Aw man I broke my camera

Oh wow that’s a lot. It’s been really crazy at the mtc. Fist this laptop is missing a bunch of keys so it’s hard to type.

The flight to England was super long and I was able to sleep but not very well, and I got the airport I found the phones but the phone card wasn’t working so I couldn’t call. But when I got to the mtc we were able to email which was nice to let you know that I got here. Then the rest of the day we were running around handing people stuff and unpacking. Then later that night we got our companions but mine wasn’t going to show up till tomorrow. So that was just a super long day. Starting the next day we went to all our classes and things. My companion showed up. His flight got cancelled a bunch of times. So his name is Elder McDaniel  and the rest of my “District” is interesting. We have 3 elder companions and one sister companions. The sisters are my age and the rest of these boys are all younger. So it’s been interesting with them and how they act.

Oh ah today… my camera slipped out of my hands and fell. So it may have broke… so I’m going to send it home cause there isn’t a wal mart around here at all. I kept asking about a Walmart but they told me there isn’t one around here. Plus I left the Walmart thing that allows you to take it back and get it fix at home. Should be on the shelves in my room. Sorry But I did get a bunch of pictures of things up till now… so I’ll figure it out. It was accident and it’s really upsetting that I can’t take pictures now for a while. Maybe I’ll find some really cheesy camera to take pictures.

But anyways, we have been learning a lot, and I mean a lot. Every day were studying and praying and studying. But not as bad as college classes. This is really easy. The mtc isn’t that bad and we go over stuff and I get it, cause I know it. But the other elders are struggling really bad. I’m glad I took a year cause these boys are having such a hard time with home sickness and stress, and I’m over here just bummed about my camera.

At the mtc we also do teachings investigators kind of thing. Our teacher acts like an investigator and we go in and teach them. And our one teacher Bro Wilford acts like everyone he met on his mission in South Africa so of course every time we meet with him, it’s some super depressing story and him just looking at us and asking how will god help him. It’s hard but I think I’ve done a good job cause in the end he wanted to know more.

Ahh there are a lot immature boys here that act like high schoolers and not like missionaries, and they don’t seem to understand the respect they should give.But other that everything is going great. I just want to hit the mission field already.

Oh I also had to give a talk in sacrament first Sunday here. They give out the topic a few days before and just randomly call our missionaries to talk. So I got randomly called to give a talk and it went well. So I’m going to send you my camera because I don’t know where to get it fixed here, and it’s upsetting cause it was a totally accident and it really just happened this morning. As I was pulling it out of the bag and I just turned it on and I got bumped and it fell hit the floor and now it’s broken. I might be able to find one those cheesy film cameras and take pictures that way for the next while, but I’ll figure it out. I guess I’ll wait till I hear back from you and dad of what to do. Hope everything is okay. I’m having fun and I just can’t think of what to say other than that I’m just praying and studying all day every day. Don’t really do much in the mtc, but the mtc isn’t bad so far. Only thing bad is the elders and they just don’t seem ready for the mission life, but they are all getting better. I’ll make sure next time I email I write everything out better! I can’t wait to hear from you. I’ve been writing Alex letters every night so those should be getting to him next week!


In his room


Just arrived in England

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