See mom I have a nice warm hat

Sounds like a fun full week. I’m glad that Alex really enjoyed the temple a lot. Halloween is a bit interesting in Scotland. It seems like not a lot of people really care about it. Like no one really cares about it. We do have to be back at the flat at 6 and we aren’t supposed to be out. If we are out then we need to be with a member and get a ride like everywhere. Then moves call is November 6th this Sunday. I think I’ll stay. I think Elder Magby will be heading off, but never know anything could happen. We could both stay or both go. Or one goes and the other stays. Just have to wait and see.

This week has been fun. Not much really happened to be honest so this might be a short email. Tuesday we went out with a member and helped him with some home teaching and that was really fun. Got to know a few more members. I’m trying to get to know the members more so they can help us out and we can help them out, but it’s hard to get around to see them as a lot of them are busy.

Friday we had the ward Halloween party. I didn’t get any pictures… But that’s okay y’all can imagine it in your minds (*insert note here, the great members of the Airdrie ward shared the pictures of the party). So we were asked to help out, and they asked us to do the doughnuts that you hang from the string. So we were like okay. We did that and it was a lot of fun, but we needed to be something. So we got some fake glasses and put on the superman shirts under our white shirts and went as Clark Kent (Superman) it was pretty funny. Everyone loved it, we had a great time.


Super”men” for the ward Halloween party

Then we were able to get a member with us to go see Nelson and we had a great lesson with him. We taught him the restoration. The member that came with served his mission in India so it was helpful to them there. However he didn’t speak Nelsons language but he knows a guy that does. So he’ll try to get him to do a skype call with us and help teach him. So fingers crosses with that.

Then Sunday was interesting… I wrote about it in the letter so you’ll get that. Or send another email telling about Sunday. But the rest of Sunday was fun! We had lunch with the Blyels and then we went to go see Jane Christie and her family. Charlie was doing great. We were able to share a great message about how the gospel blesses families and how we can do that. Then we got to walk all the way back to the flat and that was a fun walk. You can google it. It looks short but it’s a walk with all the hills. It’s from Chapelhall to Airdrie top cross area I think.

But that’s about it from this past week. Today is Halloween so we are hoping to go do some fun stuff like shopping and just hanging out with Les Cumming. Yes in the picture last week it is Les Cumming. Great guy, so we are going to spend the rest of the day with him and do fun things.

Oh before that we were asked to go out and work from 10-1. So we to the church in Coatbridge and there was a funeral going on with tons of people. Not sure if I should of talked to them or not. But we kind of just walked through. We figured we would ask around later because they were all heading off to the grave. Which I’ll get around to sometime, It’s hard to get around to the cemeteries. So I’ll get to it when I find the time no worries.

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