Meetings and a Challenge…

Thank you for that! It was great to read and yes visiting with Charlie was great and we are going through things really slow with him and it’s working out pretty well. Same with another person, and his wife is a member. They are really wonderful people!

For prayers I think I’m good, just pray for the members and the people in this area! Also for a Guy named Frank.

So on for last Monday we really didn’t do much, we went out and did our emails for the week and that was great to talk to everyone. We went around some stores and I saw this Dominos set for only a pound, so I bought it. We ended up playing Dominos for the rest of the day, till we had to go for dinner and see some people.  Tuesday was pretty normal as well nothing to exciting really happened, just went out trying to find a new investigator. We did find a new area for chapping, a bunch of new homes with a lot of young families. So that was good to go around there and we’ve talked to a few people, but not much luck.

Then on Wednesday was Zone Interview Training. The whole zone met together and the mission President was there and it was great! We had a whole day of just learning all about different areas in missionary work. They had all the new missionaries bear their testimonies, so that was exciting! I love to do that! It was just fun to learn and listen to such great missionaries in this mission, I really enjoyed it. I also took a lot of notes.

Thursday was a crazy day. We were just running around everywhere. From meetings to more appointments. After dinner it started to rain and we were on our bikes. I had my rain coat but my trousers got soaked, and we showed up at our next appointment which was with Jim. Jim is the most caring man ever. This guy does service like no one I’ve ever seen, in fact we are going to go see him tonight. So he saw that my trousers were all soaked, and he gave me a pair of these water proof trousers that you wear over your own while biking. He just gave them to me. So I’m all dry now! He also said my coat wasn’t good enough, which it is. But to him it isn’t, so he gave me one of his jackets. Then we taught him a really good lesson. He’s just amazing, a real caring person.

Friday we had a surprise meeting in the morning, so we had to rush to Glasgow, and I had to sit in on the meeting with the district leaders. They are setting a goal for 20 baptism for this month for our whole district. So we now have a challenge.

Then the rest of the week was just normal, just going out and finding and searching for a new investigator!

Thanks for the lovely email it great to hear all about everything!

Oh sorry I didn’t get any pictures this week, I did take a picture of my desk and everything on it that I’m reading and studying.


My study materials: of course my scriptures are #1, all my missionary study materials! There in the corner is also some bagpipe sheet music…

As for our part in our zone goal, we are planning on getting Frank with a Baptismal date and also kid named Leo who is the son of a recent convert. But we have been searching for a new investigator. So this week we need to find at least 2 to work on our zone goal (prayers are readily accepted in this challenge).

I’ll write out my testimony and mail it if that’s alright so that you can put it on the blog for anyone reading it. That is funny that our Saunders family here in Scotland has run into Sister Missionaries! I’ll have to get in contact with those Sisters and learn more. It would be great to meet Samuel and all our other family members! Who knows????

Well today’s agenda is to go shopping for food and random things then a member is taking us out to go check out this museum about Aridrie, so should be fun. We then have a dinner appointment and hopefully a new investigator appointment.

Alright I’m heading out!! Love you guys!

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