As we turn back to Christ and continue to press forward with faith in Christ we can grow our testimony upon his bedrock of foundation.

The Hurricane is coming to Orkney! No worries we got a call from Sister Donaldson yesterday about the storm. We’ll be fine I’m not really worried about it, but it should be fun! Just need to stay away from the cliffs!

But this is a great teaching chance! Elder Anderson gave a wonderful talk about Spiritual Whirlwinds and how we need to build our foundation upon Christ. The Mormon message which I attached is what I’m talking about (see video below). The Tree grows stronger in the wind and prepares itself by growing roots fast and deeper into the soil and the cells in the branches grow fast to become stronger to with stand the forces of the wind. I love how Elder Anderson speaks that sometimes without noticing we are moved from our foundation. We don’t always notice, but it happens. The way back is repentance. As we turn back to Christ and continue to press forward with faith in Christ we can grow our testimony upon his bedrock of foundation. We must become deeply rooted within his commandments so that when we stand we are not moved, because our branches have become stronger. But we need both strong roots and strong branches. As we learn from Jacob about the lord of the vineyard (Jacob 5), Even though this is a metaphor for the world and the restoration, the olive tree itself can teach us about what it means to have strong roots and strong branches. When the roots grow strong but the branches do not, the fruit is bitter and not good because the branches will break and not withstand the winds. The same is when the roots are not deeply rooted the tree can easily be up-rooted. So how the lord so diligently worked on his Olive Tree, so must we work on ours and not give up. I also like how the Lord of the Vine yard is about ready to give up but the servant who loves his master encourages him to go one last time to work and he follows the counsel of the servant to leading him to save his Olive Tree. Even though we are the masters of our own vineyard we may from time to time need the encouraging words of others to up lift and inspire us to keep working.
So this past week has been full of challenges and pressing forward with faith in Christ.

We had a great District meeting to start the week and get us ready on finding those new people that are searching for something. We had a lot of appointments set for the week and many did fall through, but we had one that sort of held! So Elder Herr and I chapped into this wonderful mother named Stephanie. We spoke to her at the door, she told us that she had already spoken to us on the street. Well I’m not taking that answer as not to come back. So “We share a message how families can be together forever!” We got invited back. Went back the next day her small daughter was poking her head out the window, but sadly no one was answering. We couldn’t keep waiting so off we went again to get back to chapping. We chapped into a few other people that invited us back so feeling alright. Then the next day we go around and those people didn’t answer so walking about a little discouraged, the thought came to mind to try by Stephanie. So we did and we came to the door and knocked. Waited, Door opens! And “Come in”! So we sit down with Stephanie and she had her children with her, funny kids. We were then able to say the wonderful news of the Restoration and how that because of this Restoration her family can be together forever. I think I love it most being able to share and testify of this wonder message to the world. Even though there was a lot of challenges this week. I always find the simple times when you find just one person that has a willing heart to hear the message it uplifts your spirit more than anything. So we’ve been all over the place this week. Just out chapping and talking to people on the street. It’s been pretty crazy. But this next week I’m excited because we are going to do a bit more member teaching, we are going to teach the members how to be missionaries, and share the Book of Mormon with others! Because it’s always the last person you expected to accept the Restored Gospel… Always happens.
Then yes Elder Renlund will be speaking to us at our mission conference next week! I’m really excited we have to prepare ourselves to learn as well so it’s going to really great.

I’m doing great! Just keep on going!

