Móran taing (thank you), Slàinte mhor a h-uile là a chi ‘s nach fhaic (Great health to you every day I see you and every day I don’t)


Elder Augustine aka Elder Claus

Yes I got the package! Thank you so much! It was great to receive it. So this week not much really happened. To be honest this is going to be a very short email because nothing happened and because of how sick I was.

Monday I was feeling great and everything was rainbows and sunshine. Tuesday I went on exchanges and I died. Got super weak and then didn’t feel good at all. Wednesday was about the same so I gave a call to Sister Donaldson and she talked to me about how I was feeling and what to do. So then Thursday I was feeling a bit better so went out later in the day, but then Friday felt like a step back. So called Sister Donaldson again and she gave me some stuff to do. Saturday was feeling better and was able to get out for the most part of the day. Then Sunday feeling better, went to church and had a great dinner with the Blyels. Today I woke up feeling pretty good, still a bit sick however, Elder Forbush woke up not feeling good at all. So he is now super sick.

I am excited to be going to Kilmarnock, I don’t know what towns will be in my area.  I’ll find out tomorrow, and I will be serving with Elder Wall. Then the finger picture from last week, Elder Forbush and I have the same freckle on the same finger.

I’ve heard Kilmarnock is a fun place and a really nice flat for the Elders.  I won’t be able to say any goodbyes here in Airdrie because we are both moving, so we need to pack and clean the flat for the next Elders to come in. This was a short stay for Elder Forbush he’s off to Aberdeen and then he goes home next transfer.


Jim & Elder Augustine

Here is a quick note of thanks to all the members of the Airdrie ward! Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me and helped me become a missionary. I enjoyed every day serving in the Airdrie ward and look forward to seeing where else I’ll serve for my mission. Bye Love, Elder Augustine!

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