These Hills Are Giving Me Legs of “IRON”

I meet with the two sisters that you’ve talked to and we had dinner with Jane just last night. Her son Logan wasn’t there so we didn’t really do much with him and she gave me some cleaning stuff to use on my G’s.

So the picture of the food that I sent last week was a kebab. Look it up! It was really good! Then I’ll do my best to say what is in all the other pictures for now on.

So the start of the week was pretty great. Had my first P-day but it was long because we were running around everywhere going shopping and just buying things. But later that day we went out with Jim and Frank and played pool. It was Jim and I against Elder Magby and Frank, and well Jim crushed the game. We played 5 games and Jim just won them all. It was really funny.

On Tuesday we had exchanges! So we went into Glasgow and I went off with zone leader Elder Clay. He is a pretty funny guy. So Elder Magby told me to ask him about 12 week (Which is an extra study hour for new missionaries) and so when I was with Elder Clay I asked him and he just laughed and was just avoiding it, because I guess he didn’t do 12 week with his trainer, it was just funny. So I spent the whole day with him and we were all around Glasgow and we ran into film actors and just all kinds of people. Some not very nice people as well but that’s okay. We even ran into this Italian guy and we gave him a lesson right there in the park! So that was really cool. Then the day ended with my first Fish and Chips in Scotland and yes they were pretty good! Not too bad!


Ooohh fish n’ chips from the chippy shop, you know you’re dying to eat this! Of course some good ol’ Irn Bru to go alongside.

The rest of the week just kind of followed as we went out trying to find more people to teach and what not. We have been having so many dinner appointments with our wonderful members. A member took us to lunch at like 12 or 1 and that was filling, but then we had a dinner appointment at 4! So I was just praying that I would be able to eat all the food. I really was praying! I don’t think I’ve ever prayed about eating food! So when dinner came. Oh man so much food… and I ate it all. But luckily I was able to walk it off. After which we went chapping (door knocking).

Then Saturday I think. All the days are blending together. We went and did some service for the Bleyl family, we helped them out with some yard work and the oldest daughter is leaving on a mission, which her farewell was yesterday.

So yesterday was busy and busy as in biking. There are so many hills in Airdrie. I mean I’ve never seen this many hills before. So biking sucks a lot! But I’m getting legs of IRON out of this! It is fun with hills and going down the hills, l just got to be careful (which I am). We had to bike from Chapel Hall (Where Jane lives) back to the church in about 20 mins and there are so many hills. Hills are everywhere in Scotland, literally everywhere!

Well that’s about it for this week! I’ll send some pictures in a sec and tell you about them! Can’t wait to get some packages and letters!

The pictures we were walking back from Coatbridge and we saw this basketball court under the tracks! And yes we found a soccer ball! So we messed around for a bit and then right next to that was this open court thing with these three statues. One is for Iron work, Coal work, and Steel work. As this use to be this areas major industries around Coatbridge and Airdrie.


Then the singing Children of Africa! Look them up! It was really cool! A lady in the ward managed to get them to stop at our church and they put on a 2 hour performance. It was really cool as they sang all these different songs such as tribal songs to pop songs. They even did flower of Scotland! It was really cool. We had to leave right at the end as it was getting late so I didn’t get any more pictures with them.


The Singing Children of Africa Choir.


OH I can’t wait to hear all about Jr. High with Alex! Have him tell me everything about it!

So the other pictures are our flat!!  And my companion on the phone setting up appointments.


The kitchen


The living room


Our desks


Our beds



The machines!


View from our window


Elder Magby checking on some appointments


The evening sunset

Oh the picture with the guy in front the white board last week was Bro. Wilford my MTC teacher!

When you get the chance if you could please get together some music that I can listen to while on my mission that would be great. Flash drive or CD. And music from bagpipe music. Well I might get that here. Perhaps some LDS music haha. Maybe Les Miserable or something,  haha. Just some music. Thanks!

Yeah! Keeping running into all these sisters that know you mom and they have been taking pictures of me and Elder Magby which is great as I guess their sending them to you. I tell you the members here are so kind and wonderful!!

Elder Magby is great! I love him as a companion! We get along great! And he kind of has the Texan accent, but when he wants to he can do a really good one, it’s so funny. He is just a really great guy. We get along really well.