I love the Book of Mormon and what it teaches

Well what a week. We got the T-shirts and we’ll be getting the photos today at some point.
Well to let you guys know about this week, so Monday was a pretty dull day. We mostly spent the day cleaning and what not and then the rest of the week went by pretty slow. Normaly we would have District meeting on Tuesday but because people in our district were moving around we didn’t have a meeting, but we will tomorrow. So that should be a lot of fun. I always enjoy the District meetings because it’s usually a big help to get motivated for the week. So really the only highlight is we’ve been out chapping a lot and really doing a bit more to get to talk to more people. Because it’s starting to get colder and darker, there is less people out on the streets so we’ve been out chapping. We have been having a lot more success, we just have to see if all the people will hold their appointments. Got some interesting people that we’ll be meeting up with. But a lot of families which will be awesome! I haven’t had the chance to really sit down with a family and teach them but we are still looking. Well later on in the week we did get invited back to a home. We went back and they let us in. So we sit down with this Man and his wife. The man is a religious teacher here at the high school. So we’re like alright that’s pretty cool. His wife is a physical therapist and we get chatting, they had the missionaries around like years ago and they were taught a bit from the missionaries. So they’ll have us around so we are going back to have dinner with them tonight. It should be an interesting time. So that was some new people that we found and then again the rest of the time has been going around chapping doors and we have quite a lot of people that have invited us back for next week. So we’ll see what happens! I’m rather excited because it should be a great week.
Another great thing was these past few weeks Elder Herr and I decided to sit down and read through the whole Book of Mormon and really go through it for our studies and focus on the uplifting message that it brings. This past week we finished that goal and it was really great because even though we spent just about an hour or two in the book every day we still finished it in about 2-3 weeks. I would have to say reading through the Book of Mormon each time is so uplifting and inspiring.
I loved the talks that were given this past general conference that were about the Book of Mormon and about the council that President Thomas S. Monson gave about reading the Book of Mormon every day. It’s interesting as a missionary because all you really want people to do is to read this book, just to read it. Haven’t asked them to change their life or to leave everything be hide but just to exercise just a bit of faith and read the book and ask God if it’s true. I love the Book of Mormon and what it teaches. So it hasn’t been the most exciting week but that’ll change this next week. We are going to have a great week and I plan on seeing miracles.
Well Alex is taller than me so I don’t think there isn’t anything else you can do. Speak to you next week!

He is there and is helping, but you have to look for him.

Well it sounds like a fun filled week. I would have to say not much has really happened here. I haven’t had a chance to watch all of conference, because of the time difference and really nowhere to go to watch it. I’ve only been able to watch the Saturday Morning part, so I got a lot of catching up to do!
But I have loved the talks that where given then. Over this past week building up to moves call it always gets a bit harder than any other week because we never know what will happen. But to let you know I’ll be in Orkney for another 6 weeks with Elder Herr. So it should be a fun time.

It has been a bit of a rough week with not much happening. Winter is really starting to come in and so the weather in Orkney is always changing now. It gets really, really, cold at night here and then it just dumps rain in the morning and most of the time by the afternoon it’s sunny before it’s gets windy and rainy in the evening time. Just can’t keep up with this weather! It’s just been all over the place! So we are about to give up on the high street of Orkney because now everyone is hiding in their homes from the weather. Also all the cruise ships have stopped till next year. So no more tourist.

So with the weather and all that going on it’s been an interesting week.
To really highlight the week that would be moving a shed. I didn’t take any photos but we went around to the Park’s this past week because they had bought a new shed and we were helping them move it. They wanted the shed in the back garden. So Elder Herr and I got to work on leveling out the ground to place the shed on because they had a really hilly garden. Oh I wish the ground was this soft back home and I was digging those holes for those trees in our back garden. So we got it cleared out and got all the earth moved. Then came the shed part. They had this same fence that was in the way so we had two ways of doing this, we either cut down the fence or put it back or we lift the shed over the fence. And this shed was not a light shed, it was solid wood and pretty heavy. But we went for lifting the shed! So we gathered some neighbors and we got to work. That was so heavy and we could not get the shed up. So after spinning it around we lifted one side of the shed up onto the fence and took a break. Then we all got around and lifted again to get it to balance the shed on the fence and that was a sturdy fence. Because if not, the shed would have smashed that fence. Then we slid the shed over the fence and braced for the impact of when it left the fence and got it to place where we needed it. Oh that was a lot. But I did learn the lesson to never give up even if the problem seems bigger than you can handle. So after this shed moving we went back around to the flat and got cleaned up before heading over to Donna’s for some dinner and FHE! Which was really fun. So Elder Herr and I were trying to think of something we could do that would be really fun. The Armor of God! So we watched the Armor of God from the Bible Videos and read Eph chapter 6 I believe. Then early we went and got a bunch of newspaper and we made Armor for James! It was a blast and we all really enjoyed it and had a good laugh as well. Even though it was just paper the time was spent laughing and having a great time. It really was what family home evening was about and that was bringing a family closer together.

