More Chapping

So the chapping for this week has been pretty chappy. Been out doing a lot of finding. So Monday Les Cumming took us to the “Big Ship” It was just outside the transit museum. So that was a lot of fun to go and see. I really enjoyed that a lot. Then the rest of the day was pretty normal. I was then in Glasgow for a bit for a District meeting and then went on exchanges with Elder Moore, so that was a lot of fun.

The rest of the week just followed and was just going out seeing people and chapping on doors. We did chap into a former investigator and she has invited us back! So that should be really fun! I’m really excited to start teaching her. Then the following day while we were sitting down for dinner we got a text, and it was a former investigator saying that he wants to meet with us and come to church again. So we’ll be seeing him this week and get to know him more. The week then just followed with us going out and just finding. We’ve been really pushing to find people and not too much luck, but I know we can find those that are ready.

So Elder Forbush is just a funny guy I love him so much. Then the video of him with the eyes, I don’t even know.

I did go to one or two old chapels and went looking around for the names (genealogy) but I couldn’t find them. There are a lot of people that have passed away in Scotland.

I’ll keep the Sock in good condition don’t worry, and we haven’t even put up anything for Christmas. It doesn’t even feel like Christmas. We do have some Christmas music and that’s about it. No snow here in Scotland. I am missing the snow because it’s so cold I would expect snow but nope no snow at all. Maybe some frost in the mornings but no snow.

I’m heading out now. I’m going into Glasgow. I’ll get the picture! I’ll talk to you next week. Sorry nothing exciting happened this week.

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