So today not much going on just going to be walking around till dinner with the Cummings. I think they’re on Facebook too, I’m not sure.


Oh funny story I forgot to share.

Ran into a drunk guy in Glasgow (I was on exchange with Elder Clay) and the guy came up to us and started to go off on the history of the Clay Clan and Augustine Clan and how their wars affected Scotland and the United States of  “Merica”.

I’ve only been to Glasgow two times. I don’t go there as it’s out of my area. I’m in Airdrie, so I see everything in Airdrie! But in Glasgow I’ve been up and down one street. But tons of little shops all over the place.

So I’m in the Glasgow Zone but in the Aridrie District. We cover Aridrie, Coatbridge, Chapelhall, Glenmavis, Calderbank, Caldercruix, Plains, Greengairs, and Glenboig

I’m currently studying…Everything. Everything in Preach my Gospel. I just started over in the Book of Mormon as well. I’m in 2 Nephi. I have something called the Holy Ghost principle as well which I’m studying. I’ll send a picture of what my desk looks like next week.

My mission president Donaldson is amazing I love him! He is really funny!

Oh so one last request on Facebook there is a cooking page called Tasty. Some recpices from there would be great if you could send those!

Well bye, take care and have a great week. Love you all!

Elder Augustine


Peace out, love you all!

First area: Airdrie, Scotland

I read all about your time finding a car. I’m sorry for so many challenges. I hope everything is going better though with this week! I didn’t get to email before I left the MTC, so I had to wait a week and 1/2 to email, which was hard but that’s okay I get to email now! I’m still trying to get use to the UK keyboards. They are a bit different, which is throwing me off when I type so there might be a few mistakes.

So I sent some letters with more details into the day of what I’ve been doing. But to sum it all up. I left the MTC and got on a coach for about 3 hours, then drove to the mission home. Where we dropped off our stuff and they took us up to Pratt’s hill. Which was really cool to see the whole city of Edinburgh! Scotland is amazing!!!!!!!  I really love it here and it rains all the time, but the last 3 days it really hasn’t rained. So anyways, we got back to the mission home where I got my new companion. My trainer is Elder Magby and I really like him so far!!! He is from Texas which is cool. Ah, so we got on a train and went to our area in Airdrie which is next to Glasgow! Airdrie is great!  It’s green. You can look it up and check it all out.

So throughout the week I was able to meet with a lot of the members and we have a few investigators which is great to meet with them. We actually had a baptism just last week and that’s Jim! He’s great. Today we are going out to hang with Jim for most of our P-day. Throughout the week we’ve been running around talking to everyone, I mean everyone so I want to tell you about every person but it’s hard to remember them all.

So the flat (not apartment) for Elder Magby and myself is pretty nice. It’s just like how you said it would be mom, how the kitchen and everything would be. The half fridge thing and washer under the kitchen sink and no dryer! So I have to hang my clothes to dry them.

We are riding bikes around, but not all the time as we switch from coaches/taxis and walking. Lots and lots of walking which is fun cause we get to see everything.

Oh also just a few days ago I was able to go out into Glasgow and do some finding in the heart of the city and it was just great to see everything. I’m still having a hard believing that I’m really in Scotland. I really don’t feel like I’m in Scotland but I am. I still feel like I’m in Utah, but just with everyone talking all funny.

The people most of the time are really nice and you have the few that are just really mean. I’m getting down the slang but sometimes I just can’t understand a lick of what these people are saying! It’s pretty funny sometimes. Some people I can understand really well and others not so well.

But that’s about it for this week, that I can think of I’ll get better at summing up the week as I go along. I have the letters on the way telling more about the days in a wee bit more detail.

Send some questions so then I know what to say in my next email! I’m doing my best to sum up the week. I love it in Scotland!!!!!!!!!  I’ll try to get more pictures! Oh I also got the camera as you can see! It’s great, thank you! I hope everything will get better with everything! I’m praying for you guys every day!

Did you get the photo from the mission home of me and Elder Magby?