There are lot of things that are happening in the world right now that are causing a lot of questions to be asked and one of them that I hear most often is “Where is God in all this?”. It’s a simple answer but one that not a lot people like and that is He is there and is helping, but you have to look for him. Because he allows men to have choices, which men make the wrong choices a lot of the time, but if we listen hard enough we can find where God is. I often like to refer back to 3 Nephi 11:3 “ And it came to pass that while they were thus conversing one with another, they heard a voice as if it came out of heaven; and they cast their eyes round about, for they understood not the voice which they heard; and it was not a harsh voice, neither was it a loud voice; nevertheless, and notwithstanding it being a small voice it did pierce them that did hear to the center, insomuch that there was no part of their frame that it did not cause to quake; yea, it did pierce them to the very soul, and did cause their hearts to burn.
4 And it came to pass that again they heard the voice, and they understood it not.
5 And again the third time they did hear the voice, and did open their ears to hear it; and their eyes were towards the sound thereof; and they did look steadfastly towards heaven, from whence the sound came.
6 And behold, the third time they did understand the voice which they heard; and it said unto them:
7 Behold my Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased, in whom I have glorified my name—hear ye him.”

Often we hear something and do not understand it. The wonderful message that was shared from you and how long it took you to hear a simple answer is a message to never be forgotten. During this time of family home evening I saw where God was and He was in the love of this small family and the love they have for each other. Will take us time and time again to hear sweet whisperings of the Holy Ghost, and when that happens we can not forget it. The feelings and impressions that are left from hearing the word of God are needed to uplift and inspire us to keep going. We need them to become a part of who we are. None of this makes a difference unless it actually gets into us. With this in mind the rest of the week was really good. We went back over to the Parks and did a fun little fireside about the Temples. We talked a lot and we had a great time learning more about the temples and what a blessing they are. I miss the temple, it is a place where all the stress in the world goes away. And just for a few moments that we have in there we are in Heaven.
Well I look forward to hearing the rest of conference and learning more and feeling more inspired. During this time I would also like to express how much Elder Robert D. Hales will be missed.
Well it should be a fun week this time around. We’ll be doing our best to stay busy with all this rain and weird weather.
But I’ll keep going because people need this gospel. Just how President Dieter F. Uchtdorf put it, “It will make your life Better and God will use you to make other people’s lives Better.”

Had an investigator from Inverness send me these.

No one ever said that life is a journey to be taken alone.

Well I can’t believe you all went to Comic Con without me! I’ve been dying to go for like… forever! But I either had school or a soccer game. So it’s good to hear that I’ll be attending it next year with Alex!

That’s some really good talks! I really enjoyed reading through them. It’s really a big thing in the world where we get all caught up in becoming perfect and it just causes more problems than solutions. Perfection isn’t something that is achieved until after this life, so there is no reason to worry about it now. It’s always great to read the inspiring words of others and learn from them so that we can apply into our own lives as well.

So this week for a us it has been pretty slow, but also pretty fast as well. So each week I get a bit of time to prepare for District Meeting and I wanted this past week on becoming Christ like. So I had all my teams in the District do the Christ like Attribute Activity in Preach My Gospel. So then throughout the week I can follow up on them and how they were able to work on it and apply it not only to their missionary work but also to their lives. So the one that I’ve been working on is; Diligence and what I can do to become a more Diligent missionary. So always doing my best to talk to one more person on the street and chap one more door. At first I will admit I had this idea of perfection in my mind. I’m going to become that perfect missionary that does everything right, is always working and is always saying the right things. But it’s not like that at all. I was able to calm a bit down and just sit back and enjoy the work I’m doing. I can both work hard and view it as something I have to do or I can work hard and view it as something I want to do. Then this went even into the conversations that I would be having with people. Because sometimes I get into the habit of doing the same thing over and over again or saying the same things. But I’ve been taking that extra moment to stop and pray and tell myself to testify of the things that are important. So the doors that open and say that now’s not a good time my brother has passed away or my husband is going through cancer, I was able to stand in front of them and tell them, “well we have something that can help”. When doing this I found more power and authority in what I was sharing with others. It really became moments of teaching and finding at the same time. I’ve striven to do this throughout my mission. But like all skills it does take time and this is something that I am striving to build upon and become that diligent missionary.

The things that you and Dad have shared are true. There are so many people in the world today that walk away from something great because they just become confused, or they feel lost. This is why it’s important for us to hold to the rod and reach out to help others hold to the rod. I find it interesting in Lehi’s dream that there are tons of people holding onto that rod, but I’d like to add my own bit to it. I like to picture the scene of people holding to the rod and as soon as some people let go there is someone else right behind them that grabs them and pulls with everything they’ve got to get that person back to the rod. No one ever said that life is a journey to be taken alone.

