Merry Christmas from Bonnie Scotland


We had a wonderful time skyping with Elder Augustine on Christmas day. Thank you to Ruth and David Allen for hosting Elder Augustine and his companion Elder Wall for Christmas day, and especially for providing the technology so that our family could talk and see Elder Augustine. We had the privledge of meeting the Allens, his companion and the Elder’s neighbor who joined them for a wonderful Christmas meal. One item that Elder Augustine has requested is pictures, so to those who are reading this please send him printed pictures. We loved hearing his experiences and about the people he has met, the highlight was of course was Elder Augustine leading our family in a family prayer – there was not a dry eye. We love our Squire and are so proud that he has chosen to devote his time to serving the Lord at this time. He definatly is growing spiritually and we can’t thank the members enough in Kilmarnock and Airdrie who have opened their homes and their hearts to him.


Christmas eve we stopped in to see Elder Augustine’s great-grandmother Saunders (who is from Drongan, Scotland) and showed her Elder Augustine’s video of him playing his chanter, so she was giving him advice and decided to film her advice to him which we showed him on Christmas. Here is her video:

Here is Elder Augustine’s response to her video:


Elder Augustine spent Boxing Day  with Sister Jackie Dalley  which she wrote, ” Elder Augustine and Elder Wall have just gone back to their flat ,they’ve been here all day and watched 3 films and had a huge dinner of roast lamb, mash potatoes ,roast potatoes, sprouts and gravy then a huge piece of chocolate gateau with squirty cream . I think they will fall asleep now.” Thank you Sister Dalley for providing such a wonderful day to Elder Augustine and his companion. 


So Christmas I’ll be over at the Allen’s and I’ll be able to skype from there. Can I just type in Richelle Augustine and you’ll show up? And they can do any time of the day for me. So it would probably be in the morning for you.

Kilmarnock is a pretty small place it’s pretty nice but different. I’m not sure about the towns we cover but it’s mostly the places that are really close. The area reaches about a bit to the west. People here are a bit nicer but don’t really care about religion at all.


An old church next to Elder Augustine’s flat in Kilmarnock

So my new companion is Elder Wall he is from England. So he is super English. An English dude. He loves Pokémon and that’s about it. He is always running around everywhere. So hard to keep up with what he is doing most of the time. Sorry I don’t really have pictures from this week because we’ve been running around everywhere but I will be getting tons of pictures for this week.

Ah the Christmas card you can just leave it there. Don’t want to have too much stuff on my mission. It’s hard to move when you have a lot of stuff.

I was able to move easy for moves. But I did have a big Christmas box so that made things a bit hard but no worries I’ll be going through everything this week.

And scripture cool. I will look it up later.

So this week has been a fun filled week. Monday was packing all day and Tuesday was moving all over the place. I was with the zone leader for a while and we had to help other missionaries move as well. So we had the tiny zone leader car packed with 4 elders and all our stuff. It was crazy but really fun.

Then I got to Kilmarnock on Tuesday night and that was a long train ride. The next day we went right out into the work and have been running around since then. It’s getting crazy with Christmas and what not. I kind of want it to all be over with cause every day is super slow and there are crazy people everywhere.

We’ve been able to get a new investigator though so that was really cool. His name is John and he likes to party. So should be fun to teach him.

Ah that’s mostly it. The other day the Salvation Army band was in the street singing Christmas songs and asking people to join in. So we joined in and it was really fun.

And yesterday was church so I meet the whole ward. And I kept hearing how my mother made a post on Facebook and now all Kilmarnock knows that I’m here. It was pretty funny.

So that’s been my week and kind of about Kilmarnock. I’ll be getting pictures for this next week for sure.

Who is going to be there when I skype in?

Also I’ll probably be emailing you that day to let you know when I’m on and what not. Still not too sure on the time but I’ll have the member email you tonight with the time.

Ah birthday. No don’t think so. I think I’m all good. I’ll think about it. One sec I’ll get back to this email.

Pretty low on the funds like I said in the other email. I hope I’m answering your questions. I feel very rushed for emailing so I feel like I leave things out. Ah Birthday. I really don’t know.

And anything will do for my birthday.

I shall think about this birthday question and inform you through a member. If you have any questions use the members and communicate through them.

Love you!

Elder Wall’s verson of “The IT Crowd”

Playing For My Supper – LOL

(one of Elder Augustine’s recent letters)

Dec 04, 2016


So today was Sunday. I hope you are having a fun day and church isn’t that bad. Church was pretty fun for me. We were almost late, just moving a bit slow in the morning. Both of us were super tired. So when I woke up at 6:30 a.m. I turned on the light, and I got started on my morning work out but, my body just said ‘Nope’. So I did take a 5 minute nap on the floor. So it was just a really slow morning.

