See mom I have a nice warm hat

Sounds like a fun full week. I’m glad that Alex really enjoyed the temple a lot. Halloween is a bit interesting in Scotland. It seems like not a lot of people really care about it. Like no one really cares about it. We do have to be back at the flat at 6 and we aren’t supposed to be out. If we are out then we need to be with a member and get a ride like everywhere. Then moves call is November 6th this Sunday. I think I’ll stay. I think Elder Magby will be heading off, but never know anything could happen. We could both stay or both go. Or one goes and the other stays. Just have to wait and see.

This week has been fun. Not much really happened to be honest so this might be a short email. Tuesday we went out with a member and helped him with some home teaching and that was really fun. Got to know a few more members. I’m trying to get to know the members more so they can help us out and we can help them out, but it’s hard to get around to see them as a lot of them are busy.

Friday we had the ward Halloween party. I didn’t get any pictures… But that’s okay y’all can imagine it in your minds (*insert note here, the great members of the Airdrie ward shared the pictures of the party). So we were asked to help out, and they asked us to do the doughnuts that you hang from the string. So we were like okay. We did that and it was a lot of fun, but we needed to be something. So we got some fake glasses and put on the superman shirts under our white shirts and went as Clark Kent (Superman) it was pretty funny. Everyone loved it, we had a great time.


Super”men” for the ward Halloween party

Then we were able to get a member with us to go see Nelson and we had a great lesson with him. We taught him the restoration. The member that came with served his mission in India so it was helpful to them there. However he didn’t speak Nelsons language but he knows a guy that does. So he’ll try to get him to do a skype call with us and help teach him. So fingers crosses with that.

Then Sunday was interesting… I wrote about it in the letter so you’ll get that. Or send another email telling about Sunday. But the rest of Sunday was fun! We had lunch with the Blyels and then we went to go see Jane Christie and her family. Charlie was doing great. We were able to share a great message about how the gospel blesses families and how we can do that. Then we got to walk all the way back to the flat and that was a fun walk. You can google it. It looks short but it’s a walk with all the hills. It’s from Chapelhall to Airdrie top cross area I think.

But that’s about it from this past week. Today is Halloween so we are hoping to go do some fun stuff like shopping and just hanging out with Les Cumming. Yes in the picture last week it is Les Cumming. Great guy, so we are going to spend the rest of the day with him and do fun things.

Oh before that we were asked to go out and work from 10-1. So we to the church in Coatbridge and there was a funeral going on with tons of people. Not sure if I should of talked to them or not. But we kind of just walked through. We figured we would ask around later because they were all heading off to the grave. Which I’ll get around to sometime, It’s hard to get around to the cemeteries. So I’ll get to it when I find the time no worries.

Full Food Friday

Yes it has gotten colder, like a lot colder. I have a great hat that I’ve been wearing so I’ll take a picture of that this week and all that sounds pretty fun and pretty much the same with the soccer kids. Yes I got my new bag! I think Sister Blyel sent you a picture, maybe? It’s great, also it’s comfortable and super waterproof.

So this week was an interesting week. I wrote more about it in the letter to Alex to keep just a bit more personal. So the start of the week was pretty normal didn’t do too much for the p-day.

Then almost the rest of the week we’ve spent it out finding. I keep running into a bagpiper in town. He goes around from town to town playing, and that’s like his full time job. So I’ve talked to him a lot. Ran into him one day, then the next and the next. It was pretty funny.

So Tuesday I was in Glasgow on exchanges with the zone leaders, and that was a lot of fun as we went finding. Tons of people are in Glasgow, so talked to a lot of people and got a ton of phone numbers. Ran into some odd people as well. I then went off with the Zone Leader Elder Wilson for a dinner appointment at a member’s home. The funny thing is the members have been to Logan, Utah a lot. So it was fun to talk about Logan, Utah while in Scotland. We then went and taught a lesson to a Romanian investigator and we had a member there that could translate, so we taught the plan of salvation. The Romanian guy then asked how he could repent and do all this stuff and it was really cool!

So the rest of the week went by, Thursday something happened and that was just crazy. (I’ll email about it in another email.) Not much really happened for the rest of the week, the remaining kind of evened out. We’ve been out finding a lot…like a lot! We don’t have anyone to teach besides…oh I forgot one thing.