So this past week has been full of a lot inspiring moments. They may not have been a new person found that is wanting to hear the gospel, but it’s been a change of heart in myself and a few others that I have been able to see.

But to be honest we did get let into a door this past week and were able to share the message of the restoration of the gospel with a man (If you want to know how I feel watch the Hello parody with the missionaries). Well this next week should be a great week! I look forward to all our appointments.

What I love is the faith of these saints to keep coming every week even though there are so few of them.

I’m pretty sure I got down the days of the week, had a pretty good laugh with this one!
What a week full of the temple and other wonderful experiences for everyone back home. So this week not much has happened.

The Zone leaders came up on Monday and Tuesday to do exchanges with us and it was a great time. For P-day because it was raining so much here in Kirkwall, we spent most of the day inside playing ping pong and relaxing. Then we were out finding and the next day we had our District meeting. We could not get the Lerwick Elders onto Skype so it took forever, but we had an amazing breakfast. Sister Smith made so much food and it was really good. This week was their last week here in Orkney, they are now in Montrose. Tuesday was really great, we got to sit down with this person and we talked about the purpose of life with them and explained how this life is a time to find peace and happiness. Then we talked about how God can really be a part of that peace and happiness, and what he can do to help us with it. So the next few days there was a lot of finding and so forth.

Then we got to sit down with two less actives which they had us over for dinner and it was really good. We got to share our spiritual thought on the Restoration with them. On my mission I have really loved sharing the message of the restoration with everyone that I meet and with members as well, because we do need to be reminded of what really has been brought back to the earth. It was lost and when Christ died and the leaders of the Church were killed the Authority they had received was then gone. There was no one on the Earth saying “Thus sayth the lord” It was all “The Bible says this”. The Gospel was changed and lost. But through the prophet Joseph Smith it was restored! And as we share this message it always brings the spirit and it’s all centered on embracing the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon was written for our day. So we need to read it Daily. There cannot be a day where we don’t read from it. If there was anything that can help us in this day and age that is the Book of Mormon. It brings us closer to God and helps us to know that Jesus is the Christ. The message was great and we’ll be going back to their home to teach them again.
Then a funny short story. While chapping this neighborhood we usually take turns and switch back and forth with who gets to chap the door. This next door it was Elder Herr’s turn, so we go up to the door and *Knock*Knock*Knock* and this older woman comes to the door. “What do you want!” my companion answers “We are missionaries and we are sharing a message about…” and then he finishes and she stops and just stares. Then it felt like a good minute goes by and my companion goes on again “May we share this message with you?” and she looks closer and out of nowhere she starts to make like this grunting Indian sound, so my companion just kind of does like a good bye thing. As we walk away she is still making this sound and just watching us. I thought it was hilarious because it put my companion in the most awkward spot he had no idea what to do!

But it was good because as we kept chapping we were able to find some people that were interested in hearing from us! So looking forward to this next week!
Then Sunday was a great Sunday! Church was the smallest service I’ve ever seen. There was only 8 of us. But what I love is the faith of these saints to keep coming every week even though there are so few of them. The Orkney Branch is able to do a lot, we just need to get everyone on board and share the gospel with everyone by doing this it will help the branch grow. From what I’ve seen it’s coming down to the branches choice if they want to grow or not. As missionaries we are doing everything we can to find people to teach, but we really need the members to be one with us. So we’ll see how these next few weeks come along. I’m getting really excited.

Then before I forget Christmas the only thing that is wanted/ needed is “The Infinite Atonement” by Tad Callister. Don’t really need anything else but I’ll give it some thought this next week and let you know.

I’ve now traveled by car, train, boat, bicycle, and plane on my mission.

So Orkney is an interesting place and it’s really fun. A lot of the locals pretty much know each other, so it’s pretty funny when we run into someone because, we’ll run into their cousin or friends in the next few minutes. Also everyone on this whole island is pretty much related it’s pretty funny. I haven’t been out to Skara Brae, it’s been pretty crazy the last few P-days so haven’t had any time to go up there and it’s not really fun to go out to see the sights in a rain storm.

Then Shetland was really cool. It’s a beautiful place with tons of attractions. It’s small and I mean it’s so small you can walk from one side of the island to pretty much the other side. But the Elders there are doing some good work.
We flew up to Shetland Monday night and had a wonderful dinner with some members up there. Then the next day we had our district meeting and I went on exchanges with Elder Kroes from Germany. He is in my MTC group, so it was interesting to see how we’ve changed over this last year of our missions.

