A Great Day For Frank…

The family history sounds pretty fun it’s great to hear about that. The baptism did go well, I’ll get around to that in a sec. I have not taken anyone to the history center as it is not in my area. I did get your package and I am enjoying very much. It was great to see everything you sent. I do have one small problem but I’ll tell you about that in another email.

So the start of the week was alright, although It’s been a pretty long week. So the start wasn’t that bad. On Tuesday I was on exchanges with Elder Van Staden and there is a Saint Augustine Church in Coatbridge so we went there. This guy that works there saw us and I introduced myself as Elder Augustine which we all had a good laugh. Then he showed us around the church and it was pretty cool to see all around in there. Made me think about a lot things, but I do enjoy our churches and temples just a little more.

Then the rest of the week was pretty normal missionary life.


Elder Magby and I cleaned the baptismal font to get ready for Frank’s baptism.

Friday we got to clean the baptismal font because we had a baptism on Saturday.

Saturday morning came around and it was the baptism for Frank! That was so great to baptize him and to be a part of that. I was the one that was able to perform the baptism so that was great as well. Don’t worry I didn’t mess up and I made sure that he went all the way under, so that was really fun to be a part of that. I got some programs from that so I might send one home, and don’t worry we got some stuff for Frank. He is a great guy and it is so great to see the change that he has made.


Airdrie Ward Primary

Also on Saturday was his confirmation and I was able to stand in and be a part of that. Elder Magby was the one that did the confirmation. We were then invited to the primary on Sunday to talk about missionary life and work. It was a lot of fun to be with the little kids and talk all about being a missionary and answer all their questions. It was wonderful!

So today we spent the whole morning in Glasgow. Just wondering, shopping and just wondering. We ran into a few other missionaries as well so that was fun to meet other missionaries. Then we saw the cone head! Got a few pictures of that. And that was about it. I’m not moving, neither is Elder Magby. We are staying in Airdrie for a few more weeks, I’m sure I’ll probably be here for a while.

And yeah that’s about it for this week. I have some letters to write out this week to mail home, so you’ll get that within like 2 weeks or so. Love you!

Letter’s to Alex (these arrived today in the mail).

06 Sept 2016

Alex! Sorry I missed yesterday but I’ll tell you about that too! So I yesterday I got to email and I saw your email! That really made my day to hear from you and all about your classes. So after emailing I went shopping with Elder Magby for food. We bought canned Haggis! And a pineapple! We don’t have many dinner appointments, so it’s nice that we have more time for finding people.

So after shopping Brother Cummings took us to Summerlee, which is a mining/train museum. We didn’t get to see everything, but they did have mine that we were able to go down into which was cool to see! Then we had dinner with Brother & Sister Cumming. So after dinner we went and saw Jim who is a recent convert, oh and our investigator Frank was there as well. We felt like Frank really clicked with what we were teaching.

Then after that was the highlight of the night. We were heading back to our flat and it was getting dark so not many people were out. We were walking down the street and we hear, “Hey Mormons!” This guy just walks across the street over to us and almost trips, but I guess he was mad at his friend. So he yelled that he is going with us? Well this guy is super drunk, he just yells back at another guy and they are both yelling back at each other. Which guess made him madder because he walks up to a car and kicks the mirror off? So we are trying to walk away, and this guy turns to us and now is crying and says, “Hey guys please have a conversation with me.” We just looked at each other and we didn’t say anything. His friend came up and dragged him away and we just rushed out of there. So we got back to the flat and just got ready for the next day and went to bed.

So today, we woke up and caught the train to Glasgow. We had a meeting which took up most of the day, and afterwards Elder Van Stan wanted to go to Five Guys. So Elder Magby, Davis Van Stan, and I all went out to Five Guys. It was great!

We get back to Airdrie and just went out finding. Gave away a Book of Mormon and found some people hoping to get an investigator out of it. Then saw a recent convert. Then just rode our bikes in the rain! I love the rain!

Alright, be safe and have fun! Can’t wait to hear from you.