So Friday. Friday was interesting! We went out to teach Nelson, so we show up and he told us that he made chicken for us. Well we already had a lunch appointment set up, but we couldn’t be rude. So after teaching him a lesson about scripture study. We sit down for some food, and I was like oh man he didn’t make too much… I was dead wrong.  He made chicken curry with lots of rice and some chicken wings.  He kept telling us to eat it all! So that was interesting. Then right afterwards we had to run all the way to Jamie’s and go out to lunch with him. So we went out with him and I didn’t eat too much because I was so full of Indian food. Then we are heading back to the flat and we get a text from Jim, he made us pizza! So 3 hours later, it was pizza. So a Friday was full of food.

Then the rest of week was normal not much happened. End of the transfers are November 6th, well that’s move calls so might move but not sure yet.

Riverside Museum in Glasgow http://www.glasgowlife.org.uk/museums/riverside/Pages/default.aspx


All Scotland Conference

So this week has been alright. Cool to hear about the teaching and the freshmen. I think every group of freshmen is worse than the last.

I found about the Cumming’s just last night. Les Cumming gave me a call and told me. It was pretty funny, so that was rather cool to hear. Didn’t think that would happen but it did.

So this week, Monday I don’t remember Monday to be honest it was a rather simple and boring week. We had an exchanges with the Cumbernald missionaries on Wednesday and that was an odd day. It was fun but odd. So we went out finding most of the day, I was with Elder Davis so that was really fun. Then it was getting late, but we went out chapping and we got one person that wants to meet with us again.  So we are hoping to see her today.

Then Thursday was pretty fun. We had All Scotland Conference, where all the missionaries in Scotland have a meeting in Edinburgh with the mission president. So we got on a train and went into Edinburgh. I didn’t get any pictures, because we were rushing around, just running around all over the place but I did get to see more of Edinburgh this time which was really cool.

So we got to the church and the meeting starts. They had the incoming missionaries give their testimonies and then shortly after they asked the leaving missionaries to give their testimonies as well. Pretty cool to see the difference between someone coming in and someone leaving.

Well then they had some workshops throughout the day, so we went to half of those then we had lunch. Then the last half of the day was more workshops, but Elder Magby and I were asked to teach one of them.

So the first one was terrible… It was just down right terrible! (Mostly because we got the call the night before to instruct). In the first one there was one Elder that has eyes that stare into your soul. So that was creepy. Then the second one was better, than the third was the best, and the last everyone was just dead so no one really cared too much. Then after that we all got back together and President Donaldson talked about some stuff and it was great. Then we all had a nice chat with each other and then we were off back to our areas.

Friday was an alright day, and then Sunday was stake conference so that was great. We got banished to the back with the other missionaries, Kinda lame. Then the sound system wasn’t even working so we didn’t hear anything till like the first speaker, and he talked about toys or something. I think. Then Sister Donaldson talked! And she gives great talks. She talked about family history and it was great. Then President Donaldson talked and it was great. Prefect talks. Then this Italian guy got up and shared a lot of stories and I lost track of what it was supposed to be about, but it was good.

Then we had dinner with the Bleyls and that great! I love the Bleyl family! They really helped us this week with a great dinner.

So that was about it for this week. Then I got some other stuff to ask about.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nah, it’s Elder Augustine

I got the package with the shirts, so I’ll send the picture in a second. Need to get better at sending photos. I did send Great-Grandma a letter, she even wrote back along with your aunt! So that was very nice to get and I’ll be writing back to her soon.


Here you go Mom!

So this week was an odd and interesting week. The start of the week was really good, Monday I was able to get new shoes. Shoes that are actually really comfortable and nice to wear. We haven’t been able to find anyone new to teach, hoping to find someone by this week as we’ve been looking very hard! We have a few people we need to go and stop by, but haven’t gotten around to that so hoping for this week that we will be able to try and teach some people!

Thursday was interesting, we had to go into Glasgow because Elder Magby had a leadership meeting or something. So I was off with the other companions that weren’t district leaders, and they were all missionaries from my MTC group! I really don’t know how to spell any of their names because well there were 4 of us in the room. One is from Ukraine, one from Germany, one from China, then you had me the American. So it was just funny and really cool to see where we all came from and that we are all meeting in Scotland. It was great to talk to them all. I really enjoy those missionaries a lot.

After we got back to Airdrie we did some service for a family moving into their new home. They aren’t members of the church, so it was good for us to be there and help out. They told us they would invite us back over for dinner, so maybe then we can teach them about the gospel!

Then we saw all our other friends or members or investigators. We saw Nelson and there is still the problem with language, but we hope he is understanding everything. The last lesson we had with him was interesting, when we teach him, he likes to just stand up and walk out of the room and go to the bathroom or do laundry it’s interesting.