We had a good time finding around Lerwick, met some funny people. The people really do know the missionaries there. The following day I went off with Elder Arenas from the Philippines, he is funny! I loved the day with him so much. He is still working on his English, he has only been out for about 4 months now, but he is learning the language really well and I loved how he would talk to people.
Then in the evening we had a bit more fun with Chapping. So we decided that we would just run up and down the streets and knock on the doors that we felt we should knock on, and we found a lot of people that were interested! It was a great time and really fun! It really made the missionary work really fun and something new to do.

The next morning we flew back to Orkney. The plane ride was a lot faster than I thought. It was only about 30 minutes. So much better than a 6-7 hour ferry ride! But the sights were great and the people fun.

I’ve now traveled by car, train, boat, bicycle, and plane on my mission. It’s been really crazy of how much I’ve seen of Scotland. There are very few places where I haven’t been.

So got back to Orkney and we have spent the last few days really trying to find some new investigators. So we are trying more than anything to get more involved with the members and see what we can do to be more a part of the branch rather than the missionaries that just come and go and everyone just sees another Elder or something. So we got some fun things planned and hopefully it’s all going to go well and we’ll enjoy it.

So I haven’t seen the northern lights yet, but it is getting darker in the evening which is nice because now there isn’t sun light in our window at 3am!
Oh then only got one shirt so far. Just waiting for the other one.
Then yeah that was pretty much our week and it was really good and the rest of the time we’ve been out chapping doors and just inviting people to hear our message!

So I have heard about everything that is going on back home. I heard about the storms and yesterday I heard more about the rest and it’s just been really crazy. I have no idea what the world is going to be like when I come back. It’s just seems to be getting worse and worse and really it’s only going to be this gospel that can really help people and bring them back together. So it’s going to be a really fun week because I’m back in my area and we are going to see Miracles! So next week expect to hear a lot!

He hears our prayers, he understands who we are, and he invites us to learn of him.

I love the class room! I wish I had a teacher that would have done that for me! Well I can’t put everything that happened this week into words, but I can tell you most of the week in one word and that is TRAVEL. Oh my goodness so much travel when you live so far away from the mission home. We were able to do some work in our area just for about 1-2 days before we woke up early one morning and drove down to the ferry to get to the mainland. We then drove from Thurso down to Aberdeen and we spent the night there and then woke up early the next morning and drove down to Edinburgh.
The conference was all about being Christ Centered. We are a Christ Centered Mission. We have a goal to baptize 450 souls. That is a lot and we are almost there, but I think for a lot of us and maybe a bit for me as well, we were more focused on the goal than the people we were helping to baptism. We have a Savior for a reason and that is to repent and to strive to become like him. It is the best way to live in life. It is the only way to find happiness and direction in life. It is the way life was supposed to be lived. We have witnesses of his life and his teachings. We have an example to follow. All we need to do is to “Come unto Christ, and be perfected in him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness; and if ye shall deny yourselves of all ungodliness, and love God with all your might, mind and strength, then is his grace sufficient for you, that by his grave ye may be perfect in Christ, and if by the grave of God ye are perfect in Christ, ye can in nowise deny the power of God.”(Moroni 10:32)
He hears our prayers, he understands who we are, and he invites us to learn of him. Not for his benefit but for ours. The conference was centered on this and for us to reach our goal we need to forget the goal and focus on the bigger goal and then everything else will fall into place. A lot of time we get caught up in these things that we have to do and we come under pressure, but God doesn’t put us under pressure we do. When we focus on the small and simple goals of just reading scriptures and praying as much as we can and in all places. The windows of heaven are opened and everything else will fall into place. All the wants and desires will happen if we willingly give those desires to him. I’m grateful for a mission President that is a man of God that knows the Savior and is willing show me an example of who to follow. Nothing is ever easy but there are ways of making life easier, and that starts with prayer and feasting on the word of God. I know there are family and friends that read this email that is posted onto my blog and I would just like you to ponder the question, “How can I help someone come back to Chris?”
So this was the conference and there were a few other instructions that were given and it was really great. I had my Zone Leader Council right after so I didn’t get to talk to any other Elders or Sisters. But it was good to see everyone.
So after the conference we drove back to Aberdeen and stayed the night with the zone leaders. In the morning we headed back up to Orkney. The Smiths were on the same ferry as us so we got to chat with them back to Orkney. Then we’ve been able to spend a few days in our area before we go up to Shetland for a few more days. But it’s going to be great. Sunday was amazing as well I love the members of the Orkney Branch! They bore such powerful and wonderful testimonies. Each one of them has answered a prayer of mine in this past week and it was truly a blessing.

