So Christmas I’ll be over at the Allen’s and I’ll be able to skype from there. Can I just type in Richelle Augustine and you’ll show up? And they can do any time of the day for me. So it would probably be in the morning for you.

Kilmarnock is a pretty small place it’s pretty nice but different. I’m not sure about the towns we cover but it’s mostly the places that are really close. The area reaches about a bit to the west. People here are a bit nicer but don’t really care about religion at all.


An old church next to Elder Augustine’s flat in Kilmarnock

So my new companion is Elder Wall he is from England. So he is super English. An English dude. He loves Pokémon and that’s about it. He is always running around everywhere. So hard to keep up with what he is doing most of the time. Sorry I don’t really have pictures from this week because we’ve been running around everywhere but I will be getting tons of pictures for this week.

Ah the Christmas card you can just leave it there. Don’t want to have too much stuff on my mission. It’s hard to move when you have a lot of stuff.

I was able to move easy for moves. But I did have a big Christmas box so that made things a bit hard but no worries I’ll be going through everything this week.

And scripture cool. I will look it up later.

So this week has been a fun filled week. Monday was packing all day and Tuesday was moving all over the place. I was with the zone leader for a while and we had to help other missionaries move as well. So we had the tiny zone leader car packed with 4 elders and all our stuff. It was crazy but really fun.

Then I got to Kilmarnock on Tuesday night and that was a long train ride. The next day we went right out into the work and have been running around since then. It’s getting crazy with Christmas and what not. I kind of want it to all be over with cause every day is super slow and there are crazy people everywhere.

We’ve been able to get a new investigator though so that was really cool. His name is John and he likes to party. So should be fun to teach him.

Ah that’s mostly it. The other day the Salvation Army band was in the street singing Christmas songs and asking people to join in. So we joined in and it was really fun.

And yesterday was church so I meet the whole ward. And I kept hearing how my mother made a post on Facebook and now all Kilmarnock knows that I’m here. It was pretty funny.

So that’s been my week and kind of about Kilmarnock. I’ll be getting pictures for this next week for sure.

Who is going to be there when I skype in?

Also I’ll probably be emailing you that day to let you know when I’m on and what not. Still not too sure on the time but I’ll have the member email you tonight with the time.

Ah birthday. No don’t think so. I think I’m all good. I’ll think about it. One sec I’ll get back to this email.

Pretty low on the funds like I said in the other email. I hope I’m answering your questions. I feel very rushed for emailing so I feel like I leave things out. Ah Birthday. I really don’t know.

And anything will do for my birthday.

I shall think about this birthday question and inform you through a member. If you have any questions use the members and communicate through them.

Love you!

Elder Wall’s verson of “The IT Crowd”

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