The Priesthood & Upcoming Baptism

That sounds like you guys have had fun filled week! And no I do not have Ipads just paper. So it’s pretty fun with that. So whenever we get a small chance to look up items on on the computer, but we are usually only have time on P-day to just email.

I had to do that like you said the other week, where I had to talk about families, then teach about families, then learn about families. It was an all family day!

So to tell you about my week. On Monday we really didn’t do too much. We went out shopping and I bought some new shoes that are pretty nice. I also saw a Chelsea Jersey, so I bought that, and it is really nice.

On Tuesday we had our district meeting and that was fun, Elder and Sister Young brought us lunch and that was really good. They are a senior couple and are from Salt Lake! Then the rest of the day I was on exchanges with Elder Davis who is from Southern Utah and that was cool. He is a few months younger than me and he has been out a full year now.

The next few days not much really happened. However, on Thursday night we received a call and had to go to Edinburgh on Saturday for an exchange with the AP’s. The AP’s ended up getting caught up doing things for the President so we didn’t do too much with them. Then yesterday was a great day.

So yesterday was an awesome day at church and I really enjoyed it! Elder Magby and I were able to assist in giving Jim Sharp the Priesthood! Then afterwards was Franks Baptism Interview and he passed and he is getting baptized this Saturday! I’m very excited for him and everything he is doing!

Hmm. That’s about it for this week we really didn’t have too much going on.

But I can’t wait to hear about this next week for you guys.

I haven’t received the package just yet as there is a tax I have to pay right now for them to get it to me. So I’ll be doing that soon. I can’t wait to get it. I think mail is what helps to keep me going every week!

Tell everyone to send more letters!

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