First area: Airdrie, Scotland

I read all about your time finding a car. I’m sorry for so many challenges. I hope everything is going better though with this week! I didn’t get to email before I left the MTC, so I had to wait a week and 1/2 to email, which was hard but that’s okay I get to email now! I’m still trying to get use to the UK keyboards. They are a bit different, which is throwing me off when I type so there might be a few mistakes.

So I sent some letters with more details into the day of what I’ve been doing. But to sum it all up. I left the MTC and got on a coach for about 3 hours, then drove to the mission home. Where we dropped off our stuff and they took us up to Pratt’s hill. Which was really cool to see the whole city of Edinburgh! Scotland is amazing!!!!!!!  I really love it here and it rains all the time, but the last 3 days it really hasn’t rained. So anyways, we got back to the mission home where I got my new companion. My trainer is Elder Magby and I really like him so far!!! He is from Texas which is cool. Ah, so we got on a train and went to our area in Airdrie which is next to Glasgow! Airdrie is great!  It’s green. You can look it up and check it all out.

So throughout the week I was able to meet with a lot of the members and we have a few investigators which is great to meet with them. We actually had a baptism just last week and that’s Jim! He’s great. Today we are going out to hang with Jim for most of our P-day. Throughout the week we’ve been running around talking to everyone, I mean everyone so I want to tell you about every person but it’s hard to remember them all.

So the flat (not apartment) for Elder Magby and myself is pretty nice. It’s just like how you said it would be mom, how the kitchen and everything would be. The half fridge thing and washer under the kitchen sink and no dryer! So I have to hang my clothes to dry them.

We are riding bikes around, but not all the time as we switch from coaches/taxis and walking. Lots and lots of walking which is fun cause we get to see everything.

Oh also just a few days ago I was able to go out into Glasgow and do some finding in the heart of the city and it was just great to see everything. I’m still having a hard believing that I’m really in Scotland. I really don’t feel like I’m in Scotland but I am. I still feel like I’m in Utah, but just with everyone talking all funny.

The people most of the time are really nice and you have the few that are just really mean. I’m getting down the slang but sometimes I just can’t understand a lick of what these people are saying! It’s pretty funny sometimes. Some people I can understand really well and others not so well.

But that’s about it for this week, that I can think of I’ll get better at summing up the week as I go along. I have the letters on the way telling more about the days in a wee bit more detail.

Send some questions so then I know what to say in my next email! I’m doing my best to sum up the week. I love it in Scotland!!!!!!!!!  I’ll try to get more pictures! Oh I also got the camera as you can see! It’s great, thank you! I hope everything will get better with everything! I’m praying for you guys every day!

Did you get the photo from the mission home of me and Elder Magby?

I’m not good at taking lots of pictures and now I think I’m good. Oh I need garments. I kind of ruined two pairs. I didn’t mean to wash them I was in a rush and threw all my clothes into the washer so they came out blue… Oh and not like a small quad scriptures but like the mini scriptures that are like $8 from the LDS store or something. They are tiny.  Are you already talking to my companion’s mom?

Alright I’m heading off into the land of the Scots! Have a fun week and I hope everything works out with everything!

I love you guys!

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