So I’ll make sure that Sister Park messages you. Those that I’m teaching in Orkney haven’t got a date yet but we are working with that. It’s great to hear about Dad and Alex. I hope everything goes well with Dad and what is going on.
Love, Elder Augustine

We’ve just become so busy with everything, but it’s been really great!

So first off Aunt Ann sent me a wonderful letter that was really, really nice! Now I need her email address. I’ve been gone the whole past week and will be gone for pretty much the next two weeks. We got a call last night that there is an All Scotland Conference this Thursday. So we are probably going to be leaving tomorrow or the next day and I have a leadership meeting on Friday and won’t get back to the Orkney’s till Saturday. Then next week I’ll be traveling up to Shetland on Monday and won’t get back until about Thursday or so. SO if I could Ann’s email so that I could send her a thank you because I’m traveling so much it’s hard to send a letter! And I won’t be able to write a letter till next Monday as I will be traveling quite a bit.

Oh then Elder Herr is hilarious. I love him so much. It is pretty funny that we are companions now. But I was thinking of X-Men t-shirts for us. You would have to do like the X-Men costume shirts.

So as District leader I am pretty limited on time. I get to plan a lot of stuff for the district and doing nightly calls with everyone which takes up a lot of time, but it’s good because it helps us to do better as missionaries.

So this past week was pretty crazy with all travel and stuff. I had a great leadership meeting on Thursday over Skype and then got back to Orkney that night and then started working Friday. We had a bit do that Friday because we’ve been gone for so long. But we got going and was running around to pretty much everyone and trying to set up as many appointments as we could for the following week.

There was a moment where Elder Herr and I were walking back to the flat and there was this car that was coming down the road and the next thing we know, the car is pretty much on the side walk heading right at us! So we jump off to the side and the door opens and the people in the car say that they are members but they haven’t been to church in a long time and they want us to come around and visit them and they’ll even give us food! It was pretty cool how they found us. But that appointment will have to change because we are gone again for a few days. Then the rest of the past few days have just gone by so fast. We have done a lot of planning for this next transfer, because for the last few months nothing has really been happening in this area, so we are going to start to try some different things, but it probably won’t happen for like another two weeks.
It sounds like everything back home is going well. The eclipse sounded really fun. Abi sent me an awesome picture of the temple with the eclipse it looked really awesome and I loved it!
So it’s been going really well but nothing new has happened besides all this travel. We’ve just become so busy with everything, but it’s been really great!

So we are teaching a few people and you asked about the young man, so we haven’t gotten with them as we have been traveling in order to set a date yet, but hopefully tonight we will be able set a date with him for his baptism.
Love you all hope you have an awesome week with back to School and work. I will let you know how the conference goes with all the travel, so no worries!

Staying in Orkney

So I’ll have to be fast because I’m in Aberdeen! To give you a hint…

I’m not moving. Elder Chapple will be moving down near Edinburgh and my new companion will be Elder Herr who was up in Shetland, so he just really moved in the district. So Shetland is being white washed by Elder Kroes and Elder Arenas. The moves call really surprised me this time. We were just walking around, then noon the phone went off and usually the AP’s don’t call till around 6 or 8 in the evening. But the call wasn’t coming from the AP’s it was coming from the President! So I answered and he started to tell me my moves and then he said you’re staying but we want to extend your call to District Leader. So that was pretty fun.

So this whole week I’m going to be in Aberdeen and Edinburgh for some leadership training. So won’t be back in Orkney till Friday night.

I did get the letter I think. I’ll have to check when I get back to the flat.
So yeah this week has been a bit crazy we had exchanges and the Shetland Elders came down to Orkney (Elder Herr and Elder Devainas) for a few days. So we were just all over the place doing things. But it was just getting more and crazier towards moves. We all figured that Elder Chapple would move because he has been here for a while.

So overall I really don’t have a lot of time to email but I’ll print those two talks off and give them a read love you!

There has been so many wonderful things happening more and more

What a week for you it sounds like it has been all over the place but it does sound like a good week. The temple is just a wonderful place and I really do miss it. When you go around and teach people about it for a year, you really want to go there yourself after awhile. I did hear all about Alex and winning the tournament which is really awesome! I’m really proud of him and what he has been able to do.