I’m not good at taking lots of pictures and now I think I’m good. Oh I need garments. I kind of ruined two pairs. I didn’t mean to wash them I was in a rush and threw all my clothes into the washer so they came out blue… Oh and not like a small quad scriptures but like the mini scriptures that are like $8 from the LDS store or something. They are tiny.  Are you already talking to my companion’s mom?

Alright I’m heading off into the land of the Scots! Have a fun week and I hope everything works out with everything!

I love you guys!

What ‘eer thou art, act well thy part

Dear Brother & Sister Augustine,

On 16 Aug 2016, we welcomed Elder Mark Augustine to the Scotland/Ireland Mission.  He arrived safely from the Missionary Training Center and we are excited to have him in our mission.  I interviewed him and felt his spirit and desire to serve our Heavenly Father.  One of our very best missionaries, Elder Magby , has been assigned to be his trainer.

Sister Donaldson and I will have the opportunity to meet with your son for a personal interview every two to three months.  In addition, we will see him periodically at Zone Conferences and other training meetings. Each week your missionary will be writing me a letter of his activities as well as a personal note.   He will also meet regularly with his district and zone leaders where he will be trained with other missionaries.  Therefore, with interviews, zone conferences and our weekly letters I should be able to help him meet any challenges he may have, and answer any questions you may have.

We are grateful for the part you have played in preparing your son to serve in this important work. We would encourage you to write him weekly letters of encouragement. Letters from home provide a powerful sustaining effect on the confidence and morale of our missionaries.

If you at any time have a concern about your missionary, please feel free to contact us here at the Mission Home in Edinburgh.  We testify of the truthfulness of this work and are grateful to be a part of it.


George R Donaldson (Scotland/Ireland Mission President)

One week left in the MTC then I’m off to Bonnie Scotland…

Alright so I got a lot of emails but I mostly skimmed through them. Thanks for the camera! I’m excited to get it. I’ll send the other back home today. And yeah the next time you hear from me I’ll be in Scotland which will be really cool! So after last P-Day not much has happened. Still just classes and studying and praying every day. We did go out on a historic trip around Preston. I wrote all about that in a letter that is being sent to Alex. But to go over the trip we went out to where they did the first baptisms in England and we got to learn all about that. It was at this river and only 8 people got baptized but like 6,000 people came to watch and then we got to see the apartment where Gordon B. Hinckley  lived while he was on his mission in Preston, England so that was really cool!

Ah then Sunday was really good too. It was a lot of fun to hear from all the missionaries and to hear what they have to say. And we get to watch all these devotionals that are really fun to watch as well. Now the classes have been pretty good. All of last week we were taught by Bro Wilford and he is amazing and just an outstanding teacher. But he had to leave to go on some trip so now we have Sister Pettenden. I just call her Sister P, but she is also a really great teacher. I think I’m learning a lot from our fake investigators. These are just the teachers and they pretend to be someone else and we go in and teach them. At first it was kind of hard but my companion and I got it down now and we work very well together. I’ve grown to like the guys in the district a lot more now. The first week they were just getting super annoying but now it’s better. I kind of noticed that I was getting upset with them, but it’s all good now. There has been some points were it was hard, cause one of the elders really doesn’t like anyone so it’s hard to get along with him, but he is doing better now.

So tomorrow we get to go into the city and find real people to teach. We get to go out and just hand out Books of Mormon which is going to be really fun! I’m really excited to get out there and just do my best. Then after that it’s pretty much normal classes until Tuesday morning where they bus off to Scotland!

Well yeah! Last email I was pissed at everyone in the district and nothing was going to well. But it’s better now, I know that. So my companion Elder McDaniel is from Idaho and he just got out of high school. He is nice and pretty fun. He had been learning a lot so it’s cool to see him grow and see what he has learned.

The food. Well the breakfast food has been really gross. It’s all cafeteria food so not the best, but better than most. We have a lot. They serve a lot of food and some of the elder have gained a lot of pounds. One elder has gained almost 22pounds. So we’ve had things from pizza to fish and chips to even fish pie, which fish pie isn’t really good. It changes almost every day so it’s hard to say what I’ve had. Just everything but it all has a funny taste to it.

I read the email about the car and stuff and I’m really sorry to hear that! I hope everything gets better.