Yesterday was church! And it was fast Sunday as well as a baby blessing. So a lot of people came. Man if that many people would come every Sunday that would be great. It was a really good day.

We taught the Sunday school class, and the topic was law of Chasity. So that was fun teaching a bunch of older people about that and talking about it. I left it all up to Elder Magby. I’ll teach it in a lesson but not to a group of people. Then the fun, because of the baby blessing they had a mingle thing with food right after. So during church they were cooking food. ON A FAST SUNDAY. Usually I can make it, but the smell of food just got me. So I ate some food right after church.

We went to Blyels for Sunday dinner and that was wonderful as I really enjoy going to the Blyels. They are a great family, but I was a bit tired. But I didn’t fall asleep. So that’s good.

Well that’s about my week. Not much has happened. Today we are going shopping and relaxing. I’ll try to get out to the cemetery sometime this week. I got the letter with the family history of the Hamilton and Johnston’s. Pretty cool.

Well Love you!

*Hints* It would be nice to get a Butterfinger and some lemonade. As those are not found in the UK. *The hint is now over*

Elder Augustine’s Testimony

I had asked Elder Augustine to share his testimony for his blog. Today in the mail was this card  which he sent, and of course his testimony inside.


Front cover of the card


Elder Augustine’s Testimony

To my wonderful family.

I told you I would get around to writing out my testimony. So here it is on this Scottish card that I found the other day in Glasgow!

I know that I have a loving and kind Heavenly Father who is perfect in every way, and that he loves me very much. I know that he has bless me with a wonderful family, with a father and mother that have taught me so much. Also a sister and a brother. I know as a family if we love and listen to our Heavenly Father he will bring us closer everyday. I will stand as a witness that God calls prophets and he calls prophets even today.I know the prophets teach the word of God and the prophet today was called of God.

I stand as a witness, Jesus is the Christ. That he took on my sins so I might be clean. I know that he died for these sins, but I know he lives. For I will sing praise to him because he is my Savior.

I have come to know these things by the Book of Mormon. I add my witness that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that it is the most correct book. I know that by applying its teachings I will be blessed and I will stand as a man of God. I know these things to be true and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.



Dream Catchers

*Please post this picture on the blog


Elder Augustine holding a pineapple?

Sounds like a pretty interesting week and General conference was great.  I really enjoyed it all.

So to give you a run-down of my week.

The start of the week was great we got to do a family home evening lesson at Sister McCowans home with the Hunters. We taught a great lesson about how the Lord asked Nephi to build a boat. We shared all about that and talked about it relates to us today. I also shared the story of Alex and his Bird so that was great to tie into the lesson as well.

Then the rest of the week has been us trying to go out and to find a new investigator to teach. It’s been pretty hard but we are working on it. We still have a few people we need to go and try.

Then just the other day there was a Native American man in the town center of Airdrie. So Elder Magby and I bought some dream catchers! It was pretty funny to run into him. The guy is from New Mexico and he married a Scottish lady. So that’s pretty cool. Then after that came general conference. Because of the time difference we got to watch the Saturday morning session at 5pm here. Then we missed the Saturday night one because well we had to go to bed. Then we got up and went with President Blyel and his son to Glasgow to watch the Priesthood Session. Great talks were given. Then after we were dropped off at our flat and we did a few things then went to the church and watched half of the Saturday afternoon session. Before we went to the Blyels for Dinner and watched the Sunday morning session with them. Which more great talks were given. So we’ve been going around to the church this morning trying to watch the rest of what we missed. We still haven’t watched it all but we’ll finish watching it probably tomorrow or so. So that will be great.

I sent a letter to Alex talking about how I enjoyed what I’ve learned from general conference and why it’s so important to watch it and learn from it.

Then your questions:

  1. What have you learned this week?

I’ve learned a lot. Always learning a lot. I’ve been in Alma the past few days so                         learning from the advice of Alma and how important it is to trust God.

  1. What blessings have you experienced this week or seen someone experience?

Not sure yet I’ll get back to that one.

  1. Tell me 5 things that you like about your companion?

I love Elder Magby he is great. I don’t think I could just name 5 things. I think he is                great missionary and I’m loving serving with him.

  1. What lesson have you taught this week? How did it go? If you could change it what would you change?

Taught a lot of lessons and a lot of spiritual thoughts. Taught our investigator the                   plan of salvation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They went well. They are more                       personal between the investigators. Don’t really want to tell the whole world                           because it’s important to keep how they feel to themselves, and I wouldn’t change                 the lessons. As we do our best to follow the needs of those we teach.

Well that’s about it for this week! Can’t wait for this next week and what things I’ll do!