Love, Squire

07 Sept 2016


So today was a pretty normal day. Got up and worked out and got ready for the day. After personal and companion study we went off to go see our investigator Frank.

Well it was a great lesson, and Frank is getting baptized on Sept 24th! So that is really exciting, I can’t wait for that date!

So after Frank, the day was pretty normal. We went out street contacting and doing some try by’s for some people that could be investigators. Not much luck, but the night ended in an interesting way. So we saw a recent convert Jim, and after him we had a meeting with some of the ward people. Well there seems to be a brother who is driving a sister off, and a bunch of other things. He was trying to tell us how to do our job, and the way he was explaining it was nothing like our Mission President (who by the way holds the keys to direct the missionaries in the mission field) explained it. Also in the mission handbook and Preach My Gospel. I wanted to give this guy these! Well it ended pretty well. We ended up getting referral at the end of the night. Oh did I say Frank is getting baptized! Can’t wait to hear from you! Still haven’t received my letters!

Love Squire

09 Sept 016

Alex! So today was a pretty good day. I forgot to tell you about yesterday so here it is! And yesterday was normal, we got up and went out visiting people. Then we were in Coatbridge out finding people. Well my companion went up to this guy sitting down. This guy is Nelson and he is from India. His English isn’t the best, so it’s a little hard to talk to him. But this guy was meeting with the missionaries before. They even gave him a Book of Mormon but he lost it. So we were talking to him and he ended up taking us to his flat to teach him a lesson. So we went with him. Now like I said before his English isn’t the best so not sure how much he understood, but we invited him to be baptized and all that stuff.

So today (don’t worry I’ll get to Nelson, we saw him today) started out normalish, Elder Magby work up super sick. So a pretty slow start, but we did get out of the flat. Saw Rob & Deli gave them a lesson. Then we went out for lunch appointment with a member, and this member shared an experience with us… he was watching the Olympics and was watching the woman’s tennis. Well while watching this British tennis player he was alone and received a visit from Christ through the TV. So that was cool! Still not sure what to think. He also thinks everyone is after him and some kids in the ward are really just spirits, the food was really great!

Then after that we got to go see Nelson again! So we met up and we talked. We got all settled down, so now it’s time for the lesson. We are ready to teach the Plan of Salvation, I get my scriptures ready in Acts, we share it, and Nelson see’s that it is Acts. Then he tries to tell us about a Bible story of Paul, and we try to move on but he keeps going back. So we are like fine let’s find this story. We spend the whole lesson looking for the story of Paul. While Nelson just repeats it over and over. Well we finally find it…in Acts Chapter 14 to let you know. So we just answered his questions for the rest of the time, and we are getting a Book of Mormon in his own language for him. Well that was my day! I hope school is doing well. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Be safe and have fun.

Love, Squire

11 Sept 2016

Alex! So the past few days Elder Magby has been super sick. I’m fine not sick…yet. So we’ve been mostly in the flat.

So yesterday was crazy and not. Yesterday, Elder Magby woke up really sick. It was pretty bad. So I made him call Sister Donaldson and tell her how sick he was. So we spent most of the whole day in the flat. I spent most of the day studying. It was great to have that time to just sit down and read.

I also cleaned the flat and went around just picking up and going through the food we had.

So we did have an appointment in Coatbridge with this Polish guy. So we got outside and it didn’t feel right. It really didn’t! That’s when it hit me that it was the Celtics vs. Rangers Football match. So we did our best to avoid all the drunks.

We got to Coatbridge and we sat down waiting for this guy that never came. However, two drunk guys walked by, they just started going off on all this stuff and almost wanted to fight, and we weren’t even saying anything to them. They went away and so we left. We tried to go finding but later the same two guys saw us. We saw them, so we turned around and got on a bus and left them behind. Came back to the flat and just back to studying.

Then today was church. I was asked to talk today! I talked about families, and I talked about everyone in our family. I thought it was a good talk.