The weather is great! When we were on our history trip it was down pouring and I loved it!!!  The rain is nonstop every day. Almost all the time and I really enjoy it. OH then today I went to the temple so that was it for two years. I didn’t really want to leave because I really enjoy the temple and when I get back I really want to go and go with Annukkah to!!

Hinckley Zone 27th July Intake

Hinckley Zone

I have so many emails! It’s hard to go through them all! I’ve been trying to read most of them but I don’t have a enough time I know when I get out into the field I’ll have a bit more time to email. But I’ve been writing letters almost about every day, they are going to Alex to read. Oh I sent a letter today, the Sheppard’s in our ward sent me a card so I’m sending their thank you letter for you to give to them. Did Alex get the letter I sent last week? The letter this week goes into detail of  everything so that should be fun to get, and I plan on weekly emails. I’ve been getting emails from Annukkah too so that’s also nice! Make sure you tell Annukkah what I’ve been up to and I sent her an email telling her that I want to go the temple as a family when I get back so that’s from me as I would really enjoy that.

I’m done now! I’ll be emailing from Scotland next time! So I can’t wait to hear from you guys. I love you and dad!

Aw man I broke my camera

Oh wow that’s a lot. It’s been really crazy at the mtc. Fist this laptop is missing a bunch of keys so it’s hard to type.

The flight to England was super long and I was able to sleep but not very well, and I got the airport I found the phones but the phone card wasn’t working so I couldn’t call. But when I got to the mtc we were able to email which was nice to let you know that I got here. Then the rest of the day we were running around handing people stuff and unpacking. Then later that night we got our companions but mine wasn’t going to show up till tomorrow. So that was just a super long day. Starting the next day we went to all our classes and things. My companion showed up. His flight got cancelled a bunch of times. So his name is Elder McDaniel  and the rest of my “District” is interesting. We have 3 elder companions and one sister companions. The sisters are my age and the rest of these boys are all younger. So it’s been interesting with them and how they act.

Oh ah today… my camera slipped out of my hands and fell. So it may have broke… so I’m going to send it home cause there isn’t a wal mart around here at all. I kept asking about a Walmart but they told me there isn’t one around here. Plus I left the Walmart thing that allows you to take it back and get it fix at home. Should be on the shelves in my room. Sorry But I did get a bunch of pictures of things up till now… so I’ll figure it out. It was accident and it’s really upsetting that I can’t take pictures now for a while. Maybe I’ll find some really cheesy camera to take pictures.

But anyways, we have been learning a lot, and I mean a lot. Every day were studying and praying and studying. But not as bad as college classes. This is really easy. The mtc isn’t that bad and we go over stuff and I get it, cause I know it. But the other elders are struggling really bad. I’m glad I took a year cause these boys are having such a hard time with home sickness and stress, and I’m over here just bummed about my camera.

At the mtc we also do teachings investigators kind of thing. Our teacher acts like an investigator and we go in and teach them. And our one teacher Bro Wilford acts like everyone he met on his mission in South Africa so of course every time we meet with him, it’s some super depressing story and him just looking at us and asking how will god help him. It’s hard but I think I’ve done a good job cause in the end he wanted to know more.

Ahh there are a lot immature boys here that act like high schoolers and not like missionaries, and they don’t seem to understand the respect they should give.But other that everything is going great. I just want to hit the mission field already.

Oh I also had to give a talk in sacrament first Sunday here. They give out the topic a few days before and just randomly call our missionaries to talk. So I got randomly called to give a talk and it went well. So I’m going to send you my camera because I don’t know where to get it fixed here, and it’s upsetting cause it was a totally accident and it really just happened this morning. As I was pulling it out of the bag and I just turned it on and I got bumped and it fell hit the floor and now it’s broken. I might be able to find one those cheesy film cameras and take pictures that way for the next while, but I’ll figure it out. I guess I’ll wait till I hear back from you and dad of what to do. Hope everything is okay. I’m having fun and I just can’t think of what to say other than that I’m just praying and studying all day every day. Don’t really do much in the mtc, but the mtc isn’t bad so far. Only thing bad is the elders and they just don’t seem ready for the mission life, but they are all getting better. I’ll make sure next time I email I write everything out better! I can’t wait to hear from you. I’ve been writing Alex letters every night so those should be getting to him next week!


In his room


Just arrived in England