Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nah, it’s Elder Augustine

I got the package with the shirts, so I’ll send the picture in a second. Need to get better at sending photos. I did send Great-Grandma a letter, she even wrote back along with your aunt! So that was very nice to get and I’ll be writing back to her soon.


Here you go Mom!

So this week was an odd and interesting week. The start of the week was really good, Monday I was able to get new shoes. Shoes that are actually really comfortable and nice to wear. We haven’t been able to find anyone new to teach, hoping to find someone by this week as we’ve been looking very hard! We have a few people we need to go and stop by, but haven’t gotten around to that so hoping for this week that we will be able to try and teach some people!

Thursday was interesting, we had to go into Glasgow because Elder Magby had a leadership meeting or something. So I was off with the other companions that weren’t district leaders, and they were all missionaries from my MTC group! I really don’t know how to spell any of their names because well there were 4 of us in the room. One is from Ukraine, one from Germany, one from China, then you had me the American. So it was just funny and really cool to see where we all came from and that we are all meeting in Scotland. It was great to talk to them all. I really enjoy those missionaries a lot.

After we got back to Airdrie we did some service for a family moving into their new home. They aren’t members of the church, so it was good for us to be there and help out. They told us they would invite us back over for dinner, so maybe then we can teach them about the gospel!

Then we saw all our other friends or members or investigators. We saw Nelson and there is still the problem with language, but we hope he is understanding everything. The last lesson we had with him was interesting, when we teach him, he likes to just stand up and walk out of the room and go to the bathroom or do laundry it’s interesting.

Yesterday was church! And it was fast Sunday as well as a baby blessing. So a lot of people came. Man if that many people would come every Sunday that would be great. It was a really good day.

We taught the Sunday school class, and the topic was law of Chasity. So that was fun teaching a bunch of older people about that and talking about it. I left it all up to Elder Magby. I’ll teach it in a lesson but not to a group of people. Then the fun, because of the baby blessing they had a mingle thing with food right after. So during church they were cooking food. ON A FAST SUNDAY. Usually I can make it, but the smell of food just got me. So I ate some food right after church.

We went to Blyels for Sunday dinner and that was wonderful as I really enjoy going to the Blyels. They are a great family, but I was a bit tired. But I didn’t fall asleep. So that’s good.

Well that’s about my week. Not much has happened. Today we are going shopping and relaxing. I’ll try to get out to the cemetery sometime this week. I got the letter with the family history of the Hamilton and Johnston’s. Pretty cool.

Well Love you!

*Hints* It would be nice to get a Butterfinger and some lemonade. As those are not found in the UK. *The hint is now over*

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