It’s about meeting people, studying the gospel and living in it.

So the finding has been alright. Well first off this past week has been really long. Elder Forbush has injured his leg really bad and has been house bound for the last week. We’ve hardly been out of the flat so far. Spent the whole week in the flat and this week might be the same depending on how he is feeling. I did get everything you sent. No worries I got it all, thank you very much.  I’m still not sure what I’ll be doing for Christmas so you could send the stocking if you want.


Elder Augustine and his “Flash” tshirt

There is only a little snow in the early morning. Sometimes, most of the time it’s either fog or rain or both. Mostly rain… Lots of rain. It rains pretty much every day.

I’m sorry to hear about the other deacons and Alex. It’s a good thing you are turning it into a learning experience for him. I’m very proud of him and what he is doing and with all the stuff he has been doing. I hear that he’s doing well in school which is great. I miss Alex very much and I can’t wait to get to tell him more about my mission. It’s hard to type everything up in one email because so much happens. Even in the weeks where you have to sit in the flat with your companion until he starts to feel better and is able to walk.

Thanksgiving is going to be interesting. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing. But I guess I’ll find out when it comes around. If we don’t go over to a member’s home for Thanksgiving, I’ll probably just make the dinner myself. And yes I’m trying to be the 4th missionary. I love that talk very much and I’ve been reading over it along with Jesus the Christ. I’ve been reading a chapter a day from that book. It’s great I love it, there are only 42 chapters so I’ll finish it soon.

I haven’t come into any problems yet. The biggest thing that I’m worried about is when December hits and it starts to get a lot colder and stay cold. So I’m looking at getting some winter boots, but not sure yet. So I’ll figure that out. soon. Maybe?

Ah other challenges though not too sure. I haven’t found the mission to be stressful because the past year I’ve learned to really handle stress really well. So when a challenge does come up I don’t like freak out or am put down by it. A mission is hard. In Scotland it’s really hard, not easy with some people that you run into. People really do just hate you because you wear the name Jesus Christ It’s pretty sad.

That’s really cool to hear about dads email and how it got around so much. Well done dad!

Then really hasn’t been any struggles that I can think of. The blessing are great, because you really get to know so many people and become great friends with them. You also get to understand how they speak. I understand almost everyone in Scotland. There are few people where I do kind of give them a funny look and just have no idea what they are saying. That’s more with the Scots up north. It’s pretty funny. But other than that I think it’s the meeting people, studying the gospel and living it in a way where I get to gain so much from it.


The Airdrie Ward Primary Program. Elder Augustine, Elder Forbush, LJ Christie (P/C Jane Christie)

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