All Scotland Conference

So this week has been alright. Cool to hear about the teaching and the freshmen. I think every group of freshmen is worse than the last.

I found about the Cumming’s just last night. Les Cumming gave me a call and told me. It was pretty funny, so that was rather cool to hear. Didn’t think that would happen but it did.

So this week, Monday I don’t remember Monday to be honest it was a rather simple and boring week. We had an exchanges with the Cumbernald missionaries on Wednesday and that was an odd day. It was fun but odd. So we went out finding most of the day, I was with Elder Davis so that was really fun. Then it was getting late, but we went out chapping and we got one person that wants to meet with us again.  So we are hoping to see her today.

Then Thursday was pretty fun. We had All Scotland Conference, where all the missionaries in Scotland have a meeting in Edinburgh with the mission president. So we got on a train and went into Edinburgh. I didn’t get any pictures, because we were rushing around, just running around all over the place but I did get to see more of Edinburgh this time which was really cool.

So we got to the church and the meeting starts. They had the incoming missionaries give their testimonies and then shortly after they asked the leaving missionaries to give their testimonies as well. Pretty cool to see the difference between someone coming in and someone leaving.

Well then they had some workshops throughout the day, so we went to half of those then we had lunch. Then the last half of the day was more workshops, but Elder Magby and I were asked to teach one of them.

So the first one was terrible… It was just down right terrible! (Mostly because we got the call the night before to instruct). In the first one there was one Elder that has eyes that stare into your soul. So that was creepy. Then the second one was better, than the third was the best, and the last everyone was just dead so no one really cared too much. Then after that we all got back together and President Donaldson talked about some stuff and it was great. Then we all had a nice chat with each other and then we were off back to our areas.

Friday was an alright day, and then Sunday was stake conference so that was great. We got banished to the back with the other missionaries, Kinda lame. Then the sound system wasn’t even working so we didn’t hear anything till like the first speaker, and he talked about toys or something. I think. Then Sister Donaldson talked! And she gives great talks. She talked about family history and it was great. Then President Donaldson talked and it was great. Prefect talks. Then this Italian guy got up and shared a lot of stories and I lost track of what it was supposed to be about, but it was good.

Then we had dinner with the Bleyls and that great! I love the Bleyl family! They really helped us this week with a great dinner.

So that was about it for this week. Then I got some other stuff to ask about.

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