One week left in the MTC then I’m off to Bonnie Scotland…

Alright so I got a lot of emails but I mostly skimmed through them. Thanks for the camera! I’m excited to get it. I’ll send the other back home today. And yeah the next time you hear from me I’ll be in Scotland which will be really cool! So after last P-Day not much has happened. Still just classes and studying and praying every day. We did go out on a historic trip around Preston. I wrote all about that in a letter that is being sent to Alex. But to go over the trip we went out to where they did the first baptisms in England and we got to learn all about that. It was at this river and only 8 people got baptized but like 6,000 people came to watch and then we got to see the apartment where Gordon B. Hinckley  lived while he was on his mission in Preston, England so that was really cool!

Ah then Sunday was really good too. It was a lot of fun to hear from all the missionaries and to hear what they have to say. And we get to watch all these devotionals that are really fun to watch as well. Now the classes have been pretty good. All of last week we were taught by Bro Wilford and he is amazing and just an outstanding teacher. But he had to leave to go on some trip so now we have Sister Pettenden. I just call her Sister P, but she is also a really great teacher. I think I’m learning a lot from our fake investigators. These are just the teachers and they pretend to be someone else and we go in and teach them. At first it was kind of hard but my companion and I got it down now and we work very well together. I’ve grown to like the guys in the district a lot more now. The first week they were just getting super annoying but now it’s better. I kind of noticed that I was getting upset with them, but it’s all good now. There has been some points were it was hard, cause one of the elders really doesn’t like anyone so it’s hard to get along with him, but he is doing better now.

So tomorrow we get to go into the city and find real people to teach. We get to go out and just hand out Books of Mormon which is going to be really fun! I’m really excited to get out there and just do my best. Then after that it’s pretty much normal classes until Tuesday morning where they bus off to Scotland!

Well yeah! Last email I was pissed at everyone in the district and nothing was going to well. But it’s better now, I know that. So my companion Elder McDaniel is from Idaho and he just got out of high school. He is nice and pretty fun. He had been learning a lot so it’s cool to see him grow and see what he has learned.

The food. Well the breakfast food has been really gross. It’s all cafeteria food so not the best, but better than most. We have a lot. They serve a lot of food and some of the elder have gained a lot of pounds. One elder has gained almost 22pounds. So we’ve had things from pizza to fish and chips to even fish pie, which fish pie isn’t really good. It changes almost every day so it’s hard to say what I’ve had. Just everything but it all has a funny taste to it.

I read the email about the car and stuff and I’m really sorry to hear that! I hope everything gets better.

The weather is great! When we were on our history trip it was down pouring and I loved it!!!  The rain is nonstop every day. Almost all the time and I really enjoy it. OH then today I went to the temple so that was it for two years. I didn’t really want to leave because I really enjoy the temple and when I get back I really want to go and go with Annukkah to!!

Hinckley Zone 27th July Intake

Hinckley Zone

I have so many emails! It’s hard to go through them all! I’ve been trying to read most of them but I don’t have a enough time I know when I get out into the field I’ll have a bit more time to email. But I’ve been writing letters almost about every day, they are going to Alex to read. Oh I sent a letter today, the Sheppard’s in our ward sent me a card so I’m sending their thank you letter for you to give to them. Did Alex get the letter I sent last week? The letter this week goes into detail of  everything so that should be fun to get, and I plan on weekly emails. I’ve been getting emails from Annukkah too so that’s also nice! Make sure you tell Annukkah what I’ve been up to and I sent her an email telling her that I want to go the temple as a family when I get back so that’s from me as I would really enjoy that.

I’m done now! I’ll be emailing from Scotland next time! So I can’t wait to hear from you guys. I love you and dad!

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