joseph Smith” He then goes on to make (really bad) gun sounds, I mean they weren’t even good gun sounds. So we are like alright this guy is going to be here for a while so we left to check on a referral.

We knock on the door and this older women opened the door. We told her that “Vola sent us to see how you were doing”, then she starts to cry. Sunday was going to be the year mark from her husband’s death. So we gave her a hug, because she really needed it. Then she thanked us so much and we did some service for her and we asked if there was anything else we could do for her which she said that she needed some help with her garden, because the two men she has been hiring haven’t been doing a good job. So we told her we would do it. Then she goes off on about how to pay us and we told her no that we can’t accept money. She then asked like how she could pay so we told her lunch, she laughed and said she wasn’t a good cook but she would do lunch. So it was a really good visit, we’ll probably go back soon to see how she is doing and see if there is anything else we can do for her.

So then came the Baptism of Brian!! It was so wonderful! The spirit was there and I had a chance to bear my testimony, because Brian invited a friend and I sat next him. Brian was baptized by the last Bishop and it was great.

On Sunday Elder Wall and I were asked to bless the sacrament, and when it came to Brian receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, it was such an over whelming feeling and I have been so happy for Brian. He is such an amazing person and very kind. We’ll be seeing him every day this week as well, just to make sure how he is doing and what not.

Then that leads me to here, it was a great week and next week will be better. There has been a few bumps, but just small ones that are easy to get over.

Also not sure if it will happen, but I have been asked to give the Address to the Haggis for Burns night!!

Thank you so much for sharing as well, Love you mom!

Pushing ourselves to change Kilmarnock!

Alright so the start of week was terrible, for my leg. So Tuesday we had a leadership meeting up in Irvine, and we were also going on exchanges with the zone leaders. Well I needed money for the bus ride. So I get to the atm to get the money and I’m counting it as we are heading to the bus. So in my mind I’m like oh I can trust my companion to follow as I count money. Well he walks right past this cement cube, and I run right into it! It was pretty funny. But man did it hurt.

So we get to the leadership meeting and all good things! I’m really excited for the mission for 2017. We have a goal of 450 baptisms, and we are doing everything we can to really push ourselves to this goal.

So after an amazing meeting talking about goals, what is changing, and how we can help our teams we went on exchanges. So I went off with Elder Thomson, and when we were just standing waiting for a bus people start to come up to us and ask us questions, we got to teach a lesson on the bus! So we got on the bus to get the car for the zone leaders.

And never before have had I felt like I was in Scotland till I was driving through the country side while listening to concerning Hobbits… It was magical.

So after a great day of exchanges we came back the next day and we’ve been seeing Brian our wonder investigator. He has stopped smoking! And he will be baptized this Saturday! We are doing everything we can to help him reach that goal. Brian is a great guy and he even got up in sacrament meeting to bear his testimony. I showed him D&C 68:6 to help him get up there. So it was so wonderful to see him up there.

Other than that Elder Wall and I are pushing ourselves to change Kilmarnock!

So if any members do read this blog I want them to think about anyone who doesn’t have the gospel in their life and to invite them to meet with us or to come to church. The blessings that come are far greater than any result of not telling them.

So this whole week I’ve been pushing myself to become a really powerful missionary. It’s been going great. The studies that I’ve been doing in the mornings are really applying throughout the day and I’m getting really excited for the work that is going to be happening in the Scotland/ Ireland Mission.

So that’s been pretty much my week. I got the super hero photos of Elder Wall and me!

The other day did run into a guy preaching in front of a church. He was yelling repentance to everyone. To be honest before I would think that was weird (This was the day I was on exchanges) but Elder Thomson stopped and we listened to him and then we talked to him, and got his number. He says that he can see that there are too many different churches and none are just focusing on Christ and what he asks of us. So we’re like hey guess what we come from the awesome Church that is the Church of Christ. So it was really good.

And now that’s about it! Love you guys!

It’s Weird To Say That I’m Twenty Now :)

So New Year’s was a pretty normal day, in fact we really didn’t do too much. We went out to see our investigator. We’ve been teaching him at the church and it’s been so much better to be doing that. We’ve been setting goals with him to help him stop smoking, and during the lessons I’ve now been using my gospel arts book that Grandma sent to me and it’s making the lessons really nice, because we get to show a picture. Well I get to show a picture and talk about it and talk about the story be hide the picture as well.

So after teaching a lesson and a small lunch, we went over to a member’s home and they gave us pizza which was really good and we watched a movie (Cause we are allowed to). We watched The Secret Life of Pets, and it was a pretty good movie not too bad. So following that we went back to the flat watched another movie, Kung Fu Panda 3. We then played some card games and had some soda called Shloer, It’s really good. Then not at 12 (It was 12) we went to bed! And that was the night. So we didn’t really see any fireworks or hear anything, but we could see from earlier in the day tons of people were heading out to go to all the night clubs.

Then the following day was Sunday of course, and I had to give a talk. So I spent the morning or like 10mins of the morning putting the talk together. I really just kind of winged it, but I mostly based it off the 4th missionary and how it should be a year of change, but not just a year of change but change that can happen from year to year, and I thought it was good. The other talks were good too talking about the New Year and what not.

So then we did stuff that I’m forgetting at the moment. OH! We went to a member’s home to watch Star Wars! And saw a claymation pirate movie with the Dodo bird and the crazy queen of England. Following that was another good member appointment with food and games.

Then yesterday we went out shopping and spent most of the day at the Allen’s helping them out with their Christmas stuff and we got Pizza and played some more games, because it was a day off for us.

Then today I got gifts from some members and from my companion ha-ha. It was all pretty cool. Not too much planned for today, but should still be a fun day. It’s weird to say that I’m 20 now, so not a teenager anymore ha-ha.

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and the pictures ha-ha. I love you both so much and I’m having a great time on my mission. I’ll be able to tell you all my stories when I get home. Thanks for being amazing parents!

Then I don’t remember the question dad asked about the baby picture, but I saw! So I’ll say it means family! Because I think our family is pretty great. Tell Alex I love him and I’ll be sending him a birthday present soon!

*Thank you to Jackie Dalley for giving Elder Augustine a birthday cake and wrapping his birthday gifts. Most importantly for sharing this video with us as he blows out the candles on his cake.