It’s A Good Thing I Like Haggis…


Now this is a meal! Stick to your ribs and pack a punch for the day!

Sounds like you guys have had pretty great week. I’m not a fan of Fondue so that’s just okay that I missed it, besides I’ve got real fish and chips, plus Haggis here!! The regional conference sounded pretty cool with a great talk. Yes, I can look at those church videos, we actually use them a lot in our teachings, and it’s nice to have as a tool. So I’ll look into it more of them this week as well.  We enjoyed watching Jane Christie’s video and shared that with Frank.

OH! So Frank is getting baptized on the 24th! It’s really exciting!! It was just like one day it clicked for him and he just went crazy reading through the Book of Mormon, its super exciting! We also got a new investigator this week whose name is Nelson Rockfellar, No joke. He is from India so his English isn’t the best but we have been able to teach him so far and it’s working out great!

So this week at the start of the week a member took us to a place called Summerlee which is like a mining/ train museum. It was really cool! We didn’t get to see everything because they close so early. Everything in Scotland closes at like 4 or 5 and then the Scots complain that they work too long. Anyways, the museum was really cool they even had a little mine that they took us down into. We had to wear the hard hats and all that stuff.

Then the rest of the week was pretty normal, not much happened. Elder Magby got super sick so we had to stay at the flat a lot to make sure he would get feeling better. Don’t worry I’m not sick… yet. But that was kind of nice in a way as I was able to sit down and increase my studying a bit more than usual. So it was a good time to read everything.

Saturday was crazy, Elder Magby was probably the most sick this day. But we did have a meeting with someone in Coatbridge that could be a potential investigator. So we got ready with warm clothes on (as it’s been a bit nippy), and we walk out of the flat where I just felt super uncomfortable. We are walking down to the bus stop and it suddenly hits me… It’s the Celtic vs Rangers match. So the pubs were packed with people. The Celtics won 5-1 and the Celtic fans were going nuts and getting super drunk. They had about 2-3 police at nearly every pub. Well we made it Coatbridge without running into any problems. We get to the spot where we were going to have the meeting and the guy doesn’t show up. But low and behold! Two drunk Celtic fans come walking by. They were just saying this and that and it made no sense, but they eventually left. So we left and made it back to our flat. It was just crazy with all the police and ambulances around. We spent the rest of night planning out our next week.

Then on Sunday! I got to give a talk in church on the subject of eternal families. So of course I talked about everyone in our family, and shared some scriptures which I loved! Then I got to teach Sunday school as well, as we teach one of the Sunday school classes. SO I got to teach on the subject of ….you guessed it families. Ironic right ha-ha.

Then I spent the rest of the day getting Elder Magby to sit down and rest so that he could get over this cold, which today he is feeling a lot better.

Well that’s about it for this week. I’ll look into the videos and stuff you told me about!

Love you guys!


The Glasgow Zone – and yes we rock!

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