Then the rest of the church was pretty good. Elder Magby is still sick so after church we went and saw a member family, then we came back to the flat. I cooked dinner and made potatoes and canned Haggis. It was pretty good!

So that was my day! I hope your day was pretty good! I get to email you tomorrow! And hear all about your day.

I miss you Alex! I can’t wait to see you again!

I love you! Be safe and have fun!

Love, Squire

The Priesthood & Upcoming Baptism

That sounds like you guys have had fun filled week! And no I do not have Ipads just paper. So it’s pretty fun with that. So whenever we get a small chance to look up items on LDS.org on the computer, but we are usually only have time on P-day to just email.

I had to do that like you said the other week, where I had to talk about families, then teach about families, then learn about families. It was an all family day!

So to tell you about my week. On Monday we really didn’t do too much. We went out shopping and I bought some new shoes that are pretty nice. I also saw a Chelsea Jersey, so I bought that, and it is really nice.

On Tuesday we had our district meeting and that was fun, Elder and Sister Young brought us lunch and that was really good. They are a senior couple and are from Salt Lake! Then the rest of the day I was on exchanges with Elder Davis who is from Southern Utah and that was cool. He is a few months younger than me and he has been out a full year now.

The next few days not much really happened. However, on Thursday night we received a call and had to go to Edinburgh on Saturday for an exchange with the AP’s. The AP’s ended up getting caught up doing things for the President so we didn’t do too much with them. Then yesterday was a great day.

So yesterday was an awesome day at church and I really enjoyed it! Elder Magby and I were able to assist in giving Jim Sharp the Priesthood! Then afterwards was Franks Baptism Interview and he passed and he is getting baptized this Saturday! I’m very excited for him and everything he is doing!

Hmm. That’s about it for this week we really didn’t have too much going on.

But I can’t wait to hear about this next week for you guys.

I haven’t received the package just yet as there is a tax I have to pay right now for them to get it to me. So I’ll be doing that soon. I can’t wait to get it. I think mail is what helps to keep me going every week!

Tell everyone to send more letters!

It’s A Good Thing I Like Haggis…


Now this is a meal! Stick to your ribs and pack a punch for the day!

Sounds like you guys have had pretty great week. I’m not a fan of Fondue so that’s just okay that I missed it, besides I’ve got real fish and chips, plus Haggis here!! The regional conference sounded pretty cool with a great talk. Yes, I can look at those church videos, we actually use them a lot in our teachings, and it’s nice to have as a tool. So I’ll look into it more of them this week as well.  We enjoyed watching Jane Christie’s video and shared that with Frank.

OH! So Frank is getting baptized on the 24th! It’s really exciting!! It was just like one day it clicked for him and he just went crazy reading through the Book of Mormon, its super exciting! We also got a new investigator this week whose name is Nelson Rockfellar, No joke. He is from India so his English isn’t the best but we have been able to teach him so far and it’s working out great!

So this week at the start of the week a member took us to a place called Summerlee which is like a mining/ train museum. It was really cool! We didn’t get to see everything because they close so early. Everything in Scotland closes at like 4 or 5 and then the Scots complain that they work too long. Anyways, the museum was really cool they even had a little mine that they took us down into. We had to wear the hard hats and all that stuff.

Then the rest of the week was pretty normal, not much happened. Elder Magby got super sick so we had to stay at the flat a lot to make sure he would get feeling better. Don’t worry I’m not sick… yet. But that was kind of nice in a way as I was able to sit down and increase my studying a bit more than usual. So it was a good time to read everything.

Saturday was crazy, Elder Magby was probably the most sick this day. But we did have a meeting with someone in Coatbridge that could be a potential investigator. So we got ready with warm clothes on (as it’s been a bit nippy), and we walk out of the flat where I just felt super uncomfortable. We are walking down to the bus stop and it suddenly hits me… It’s the Celtic vs Rangers match. So the pubs were packed with people. The Celtics won 5-1 and the Celtic fans were going nuts and getting super drunk. They had about 2-3 police at nearly every pub. Well we made it Coatbridge without running into any problems. We get to the spot where we were going to have the meeting and the guy doesn’t show up. But low and behold! Two drunk Celtic fans come walking by. They were just saying this and that and it made no sense, but they eventually left. So we left and made it back to our flat. It was just crazy with all the police and ambulances around. We spent the rest of night planning out our next week.

