Welcome Elder Forbush to Airdrie

Hmm, sounds like fun filled week. We heard about Trump. People pick up on the American accent and so they start to ask questions, but we have to tell them that we can’t talk about it, or we just act like we don’t know anything. So it’s pretty fun.


Elder Forbush (from West Jordan, UT) and Elder Augustine

Then I just took out 20 pounds today so that I could mail some Christmas presents home to everyone.

Happy Birthday to Grandma! Being 86 that’s pretty amazing. Oh does she know a Jean Kelly by chance? Some members were talking to me on Sunday, and I told them that my grandparents moved from Ayr and that they helped start the Utah Scottish Association. I think I’ve heard the name before but I just could not remember. So there are some members here in Airdrie that know Jean Kelly.

So this week I got my new companion as you know Elder Forbush. Great guy I love him so much already. It’s been a lot of fun already. I only got like one picture so I’ll get some pictures in the next week sorry.

We’ve been out seeing everyone that we could. Going out and seeing some members as well however, Elder Forbush did something to his leg in the past week before he got here and it’s been getting worse so Sister Donaldson has told him to stay in the flat and rest till she sets up an appointment for him to go get it checked out. So hopefully it’s not too bad. Not much else has really happened this week. The times we’ve gone out finding we have been getting a few people asking to meet with us again so fingers crossed. We were able to even get into two peoples homes. One we got to know the people really well and we are hoping to go back this next week…if Elder Forbush can walk. Then the other person was a drunk guy and that was interesting. It didn’t hit me that he was drunk until we were sitting down, then we got kicked out by his wife. So that was that.

Then the rest of the week was pretty normal for missionary work.


Elder Magby saying goodbye before he is transferred to Ireland. P/C of Sister Blyel

I’ve been reading Jesus the Christ the past week to let you know about my studies. It has been great to read through. I’ve been reading a chapter a day. So after reading the Book of Mormon I would say to read Jesus the Christ because it is a pretty great book. Just everything about Jesus Christ from who he is to why he is so important.

And yeah that’s about it, we’ve been having a really busy week. But it’s been a good week I love my companion.

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