Preston, England MTC here he comes!

July 26, 2016

It has been an amazing experience leading up to Squire’s departure. On Sunday, July 24th, 2016 his farewell was held in the Lighthouse Ward, Stansbury Park South Stake. Many friends and family members attended and later joined us in our home to say our “see ya later” to Squire. He chose to wear his kilt from his bagpipe band the Wasatch& District Pipe Band, and he also wore something very special that is his great grandfather William Park Saunders prince charlie jacket. Ironically the jacket was a perfect fit for him. He gave a very inspiring talk about the First Vision and how we learn from direct experiences. I had actually asked him to provide me a copy of his talk to place on his blog, however this morning as we drove him to the airport he explained to me that his talk was all inspiring, nothing written.

Monday evening President Gibbons and Bishop Clawson joined us in our home to set him apart, placing the mantle of a missionary upon him. Earlier that morning I felt inspired to write my son a letter for him to read as he is flying to the MTC. Within this letter I shared with him some of the sacred moments that I have experienced leading up to him receiving his call and giving him some last minute “motherly” advice. As the Stake President spoke, I began to hear the same words I had written earlier in the day. The lord hears even the prayers in our hearts, as I heard word for word the letter that I earlier wrote to him which sat on a table sealed. Squire has not been called to the Scotland/Ireland mission by chance but for a purpose. Our priesthood leader asked us that evening if we had felt the presence of those loved ones from the other side, which I answered yes and that it was very strong. In this precious blessing upon him it also referred to them as being a companion to him. Yes this mother could not stop crying!

This morning as we woke early, we could all still feel the spirit in our home as we got ready to head to the airport. I’ve worried that I couldn’t drop him off at a MTC, instead putting him on a plane and sending him across the world. This mother’s prayers were heard as we were checking him in at the airport. The family in front of us in line had a missionary as well, I asked them were he was heading and low and behold he is going to Squire’s mission! We introduced ourselves to each other and this Elder’s mother then said that our Squire was listed as linked to their son’s itinerary!  As we made our way upstairs to security to say our goodbye our eyes were blessed to see many, many Elders and Sisters heading off to serve the Lord. Again, another manifestation that our prayers are answered. My son was not going to be traveling alone, but  among many of his Heavenly Father’s children. We look forward to the many messages which Elder Augustine will share with us and the people that he will meet. My son is now in the Lord’s hands to do his will.