Then on Sunday! I got to give a talk in church on the subject of eternal families. So of course I talked about everyone in our family, and shared some scriptures which I loved! Then I got to teach Sunday school as well, as we teach one of the Sunday school classes. SO I got to teach on the subject of ….you guessed it families. Ironic right ha-ha.

Then I spent the rest of the day getting Elder Magby to sit down and rest so that he could get over this cold, which today he is feeling a lot better.

Well that’s about it for this week. I’ll look into the videos and stuff you told me about!

Love you guys!


The Glasgow Zone – and yes we rock!

Meetings and a Challenge…

Thank you for that! It was great to read and yes visiting with Charlie was great and we are going through things really slow with him and it’s working out pretty well. Same with another person, and his wife is a member. They are really wonderful people!

For prayers I think I’m good, just pray for the members and the people in this area! Also for a Guy named Frank.

So on for last Monday we really didn’t do much, we went out and did our emails for the week and that was great to talk to everyone. We went around some stores and I saw this Dominos set for only a pound, so I bought it. We ended up playing Dominos for the rest of the day, till we had to go for dinner and see some people.  Tuesday was pretty normal as well nothing to exciting really happened, just went out trying to find a new investigator. We did find a new area for chapping, a bunch of new homes with a lot of young families. So that was good to go around there and we’ve talked to a few people, but not much luck.

Then on Wednesday was Zone Interview Training. The whole zone met together and the mission President was there and it was great! We had a whole day of just learning all about different areas in missionary work. They had all the new missionaries bear their testimonies, so that was exciting! I love to do that! It was just fun to learn and listen to such great missionaries in this mission, I really enjoyed it. I also took a lot of notes.

Thursday was a crazy day. We were just running around everywhere. From meetings to more appointments. After dinner it started to rain and we were on our bikes. I had my rain coat but my trousers got soaked, and we showed up at our next appointment which was with Jim. Jim is the most caring man ever. This guy does service like no one I’ve ever seen, in fact we are going to go see him tonight. So he saw that my trousers were all soaked, and he gave me a pair of these water proof trousers that you wear over your own while biking. He just gave them to me. So I’m all dry now! He also said my coat wasn’t good enough, which it is. But to him it isn’t, so he gave me one of his jackets. Then we taught him a really good lesson. He’s just amazing, a real caring person.

Friday we had a surprise meeting in the morning, so we had to rush to Glasgow, and I had to sit in on the meeting with the district leaders. They are setting a goal for 20 baptism for this month for our whole district. So we now have a challenge.

Then the rest of the week was just normal, just going out and finding and searching for a new investigator!

Thanks for the lovely email it great to hear all about everything!

Oh sorry I didn’t get any pictures this week, I did take a picture of my desk and everything on it that I’m reading and studying.


My study materials: of course my scriptures are #1, all my missionary study materials! There in the corner is also some bagpipe sheet music…

As for our part in our zone goal, we are planning on getting Frank with a Baptismal date and also kid named Leo who is the son of a recent convert. But we have been searching for a new investigator. So this week we need to find at least 2 to work on our zone goal (prayers are readily accepted in this challenge).

I’ll write out my testimony and mail it if that’s alright so that you can put it on the blog for anyone reading it. That is funny that our Saunders family here in Scotland has run into Sister Missionaries! I’ll have to get in contact with those Sisters and learn more. It would be great to meet Samuel and all our other family members! Who knows????

Well today’s agenda is to go shopping for food and random things then a member is taking us out to go check out this museum about Aridrie, so should be fun. We then have a dinner appointment and hopefully a new investigator appointment.

Alright I’m heading out!! Love you guys!