We get to church, about 10 minutes before sacrament, see back home with a large ward no one would have noticed, but this is a small ward so everyone will notice. We get there and there was a less active that showed up. He came up to us and told us that he is just going to follow us for the whole day, which he did. So sunday school was pretty straight forward, bit interesting. I taught the class, and the subject was on the Judgement and the three kingdoms, so pretty cool stuff!

Afterwards was Priesthood, learned about preparedness all about being ready. Did you know that one of the biggest topics about being ready is a food storage and missionary work! I’ll let you think about that. So after that we had dinner at the Bleyls and Sister Bleyl has been asking me for weeks to bring my practice chanter to play. So I finally did, mostly because last time she said I wouldn’t get dinner if I didn’t bring it (in a joking way) (I think?). So I brought it! Because I wanted food.

After that we went out finding. Not much luck getting a bit hard to go out and to keep finding, but going to keep doing it becuase it’s the right thing to do.

Well Alex this week has been hard, but I’m learning a lot. I’m not sure what I’ve learned will help you out, but something that could help because it’s Christmas. You could find one good/nice thing to do and write it down for that day. Find a way to be a missionary now! and I would love to hear about it.

I love you very much Alex! I hope you are having a good week, stay safe and have fun! I’ll talk to you tomorrow1

Love, Squire

*Video provided by Sister Bleyl, he’s a bit rusty for not having the time to practice due to being on his mission 🙂

Móran taing (thank you), Slàinte mhor a h-uile là a chi ‘s nach fhaic (Great health to you every day I see you and every day I don’t)


Elder Augustine aka Elder Claus

Yes I got the package! Thank you so much! It was great to receive it. So this week not much really happened. To be honest this is going to be a very short email because nothing happened and because of how sick I was.

Monday I was feeling great and everything was rainbows and sunshine. Tuesday I went on exchanges and I died. Got super weak and then didn’t feel good at all. Wednesday was about the same so I gave a call to Sister Donaldson and she talked to me about how I was feeling and what to do. So then Thursday I was feeling a bit better so went out later in the day, but then Friday felt like a step back. So called Sister Donaldson again and she gave me some stuff to do. Saturday was feeling better and was able to get out for the most part of the day. Then Sunday feeling better, went to church and had a great dinner with the Blyels. Today I woke up feeling pretty good, still a bit sick however, Elder Forbush woke up not feeling good at all. So he is now super sick.

I am excited to be going to Kilmarnock, I don’t know what towns will be in my area.  I’ll find out tomorrow, and I will be serving with Elder Wall. Then the finger picture from last week, Elder Forbush and I have the same freckle on the same finger.

I’ve heard Kilmarnock is a fun place and a really nice flat for the Elders.  I won’t be able to say any goodbyes here in Airdrie because we are both moving, so we need to pack and clean the flat for the next Elders to come in. This was a short stay for Elder Forbush he’s off to Aberdeen and then he goes home next transfer.


Jim & Elder Augustine

Here is a quick note of thanks to all the members of the Airdrie ward! Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me and helped me become a missionary. I enjoyed every day serving in the Airdrie ward and look forward to seeing where else I’ll serve for my mission. Bye Love, Elder Augustine!

More Chapping

So the chapping for this week has been pretty chappy. Been out doing a lot of finding. So Monday Les Cumming took us to the “Big Ship” It was just outside the transit museum. So that was a lot of fun to go and see. I really enjoyed that a lot. Then the rest of the day was pretty normal. I was then in Glasgow for a bit for a District meeting and then went on exchanges with Elder Moore, so that was a lot of fun.

The rest of the week just followed and was just going out seeing people and chapping on doors. We did chap into a former investigator and she has invited us back! So that should be really fun! I’m really excited to start teaching her. Then the following day while we were sitting down for dinner we got a text, and it was a former investigator saying that he wants to meet with us and come to church again. So we’ll be seeing him this week and get to know him more. The week then just followed with us going out and just finding. We’ve been really pushing to find people and not too much luck, but I know we can find those that are ready.

So Elder Forbush is just a funny guy I love him so much. Then the video of him with the eyes, I don’t even know.

I did go to one or two old chapels and went looking around for the names (genealogy) but I couldn’t find them. There are a lot of people that have passed away in Scotland.

I’ll keep the Sock in good condition don’t worry, and we haven’t even put up anything for Christmas. It doesn’t even feel like Christmas. We do have some Christmas music and that’s about it. No snow here in Scotland. I am missing the snow because it’s so cold I would expect snow but nope no snow at all. Maybe some frost in the mornings but no snow.

I’m heading out now. I’m going into Glasgow. I’ll get the picture! I’ll talk to you next week. Sorry nothing exciting happened this week.