Dream Catchers

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Elder Augustine holding a pineapple?

Sounds like a pretty interesting week and General conference was great.  I really enjoyed it all.

So to give you a run-down of my week.

The start of the week was great we got to do a family home evening lesson at Sister McCowans home with the Hunters. We taught a great lesson about how the Lord asked Nephi to build a boat. We shared all about that and talked about it relates to us today. I also shared the story of Alex and his Bird so that was great to tie into the lesson as well.

Then the rest of the week has been us trying to go out and to find a new investigator to teach. It’s been pretty hard but we are working on it. We still have a few people we need to go and try.

Then just the other day there was a Native American man in the town center of Airdrie. So Elder Magby and I bought some dream catchers! It was pretty funny to run into him. The guy is from New Mexico and he married a Scottish lady. So that’s pretty cool. Then after that came general conference. Because of the time difference we got to watch the Saturday morning session at 5pm here. Then we missed the Saturday night one because well we had to go to bed. Then we got up and went with President Blyel and his son to Glasgow to watch the Priesthood Session. Great talks were given. Then after we were dropped off at our flat and we did a few things then went to the church and watched half of the Saturday afternoon session. Before we went to the Blyels for Dinner and watched the Sunday morning session with them. Which more great talks were given. So we’ve been going around to the church this morning trying to watch the rest of what we missed. We still haven’t watched it all but we’ll finish watching it probably tomorrow or so. So that will be great.

I sent a letter to Alex talking about how I enjoyed what I’ve learned from general conference and why it’s so important to watch it and learn from it.

Then your questions:

  1. What have you learned this week?

I’ve learned a lot. Always learning a lot. I’ve been in Alma the past few days so                         learning from the advice of Alma and how important it is to trust God.

  1. What blessings have you experienced this week or seen someone experience?

Not sure yet I’ll get back to that one.

  1. Tell me 5 things that you like about your companion?

I love Elder Magby he is great. I don’t think I could just name 5 things. I think he is                great missionary and I’m loving serving with him.

  1. What lesson have you taught this week? How did it go? If you could change it what would you change?

Taught a lot of lessons and a lot of spiritual thoughts. Taught our investigator the                   plan of salvation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They went well. They are more                       personal between the investigators. Don’t really want to tell the whole world                           because it’s important to keep how they feel to themselves, and I wouldn’t change                 the lessons. As we do our best to follow the needs of those we teach.

Well that’s about it for this week! Can’t wait for this next week and what things I’ll do!

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