A Great Day For Frank…

The family history sounds pretty fun it’s great to hear about that. The baptism did go well, I’ll get around to that in a sec. I have not taken anyone to the history center as it is not in my area. I did get your package and I am enjoying very much. It was great to see everything you sent. I do have one small problem but I’ll tell you about that in another email.

So the start of the week was alright, although It’s been a pretty long week. So the start wasn’t that bad. On Tuesday I was on exchanges with Elder Van Staden and there is a Saint Augustine Church in Coatbridge so we went there. This guy that works there saw us and I introduced myself as Elder Augustine which we all had a good laugh. Then he showed us around the church and it was pretty cool to see all around in there. Made me think about a lot things, but I do enjoy our churches and temples just a little more.

Then the rest of the week was pretty normal missionary life.


Elder Magby and I cleaned the baptismal font to get ready for Frank’s baptism.

Friday we got to clean the baptismal font because we had a baptism on Saturday.

Saturday morning came around and it was the baptism for Frank! That was so great to baptize him and to be a part of that. I was the one that was able to perform the baptism so that was great as well. Don’t worry I didn’t mess up and I made sure that he went all the way under, so that was really fun to be a part of that. I got some programs from that so I might send one home, and don’t worry we got some stuff for Frank. He is a great guy and it is so great to see the change that he has made.


Airdrie Ward Primary

Also on Saturday was his confirmation and I was able to stand in and be a part of that. Elder Magby was the one that did the confirmation. We were then invited to the primary on Sunday to talk about missionary life and work. It was a lot of fun to be with the little kids and talk all about being a missionary and answer all their questions. It was wonderful!

So today we spent the whole morning in Glasgow. Just wondering, shopping and just wondering. We ran into a few other missionaries as well so that was fun to meet other missionaries. Then we saw the cone head! Got a few pictures of that. And that was about it. I’m not moving, neither is Elder Magby. We are staying in Airdrie for a few more weeks, I’m sure I’ll probably be here for a while.

And yeah that’s about it for this week. I have some letters to write out this week to mail home, so you’ll get that within like 2 weeks or so. Love you!

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