Full Food Friday

Yes it has gotten colder, like a lot colder. I have a great hat that I’ve been wearing so I’ll take a picture of that this week and all that sounds pretty fun and pretty much the same with the soccer kids. Yes I got my new bag! I think Sister Blyel sent you a picture, maybe? It’s great, also it’s comfortable and super waterproof.

So this week was an interesting week. I wrote more about it in the letter to Alex to keep just a bit more personal. So the start of the week was pretty normal didn’t do too much for the p-day.

Then almost the rest of the week we’ve spent it out finding. I keep running into a bagpiper in town. He goes around from town to town playing, and that’s like his full time job. So I’ve talked to him a lot. Ran into him one day, then the next and the next. It was pretty funny.

So Tuesday I was in Glasgow on exchanges with the zone leaders, and that was a lot of fun as we went finding. Tons of people are in Glasgow, so talked to a lot of people and got a ton of phone numbers. Ran into some odd people as well. I then went off with the Zone Leader Elder Wilson for a dinner appointment at a member’s home. The funny thing is the members have been to Logan, Utah a lot. So it was fun to talk about Logan, Utah while in Scotland. We then went and taught a lesson to a Romanian investigator and we had a member there that could translate, so we taught the plan of salvation. The Romanian guy then asked how he could repent and do all this stuff and it was really cool!

So the rest of the week went by, Thursday something happened and that was just crazy. (I’ll email about it in another email.) Not much really happened for the rest of the week, the remaining kind of evened out. We’ve been out finding a lot…like a lot! We don’t have anyone to teach besides…oh I forgot one thing.

So Friday. Friday was interesting! We went out to teach Nelson, so we show up and he told us that he made chicken for us. Well we already had a lunch appointment set up, but we couldn’t be rude. So after teaching him a lesson about scripture study. We sit down for some food, and I was like oh man he didn’t make too much… I was dead wrong.  He made chicken curry with lots of rice and some chicken wings.  He kept telling us to eat it all! So that was interesting. Then right afterwards we had to run all the way to Jamie’s and go out to lunch with him. So we went out with him and I didn’t eat too much because I was so full of Indian food. Then we are heading back to the flat and we get a text from Jim, he made us pizza! So 3 hours later, it was pizza. So a Friday was full of food.

Then the rest of week was normal not much happened. End of the transfers are November 6th, well that’s move calls so might move but not sure yet.

Riverside Museum in Glasgow http://www.glasgowlife.org.uk/museums/riverside/Pages/default.aspx


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