Los Tres Amigos


Elder Augustine, Les Cumming, Elder Magby

So discard last week email about Christmas stuff, I don’t think I really want anything so it’s all good.

Sounds like a pretty interesting week. I’m sorry that I haven’t been answering Dad’s questions, I thought I was. It’s hard to get down all my thoughts and answer questions in an hour.

So the family history people in the ward are the Cummings, the ones that you’ve talked to you.

Then this week I got pretty sick so not much really happened. We hung out with Les Cumming for Halloween. We went to a Mexican place for dinner and it wasn’t Mexican food. Well it was, but it didn’t really taste like the Mexican food we know.


We then had an exchange and were in and out of Glasgow a lot this week. Just running all over the place.

I did get the talk that you sent and thank you very much for that talk. I really enjoyed it and I’ve been reading it a lot, It is a great talk.

We also had a zone conference on Saturday and President Donaldson has asked us to study faith the past few weeks. So he gave a great instruction on Faith and talked about the Brother of Jared. So that was really cool.

Sunday, we ran into some people from the states. They sent a picture to dad. I thought he would enjoy getting a picture.


So the people really don’t remember their names came to church and that was pretty cool. Then they were off for the rest of the vacation.

And as you know I’m staying in Airdrie. I don’t think I’ll ever get to surprise you guys with an email as to where I’m going. Would love to do that. Sometime. But don’t think it’ll happen…

So my new companion will be Elder Forbush and I’m really excited to meet him and to serve with him. I’ll miss Elder Magby and it was great to serve him, but we are always moving around. So pretty excited for the next month.

Is there anything that anyone wants from Scotland for Christmas? I got everyone some gifts and I hope you all like it.

Take care,

Love Elder Augustine

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