So the past few days have been really crazy for myself and the next week will be even more so. The past week we had the conference down in Aberdeen and being down there was really great. I love going to the conferences mostly because it’s always what I need to hear every 6 weeks. So this past conference we really talked a lot about inviting others to come to Christ. How pretty much that’s our whole purpose as missionaries is to invite, if we don’t invite then we are not

following the commandments which have been given to us. The funny thing is, is that I was thinking of that same scripture that you shared with me 1 Nephi 3:7. There are a lot of people that think we are being pushy when we invite them to baptism but no one will ever change unless we ask them to. And it’s a

commandment for everyone to get baptized and to also invite those that have not yet have had the chance to hear the gospel on this side as well. So there is a way prepared for both sides to accomplish that, which is very comforting. So we had the conference and we were down there in Aberdeen for about 3 days. The

first day was just a lot of travel and that was long. The second day was the conference were we just learned a lot of great things. The following day we drove with the Smiths to a castle because that is where the Parks were going to pick them up for their temple trip. So we to the meeting place and the Parks

came we were off back home. We drove through the national park because that’s where the GPS took us. Got to see the beautiful hills of Scotland on the back to Orkney. So we spent the rest of the day traveling all the way back to the top of Scotland and got the ferry to the islands. We didn’t get home till right at 9:30 I think. But we made it!

Then the next few days went by fast. We are pretty much finished with are a little chapping area and it’s time to move on to the next. We were able to find a few more people that are interesting in learning more so praying that we will be able to see them again. So just the other day yesterday. We had church and it

went pretty well. We had an interesting investigator show up. He said it would probably be his last Sunday in Orkney so he thought he would just come around. So after church as we were walking around town trying to talk to people and we ran into this one lady. And we got talking and she told us a question that she

has had for a long time and we told her that we have an answer. So she told us to wait and she’ll be back in 30 mins. So we waiting and she came back. So we were looking for a place to sit and she kept saying the pub. And we weren’t really wanting to go into a pub to have a gospel conversation. So she said that was fine but she wanted a drink. So she went into the pub and came back with her

drink and we found a bench and we started to teach her or give her the answer to her questions which were why bad things do happen and where is my child that died when it was born? So we started to explain and we got through part of the answer and she stopped us and asked do you really believe that. So we of course

said “We know that” and then we started talking again and then out of nowhere she gets up leaves. She said she would be right back. So we wait 10-15mins not coming back. So we do companion study for an hour. And still she hasn’t come back and well we couldn’t keep waiting and so we ended up leaving and it was just interesting for it to happen. I don’t think I’ve ever had someone just get

up and leave. So I’m still reflecting on the experience and praying that we will see her again and explain more to her. So we went chapping to finish that night off and we found 2 really great guys that wanted to read the Book of Mormon and learn more about it. We are going back this next week to go and teach them.
So this next week will be crazy because the Elders from Shetland are coming down for a few days. We are having a 2-3 day exchange so should be a lot of fun. We’ve been doing really well and I’ve been getting really excited cause we have been finding more and more people here on this tiny island that want to learn more. Oh also this past week we got a wonderful new investigator named Dan and we played the Restoration movie for him which I have never really done before but we were able to talk about it and what it means and we invited him to baptism and he said yes! And that he is wanting to learn more! We are going places on this Island!

There has been so many wonderful things happening more and more. It really has been a blessing and really because we have been doing our best. It’s one thing I love about being a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, is that it is the true church and it has the fullness of the Gospel so we are going to see the miracles. Just the other day I was listening to a talk called the Blue Prints of the True Church. It was a BYU devotional and the speaker talks all about what Christ’s church was like found in the Bible. And the only church that matches that same blue print is the Church of Jesus of Latter day saints. So all those wonderful blessings that we gain from the temple are real and then do happen. I love that a lot. So it’s wonderful to hear about your past week and the wonderful things that you were able to learn about in the temple. I’m happy for Alex and what he is doing and for Annukkah and Dad in being the wonderful family that they are. So I hope this next week goes well and I look forward to hearing from you next week.

Love you all I’m heading off now! To go and get some twin photos! Have a great week and I’ll hear from you next week!

*The above pictures of from Braemar Castle in Aberdeen, Scotland. For more information about Braemar please visit this site: