Off to the Aberdeen Zone


Well, it’s great to hear from you. So yes it was transfers and I got moved back to the Aberdeen Zone again for a third time. However, I don’t have much time to email so this will be short. So back in Aberdeen and I’m the new Zone leader with Elder Smith. So it should be a fun time. Elder Smith is from Australia he has blonde hair and he has a surfboard according to Elder Foster. He worked as a lifeguard saving Elder Kroes from sharks. He likes to talk in a dark voice. A year of Uni as well. Worked at a fruit and veggie shop and he loves bath bombs. He enjoys yoga. That’s about it.


Elder Myers, Skye, Katie, Linda, Elder Augustine

So a lot has happened this past week with teaching Linda, Skye, and Katie. We were all over the place just running around teaching and finding and it was great. And to be honest I can’t remember anything from the past week. But moves call came on Saturday and it was from President. So Church was great, Linda came with the girls and they are all excited for their baptism! Then Monday I was on the train early and I just got to Aberdeen and now I’m running missionaries around for moves.


So I’ll have more to say next week.
So I think I’ll be home July 16? We’ll just go with that.




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The Priesthood Authority of God is real. It has been restored to the Earth by a loving God. If we have fallen look to our priesthood leaders. They can and will lift us.

The start of the week was pretty fun. We went over to Kilwinning to check out the Kilwinning Abbey. Nothing really exciting, it’s all just kind of fallen apart, then we went to the Irvine Beach and the Sisters just took a ton of photos so we were there awhile. Not exciting for a P-day but it was alright. The following day we had District meeting and we were on exchanges with the Beith Elders. The meeting was good, the zone leaders came really late because there was a bunch of snow in Paisley. So took them awhile to get out here.

So I was with Elder DeMille. Off we were to go do finding all day long in Irvine. Here in Irvine we have a few people that whenever they see us, they come up to us and they like to speak to us for a very very long time. We give them all nick names. We have Georgie Boy, Anti Doctor Man (Or Stretchy Pants Man), History Man, strange philosophy man, The Sweet Lady, The Big Issue, and The Neds. Well this exchange somehow, just somehow we ran into every single one of them. They are all good people but they aren’t interested and they interrupt us when we try to speak to other people so it was just all over the place for most of the afternoon on Tuesday.

Well in the evening Elder DeMille and I went out chapping. Which was really good because we spoke to a lot of people and got a lot of return appointments, we were able to teach one of those appointments just the other day. I’ll get to that in a min. Well the exchange was successful! So the following day comes around and we just go about the day in the morning. Well we had a lunch appointment all the way over on the other side of our area and it was really good but the bus back got stuck in traffic and we were on the bus a bit longer than we really wanted to be. Oh but before all of that because I’m too lazy right now and fix it, so this all makes sense. But Wednesday morning before the lunch we went and taught Linda! We had Brother Watson (He’s in the Bishopric) come with us to talk about the Word of Wisdom. We go in and sit down with Linda she has her coffee next to her. We start by asking if she has noticed a change in herself and her family with coming to church and what not. She said that she has. We have had a big focus with her with following the prophet. Went on to explain more about following the prophet she agreed and we continued how we need to be obedient to what the prophet asks. Once again she agreed said it was very important. Then the moment Elder Myers has been waiting for (as I asked him to teach the doctrine of the word of wisdom) He told her plainly and simple what the word of wisdom was. Oh the Horror that came to her face! I did my best not to laugh. As he read from the pamphlet she looked at her coffee and back to us and back to her coffee. So we spoke to her about it then the amazing joint teaching comes in. Not only does he explain why he follows the word of wisdom but he shares a story that grossed all us out about coffee and tea. This wise old man shared a story about disgusting coffee and tea. It went something as follows. (This is the simple version) “As a young man he worked as an civil engineer and he would go to work to this work site. There was coffee kettle and the workers would make coffee and tea with it. Well simply enough someone got dirt in the coffee and it became cold and he tried it. It was gross. Then someone made tea and then someone after that made coffee again and offered him some. But when they poured the coffee it still had all the tea and dirt stuff in it.” So kids don’t drink coffee or tea at a work site. He went on to share a story how the Elders when they were teaching him and his family this lesson, the Elders turned to his wife and asked for her fags (cigarettes) and she gave it to them. The Elders then took them all out of the box and smashed them all in front of her. The reaction you can probably guess wasn’t the best. But the Elders took the box with them and put it in there journals as a trophy. Well this was great lesson with Linda as you can tell already. Not only did we teach why we shouldn’t have that stuff and the blessings that come from it but we also got to share gross stories that freaked us all out about going anywhere near that stuff. (To be honest I just thought back to when I would go with Dad to drug court or hear all the stories about the people he has been working with). Well after this long day, we taught a new investigator it was kind of awkward but really cool the same time. She showed up and we spoke but she was just super quiet the whole time and she looked like she was uncomfortable but as the lesson went on she was fine by the end. Over the past few days she has sent us a text telling us how much she has read in the Book of Mormon. Which has been a lot. So that was really cool.

Well Thursday hits! We do a bunch of weekly planning stuff and what not. But one of the appointments that Elder DeMille and I set up was with this woman who had lost her son a few years ago. We meet with her and we asked her why she invited us back. She told us that it was what I said about a message about families. She told us that she wanted to know where her son is. She went on to say how she has searched in faiths and throughout the Bible and she has a minster lady that will come visit her every now and again. But she doesn’t know. Well we told her that we won’t be able to answer her questions but we can tell her where her son is. We shared with her the plan of salvation and how little children are alive in Christ (Moroni 8) her son was 6 when he passed away and wasn’t baptized so she was worried as to what has happened to him. But as we explained more and more her focus became more and more. She amazed by what we had shared with her. Her questions were answered and she just over whelmed with the whole plan. We’ll be going back this week to teach her the Restoration and how we know this. The day went on pretty normal. Meet some interesting people in the street but all was well.

Then Friday! We were all over the place once again running around but not a single person was holding to their appointments. In the evening time we were going to see a member and his family, but we got a text saying that he has to cancel. We also had a joint teach for that but we didn’t want to cancel with the joint teach because he set time aside to come with us. So alright we’ll go by Linda and see how she is doing with the Word of Wisdom. We went around knocked on the door. She looked pretty tired. Because this is the first time she has gone without any of that stuff. She just wanted to stop it all from when we taught her. But as we were speaking to her at the door she fell. Just straight to the floor. We rushed in to see if she was okay. After a few seconds she came to. We helped her to the couch and sat down with her and as we spoke to her we realized that she was having withdrawals. So we ran and got orange juice! Made her drink that and spoke to her a bit more. We left and a doctor came around to check on her. Before we left we gave her a priesthood blessing. We explained to her what it was and she was like alright I guess so. Elder Myers did the blessing and after she gave us this look like something happened and I’m not sure what. But we went back the following day and she was all well and no sign of being tired or anything. She told us how the doctor came around and told her that her blood pressure dropped and it was good thing that she has orange juice because with her sugar levels also being low that was the best thing she could have had at that moment. She told us how she knew this all happened because everything with smoking and coffee. She told us that she hates that stuff and never wants to touch it ever again. She also asked about the priesthood blessing. She told us that she didn’t understand how or why but after everything just seemed okay and she would be better. We told her more of the Authority that we held and of the spiritual and physical healing that comes from a blessing but even more so through the Atonement. We told her about that the power that comes from the Atonement and what it can do for her. This led well into our lesson on the Sabbath day. We taught the power and healing that coming from the sacrament. She was more than willing to keep the Sabbath Holy. As we ended the lesson Skye told us how she was getting more and more excited to get baptized. Then Katie came in and couldn’t understand why she wasn’t able to get baptized even though she was bigger than Skye. Tried to tell her that she has to be 8 but still didn’t click so we’ll teach her about child blessings and that is something that she can get. Well the day went on and Sunday came. We had a great day and it was just a pretty normal day.

Throughout the day I thought back often to the experience with Linda. It reminded me a lot of the story shared by Elder Holland about the boy playing football that got struck with lightening. Now this was nowhere near a flash of lightening. But there does come a time when someone around us will fall either physically OR most of the time spiritually. The door will be opened and our faith will be tested. Are we pure and worthy to step through that door to lift those that have fallen? Most of the time we think or tend to think that all is fine and nothing will happen with in our small world that we have placed ourselves in. However that is not the case. We all will be tested at some point. We need to stand ready at the door. For either one day the savior will knock and will we be ready for that knock? I’m grateful to have a companion such as Elder Myers that was ready to help. With all his heart and a simple phrase he was able to comfort and say you will be well. The Priesthood Authority of God is real. It has been restored to the Earth by a loving God. If we have fallen look to our priesthood leaders. They can and will lift us.
I think the topic can be priesthood.

Yes this is practice for the future, I know so listen up.

Hey that is great to hear about the family history thing! I would have loved to go but that’s okay. I’m good with staying in Scotland for a bit longer.
Well what a week we had here in Irvine. So at the start of the week we had a pretty normal P-day nothing to exciting really happened just went around to a few stores with the Sisters. Then the following day was our Scotland South Conference. So we woke up early and went off to the train station to catch the train for Edinburgh. The Sisters joined us on the train at the next stop. So off we all went, none of us awake and really wanting to do anything. But we got to all the train stations fine as well as the church in Edinburgh. I saw a few Elders that I knew, however I have no idea who anyone is in this mission, there are so many new faces. I think I was on the Islands to long because it seems like everyone has gone home. I feel old by age and mission wise with all these new missionaries because they are all 18! Very few are older. Well the conference was good. Spoke a lot about the Book of Mormon and using it in the mission. It was a lot of good stuff. I do have to have laugh because this was the same conference just over a year ago and it was great to hear it all again. I got to speak to Elder Foster and I got a photo with him and Elder Spendlove because that’s my trainee line! The conference ended, all the going home missionaries cried, we laughed, and it was good. So once again the herd of missionaries like awkward walruses went off to the train station to get back to their areas. Somehow among this herd of missionaries Elder Myers and I end up with all the sister missionaries going to dinner in Glasgow. Well after eating food in Glasgow we were once again off to Irvine. The night was long but good.

Tuesday morning all was well. We wake up happy as a tired missionary could be. We planned for the day and got ready. In the morning we went to the church to do some “Missionary business stuff” and enjoying the day, when we hear the ringtone “Anymore” Go off on the phone. It was the Zone Leaders. “Hello this is Elder Augustine” “Hey Elder so there is a red alert for Scotland with this storm and you need to go to your flat” *I then look outside to bright sunny weather* “Ahh alright” “Cool tell your teams!” Phone call ends. (I shortened the call it was longer but that’s pretty much what happened) SO, we were all grounded to our flats. Well after an hour we walk back to our flat in the sun and it was so horrible…FOR THE NEXT TWO DAYS we were told not to go outside. And for THOSE TWO DAYS we had NO SNOW and nothing hit Irvine. We were fine it was just cold. No snow, no rain, the sun actually came out a bit and yet I had to sit around the flat. Towards the end of the second day I called the zone leaders and had them call President so Elder Myers and I could go out and work. Which we did! So we went to work while the rest of the mission sat indoors. Everywhere but Irvine was hit with snow. But the freezing cold wind reminded me a lot of Orkney. Well going to work was great. We spoke to people and the town went crazy though. Everyone went crazy. Everyone was running around like it was the end of the world and that the zombies were coming. People flipped out and started to mass buy everything. The stores went empty because people thought they were going to starve. All the veggies, fruit, bread, milk, and everything else was gone. But they all left the canned and frozen food. So the stuff you need for a food storage no one bought. Well as time went on we set appointments and met some cool people. Found a new investigator that has been just going through the Book of Mormon, she doesn’t believe in God but we told her that the evidence lies in the Book of Mormon so she is searching.

Sunday was a funny day. SUNDAY! We went around to Linda to walk with her and the girls to church. We show up and the girls had a friend over for the night. So when the door opens Linda tells us that Katie (the 6yr old) won’t get up. We asked her to go back up to her and tell Katie that we are here to take her to church. So Linda is like, right I’ll try but it won’t work. She goes up the stairs and in a matter of seconds comes bouncing down the stairs is Katie! Excited to come to church with us! Linda was confused because just minutes before she refused to get up. But hey power of the spirit eh? So Linda gets them all ready and off we were to church! A bit late because we had a third wheel this time. But they all loved it. But not the third wheel she doesn’t like people so that was awkward… But Katie and Skye loved church! So now last time we had a problem with keeping Katie distracted for sacrament. So I came prepared. Yes this is practice for the future I know so listen up. I sat next to Katie, who sat next to Skye, who sat next to Rebecca, who sat next to Linda. I brought snacks, I brought paper, and I brought the color green! We had this coloring kit but it was only in the color green. I had them all hooked on coloring for about 30mins. It was going great till Katie started to get bored. Skye was fine. So from my quick wits I started to make them all origami stuff. It is a useful skill after all! But they wanted more so for the next 25 minutes I was a mad man with paper. But I will admit I had a great time. They were all distracted and Linda got to listen to the testimonies. But in the final minutes just the last 3. Katie was once again bored. SO she stood up tall and made a run for it! All while making pig sounds. So her mom ran her down and it was hilarious. But it was all good! Our plan next time is to get all the primary teachers to help with Katie and what not. So great thing is later that night we gave them a short visit and they are stilling planning on coming to church, and Linda and Skye are looking forward to Baptism. So we’ll be getting the ward more involved so we can just hand them to the ward and the ward will take them in.

So what a week eh? I’m glad everyone back home had a good week. Oh before I forget yes I did visit Jean Fawcett. She was funny and very nice. We spoke to her got to know her a bit. She gave us some cheesy toast. We spoke to her about family Search. She didn’t have a laptop or anything but we told her about the website and I told her that my mom can help her with it as well as the missionaries here in Ayr. So she liked that and it was a good visit.

Families are Forever

Well this has been a pretty good week for us. I’m glad to hear that the baptism all went well and it was really good. So at the start of the week we went to Dundonald Castle with the Sisters. It was pretty cool I got a few photos of that. Then the rest of the week went by pretty slow, the work kind of slowed down for us this week and we were just out finding a lot, just looking for people. All in all there isn’t much to share at the start of the week. We were just out there looking for people. So of course we did speak to a lot of good people but didn’t set to many appointments for the week.

Later in the week we went on exchange with the Zone Leaders. Now the zone leader that I went with hasn’t been out very long and his name is Elder Spendlove. Now Elder Spendlove was trained by Elder Foster who I trained, so yes this is my grandson trainee. It was pretty funny. But we went out to Paisley and had a really good time. I meet a lady from Greece she had an interesting name like Andromeda or something it was pretty interesting. But gave a bunch of copies of the Book of Mormon and one of the guys we met we set an appointment with for later that day.

So in the evening time we go around out in the sketchy part of Paisley and we find the flat with broken glasses and beer bottles along the sidewalks. So what we do? We knock on the door of course! Gotta share the Gospel! The door opens and this drunk man screams something along the lines of “Oh no!” but with a few different words and he is just yelling and then comes the guy that we spoke to, he goes up to his friend and was like “I told them to come you blasted idiot!” So we go on in. We sit down and the one friend is drunk, but we are talking to the other guy and boy they could talk. They kept telling us about this and that, just all over the place and the drunk guy is totally against listening to us. But then he hears that we are from America and that changes him because it takes a lot to be far from home to come here. So we finally get around to talking about the Restoration and it is going terrible. Tried to play a video and it’s not going well with this drunk guy, the other guy is loving it though. We get to the part where its talking about families and the sober man just jumps up yelling “That’s all me! That’s all me!” He then rips off his shirt to show us his tattoo on his chest that said “Families are Forever”. So after this circus of something with a small dog and the drunk guy inviting us to his court case, I sit up straight and talk a bit louder and pretty much don’t stop talking and tell them the whole Restoration all the way through Joseph Smith and invite them to be Baptized. This was good because they stayed quiet till the end. But the message had been shared! The drunk man was like “I feel something! I feel something!” The other guy thought it was very nice and said he would come to church. So that was our fun teaching moment.

So after a fun exchange we head back to Irvine and the following day things are still a bit slow but then in the evening time we go around to go see our friend Linda and her two daughters. It was the funniest lesson. Her 6 yr. old with autism makes everything just great. But the 6yr old comes around and screams “I’ve missed you guys!” Then goes on to tell us about a million different things. I’m still not sure how we really teach them but we do! During the lesson my companion turns to the 6yr old and told her that she could come to church with us and she flipped out about this. Called someone and was yelling into the phone how she gets to go to church with her two friends. So early the next morning we go around knock the door to see if they are ready for church. Well they are all up just not ready. But the 6 yr. old would not stop talking about church all night long and how excited she was to go. So Linda got the two ready and the kept running up to the window to ask us which clothes they should wear. So we take them church and it was really great. They all really enjoyed it or I hope they did which she said they would be coming back.

So the rest of the day went by pretty good with a dinner with Sister Campbell and then out chapping doors…however, a nice surprise by the Stronach’s who came for a visit to the Irvine Ward and brought them a treat!

So today I’ll be going down to Ayr and visit Jean. I called her the other day and had a nice chat. Got permission from President Donaldson so we’ll head on down there. Some members will be driving us down and we’ll have a look around Ayr while I’m down there.

When everything seems to fall apart around us, when we hold to our simple and strong testimony of the Savior, we can withstand all things.

Well sounds like an exciting week back home. A lot seems to have happened! So that’s all good. Well what a week to tell you about mine. So last Sunday night Elder Myers and I were out chapping some doors and we were getting a few people to tell us that we could come back. So alright pretty normal stuff. We go back the following night and the first door. Go up *Chap*Chap* lady opens the door. “Hey it’s us again!” then “Oh no sorry we already know everything” Then the door shuts. Well alright, we still got two more to go by. Go to the next house. Go up to the door, this time it’s Elder Myers *Chap*Chap* “Hey it’s us again!” door shuts. Well third time is a charm. Then walking all the way to the end of the street we get to the last house. We go up and chap and the woman who answered the other day opens. Then she says that we can come in! At this point we are both like yeah we’ll come in. She was a nice woman with two kids. The younger one has autism and was super hilarious. She would come up to us and yell “I’m crazy” Then run into the door. She had non-stop energy that seemed to flow from some kind of endless battery with no off switch. So surprisingly we did teach the Restoration. I have no idea how but we did! And the mom said out of her whole life of going to Sunday school this makes sense. She told us that it freaked her out a little because it just seemed to click. Her many bible questions were answered and we all felt the spirit.

Well, Elder Myers and I walked away with a fist bump because it was an amazing lesson and she invited us back. So right after this we, had planned to go and see our friend Alex but it was getting late and we were unsure if we would be able to get the bus back to the flat on time. So we prayed and felt that we needed to go anyways. So we got on the bus having no idea what was going to happen. We run to Alex’s house and the lights were on so there was hope that he was in. We chap the door and it wasn’t Alex but a bunch of his friends. They told us that Alex had run off somewhere. Well dang we, tell them to let him know that we came by and then they shut the door. Standing there I had the thought well if we didn’t come here for Alex maybe we came here for them. So we knock on the door again. They all answer and I tell them we are missionaries and we are sharing a message of the Restored Gospel may we share that with you. They all said yes and we set a time to go around tomorrow. The following day we had a district cluster with the Ayr Elders and the Pollock Elders. All the Sisters were gone to some Sisters conference or something. I’m not really sure. But all the Elders got together for a great meeting. We spoke about a lot of different things but really 3 many things. Which were one using the Book of Mormon in the work, two getting our friends to church, and three getting the members involved. So it was really good stuff then from there the rest of the day was pretty normal. We would go out and talk to people and then in the evening time we went back to Alex’s house. Alex was there, we spoke to him about the things he needs to get baptized. Then we invited all his friends into the room and we taught 4 of them the Restoration. Gave each of them a copy of the Book of Mormon and invited them to read it. I know they felt the power of the message. I’m not sure really what will happen with them or if we’ll even be able to sit down with them again but at least I can I say I declared the truth of our message. We walked away feeling calm and that we did our part.

Then the following day was another great story. We were going through the whole day and not much was really happening. Just the day before I had set a lesson up with this girl on the high street and she didn’t really seem like she would show up. But low and behold she came. She only had a few mins before going to work. So while standing there on the street we taught and testified of the Restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon an invited her to read it. She knew that what we shared with her was true and she didn’t really know how to take it in. She didn’t want to set another time to meet because she wanted to think about we shared with her so we said okay. I know we’ll see her again.

For the next few days things seemed to really calm down and we were going around and doing the best we could. I had the Bieth Elders come over for exchange so that I could get to know them a bit better. It was a pretty short exchange, but it was good. Then Saturday came around. The whole day was pretty normal, out finding and talking to people on the street. Then it came to the evening time. We went around to the woman with the two daughters. Knocked the door and there was the young one “You came back!” Once again and hour of radio-active energy was poured into that girl and the off button was nowhere in sight. Like the time before we taught a lesson, have no idea how but we did and it made sense. However this time the mom was completely blown away. We taught the plan of salvation. She was a little unsure about a few things but when we shared the scriptures that taught the doctrine from the Bible and the Book of Mormon she was amazed. We invited her to baptism and she agreed. We’ll be going back tonight for a third lesson. She was unable to come to church because they all slept in. We woke them all up and she couldn’t get the youngest one up.
Sunday was pretty good. It seems to be the Augustine week in Church because you can guess it, I also gave a talk in sacrament. Never saw that one coming did you? I had the opportunity to speak about how we can develop a powerful and strong testimony and share that with others. I wrote the talk the day before but didn’t pull it out to read from during the talk. I shared that a simple testimony is powerful. I used the same scripture that I sent to you from last week in Mormon chapter 8 and showed how Moroni shared his simple testimony in Moroni chapter 1 that he will not deny the Christ. His example is that even when everything seems to fall apart around us when we hold to our simple and strong testimony of the Savior, we can withstand all things. I then reminded everyone of the teachings of Helaman to his son in chapter 5 verse 12. Then bore my testimony of the Gospel. I do enjoy speaking in church.

Then the rest of the day was food and try byes and that was really about it to be honest. So I’ll type up a talk for Alex to read and you can send me photos and I’ll call my mission president to see if I can go down there next Monday for P-day and visit her.

We are never alone in this journey of life.

What an assignment! Mom will give a great talk. I’ll send my thoughts at the end of the email of family history work and the temple.

What a week is has been indeed. Well to start once again I’ve been sick so that hasn’t been the best but it’s been okay. At the start of the week we’ve spent most of the time out finding and just talking to people. Elder Myers and I have been working on using the Book of Mormon more in our finding and sharing it with others. During all this though we have been waiting to hear about the new Sister trainee in the district. That’s right there is a trio of Sisters in the area. Well the Sister didn’t show up till yesterday. We all thought that she got lost or something. But it turns out the Provo mtc kept her there in Provo because she was super sick. Then she got stuck in France in the airport because her flight got cancelled. But all is well so we got 5 missionaries now in the Irvine ward which should be fun.

SO back to my week. Once again Elder Myers and I were out on the high street of Irvine just stopping people and chatting to them. The great thing about a mission is that you have every chance to teach the gospel every conversation is a teaching and learning experience. Well Elder Myers was chatting to someone and I noticed this woman walking with a pram and had a small kid so I go up and just starts very simple about asking her a question and we went on to chat a bit about families and how a belief in Christ can bring them closer together. Then she shared with me about she has been struggling with a few family issues and when she said it actually reminded me of something that I just read that morning in the Book of Mormon. So I opened to Mosiah chapter 2 verses 22-24. I went on to explain how during these times in our lives even when we feel far from God or any hope when we do our best to learn and live the commandments that He has given us. He will help us and bless us with the things that we need. It won’t always be easy but the promise is there. Then she was just staring at the verses that I gave to her, no idea what she was thinking. But she turned and said “I think I really need this”. Well I gave her the book and set a time to meet with her. Which should be tomorrow. Best time to study the scriptures is always at the start of the day cause at some point in the day you’ll need to use what you study that morning. We continued to speak to people on the street for the rest of the day. As the week went on we went around to visit some less active members and some other members. The visits were good but towards the end of the week I became ill, everything just became really blurry so I’ll do my best here to remember what else happened. Well Saturday came around and I had to travel to Paisley for a leadership meeting. The meeting was pretty good. It was long I know I like to talk but some missionaries love to talk for a long time. We spoke a lot about the Restoration and giving Joseph voice and what role the Book of Mormon has to play in all this. So lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the miraculous gift that has been given to us in this day. It is a voice from the dust that rings with power and authority. I was thinking a lot about the men who gave their lives for this record and my mind went straight to chapter 8 of Mormon verse 1-8
“Behold I, Moroni, do finish the record of my father, Mormon. Behold, I have but few things to write, which things I have been commanded by my father. And now it came to pass that after the great and tremendous battle at Cumorah, behold, the Nephites who had escaped into the country southward were hunted by the Lamanites, until they were all destroyed. And my father also was killed by them, and I even remain alone to write the sad tale of the destruction of my people. But behold, they are gone, and I fulfil the commandment of my father. And whether they will slay me, I know not. Therefore I will write and hide up the records in the earth; and whither I go it mattereth not. Behold, my father hath made this record, and he hath written the intent thereof. And behold, I would write it also if I had room upon the plates, but I have not; and ore I have none, for I am alone. My father hath been slain in battle, and all my kinsfolk, and I have not friends nor whither to go; and how long the Lord will suffer that I may live I know not. Behold, four hundred years have passed away since the coming of our Lord and Savior. And behold, the Lamanites have hunted my people, the Nephites, down from city to city and from place to place, even until they are no more; and great has been their fall; yea, great and marvelous is the destruction of my people, the Nephites. And behold, it is the hand of the Lord which hath done it. And behold also, the Lamanites are at war one with another; and the whole face of this land is one continual round of murder and bloodshed; and no one knoweth the end of the war.”

I think this also relates to family history. Many times we feel alone or lost in the dark and no way to see the end of the trials we are going through. But we have the examples and testimonies of those before us. It is important for us as well to preserve a record of our days for those to come long after we are gone so that they may look to how we came to believe in Christ. And we must look to the past to see the examples of those who went through so much so that we could be here today. Family History stirs our hearts to the remembrance of our fathers and sufferings that they went through. Even though Moroni saw the full destruction of his people, he held strong to his testimony “For behold, their wars are exceedingly fierce among themselves; and because of their hatred they put to death every Nephite that will not deny the Christ. And I, Moroni, will not deny the Christ” (Moroni 1:2-1). We are never alone in this journey of life. Even though many of the ones we love go on, their Spirit lives on and their teachings become eternal truths that are written upon our hearts. We must look to our fathers, as Moroni did to his, to hold strong to our testimonies. We then go to one place that has been prepared for us to remember them, the House of the Lord. This is where the convents and promises are made to aid our ancestors to receive these truths and enter into the presence of their God. We go to the temple to become more like the Savior. The Temple needs to become our focal point in life. When reading through the Book of Mormon I have found that many of the righteous kings and prophets have called the people to gather together at temples to not only be taught on high but to be directed in what they need to do. We go for the same reason to be taught and receive direction to any course we need to take in our daily lives. If we do not do our family history to help us to the temple then those that have died mourn for us. They need to be found. Without the continually light from the temple then we as the Lamanites fall and we lose sight of the purpose of this life and the work which have been called to do.
Just Saturday after the meeting we had to rush back to Irvine to help with a baptism for two young kids. I was able to interview them just a week before and found them worthy and happy to be baptized. Every time I have been able to see a baptism it reminds me of the work I have been called to do here. So should the temple be in the daily life of members. When we have gone through the temple for someone else we should be reminded of the work we have been asked to do.

The following day of course was Sunday we had a pretty good Sunday. The priesthood once again is speaking about home teaching. Very important and is a duty that should take a full month to do. Then in the Sunday school the teacher had my companion hold hymn books for the whole class. The books were representing sin and how at first it’s easy to hold but after a while they become more and heavier so we spoke about repentance! Then last of all was fast and testimony meeting. Which is always good. For the rest of the day we went to Sister Campbell’s for dinner. Followed by some chapping and we got a lot of people that invited us back so we’ll see how it goes.

Well I’ll see what I can do about skyping for the baptism and let you know. Talk you to next week.

We have found ourselves just getting more busier.

20180130_115015 (1)
Well Happy Birthday to Alex! I sent a card but not sure when it’ll get there.
Well, the start of the week was pretty cool. The last P-day we actually didn’t get around to anything, we didn’t go out to that store so I’ll try again next week. But it was a pretty normal day. Then Tuesday came around and we had a really cool District Meeting. I invited Bishop Yates to come around and speak to all the missionaries. That guy knows a lot about the gospel. It was pretty crazy but really cool. He spoke about the challenges of working with less actives and recent converts. Then the zone leaders gave a short instruction about the difference between a full-time missionary and a fill time missionary. Then last of all, I spoke to the district about using the Book of Mormon to answer questions and objectives. It was pretty cool. Then we were off for the day and it really just got busy. That evening we got invited to the young men’s activity at the church where we spoke to the youth about baptisms. They are going to be doing a youth temple trip soon so we were helping all the priests get ready to help with the baptisms in the temple because they can do that now. Which will be really cool for all them.
So as the week goes on by, we have found ourselves just getting more and more busy. Then I think the great part about the week was running into these two potential investigators. The guy we had a great chat about religion and really just getting away from the world and finding joy or trying to find God. We were then able to set a time to meet with him and I’m really looking forward to that. Then I ran into this woman and she was really nice. She had actually come to the church once before and she loved the idea of temples and that’s what she told me so we had a great chat and I’m hoping to see her again tomorrow. Then we ran into this interesting man. The guy told us he was taught by missionaries in the past and we sat down with him and he told us that he could read minds. Well he wanted to hear what we had to share and he said he enjoyed it and that God was telling him in his mind to get baptized. It was a really good lesson I will admit that, but the guy later texted us and said no thanks doesn’t want to get baptized but thanked us for the book. So that was odd and funny.
Then came moves call on Saturday. We didn’t get too much done because we were thinking about the call all day. We tried to keep ourselves busy but that didn’t work out so well. Well it was getting late we hadn’t had the call yet so we for some food from a kebab shop and came back to the flat to have dinner. Elder Palmer was thinking more and more that he was going to stay, but the call came and Elder Palmer is off to Livingstone. I’m staying here in Irvine and I’ll be with Elder Myers who I just picked up.
This morning we went to Paisley and we get to the train station and Sister Kearns got a new companion as well. Well Elder Myers and Sister Kotter (Sister Kearns new companion) were on the train together coming to Paisley. Well for a while no one knew where Elder Myers went to. He was lost but then found and got on this train. So Sister Kotter was going to stay on the train and Sister Kearns would get on and go to Stevenson with them. Elder Myers would get off and we would get the next train because the train with the Sisters doesn’t go to Irvine. Well the train comes and we see them and Sister Kearns gets on but Elder Myers doesn’t get off and then I see him getting his bags and running to the door but it’s too late the door shuts and the trains starts off again. We all just look as Elder Myers wave’s good bye on the train. It was pretty funny. So lucky the sisters with him had a phone so we call and have him get off at a stop, and then I got onto the next train and then meet him at the stop we told him to get off at. So that was a fun start! The rest of week will be really good though. I’m excited to see what happens. I’ll see if I can skype into the baptism and let you know.

Freedom comes because of the Atonement and the effort on our part to accept that sacrifice.


Well, what a week it has been! Don’t worry I got photos but I forgot about the suit photo so just have to wait another week. I’ll get it eventually.

The start of the week we were off on exchanges. I was with Elder Sazaki and we were also running around everywhere, but it was a good finding day in the heavy rain. Whenever I seem to plan any exchange with the other Elders, it’s always raining really bad and then it’s just not the best exchange.

So the rest of week was just a blur of meeting with people. We were all over the place, again running from appointment to appointment. We’ve been meeting with a lot of less-actives. Most have been coming back to church, so that’s been great! We just have a few more to get back and we’ll be going places.

A funny story, we went around to a member’s home for dinner Fiona Soden and it turns out she grew up with the Cummings from Airdrie. So we had a good chat about that, it was just interesting how everyone here pretty much knows each other. Following the dinner appointment as it was on Wednesday we had Nathan Baptismal interview and he passed so that was great.

The following day we went with Nathan to institute to help him get there and see what it is like and he loved it! So he’ll be going back each week now. It was a small class but it was good. Not the same as Utah where the classes for institute are just full all the time.

Then Saturday we had Nathans baptism! We were at the church early to get the font full. No worries we cleaned it that morning so it was all nice and clean for him. We had his baptism at 6 and quite a few members from the ward came to support him which was really cool. The service started with a talk from Brother Watson about Baptism and then Ruth Peden and she spoke about the Holy Ghost. Then we had Nathans baptism. It was really good. Elder Palmer performed the ordinance. So while they were changing we watched some Mormon messages. They came back and Bishop Yates gave him the welcome to the ward. The following day during sacrament I confirmed him a member of the church and that was a great experience.

So I was able to think a bit about the baptism and really what it does for each and every one of us. I found it interesting just now how Alex wanted to talk about Freedom (February family topic). Whereas baptism is the opening gate to Freedom from a sinful life to a life filled with the spirit and a straight and narrow path back to God. Repentance is the life freeing ability to walk with a clean life. Countless Prophets have always expressed the message of repentance. One such scripture found in the 6th chapter of Jacob which reminds us this message of repentance and joy. Verse 6 “Wherefore, my beloved brethren, I beseech of you in words of soberness that ye would repent, and come with full purpose of heart, and cleave unto God as he cleaveth unto you. And while his arm of mercy is extended towards you in the light of the day, harden not your hearts”. We come to the throne of God to lay our sins at the feet of the Savior. He has already paid the price with his prefect Atonement which came about through an eternal love for all of us. He cleaves to us because he wants us to trust him. He extends his nailed scared hands towards us every day as a reminder that we are never alone. The Atonement allows us to change and become a new even when we sin again and again. Baptism is just the step into the kingdom of God, However Enduring to the End is the pathway to Eternal life with our heavenly king. Freedom comes because of the Atonement and the effort on our part to accept that sacrifice. A bit all over the place but the simple truth is how repentance is real and it available to all. Nathan has been able to experience that freedom from sin now. He is now on the path way to return to his Heavenly Father and enjoy the blessings that come from the Gospel. In my studies I have found it interesting how the Doctrine of the Atonement is most accepted truth by all Christians but the least understood by them. Where others teach that he simply paid the price of sin so we may be saved. But it’s more than that. We understand that the Atonement was prepared from the foundation of the world. He overcame Physical and Spiritual Death. Through his atonement we are all saved from physical death that is a free gift to all and does not depend on what we have done in life. All of us will be resurrected. However the effects of spiritual death depend on us. Jesus Christ has already paid the price but it is up to us to accept that or not. Just as Jacob encourages us to not harden our hearts, we take a step with a broken heart and give it to that Great Carpenter. Through ordinances by correct priesthood authority we can find safety in the arms of the Savior. No matter who we are or where we are he will always be right there waiting for us.

So we will be having moves call on Saturday and I’m not sure what will happen, but I think I might stay.

Also where you bought my bagpipes the McCallum place. It’s in my area! We are going to get a bus out to it today and go give it a look.

So to end, this week will be another crazy week, but we are seeing miracles!

When we just simply follow the commandments and do our best we can feel such a greater peace in our life.

Irn Bru has changed the recipe because something with tax and sugar but it’s still pretty much the same thing. No different.
Well we kind of did a Burns Supper at the Minchin’s but that was about it, the ward here didn’t do one. Other wards did but not here. This week has been a crazy wee! So Monday we were going to go to another beach and check some other places out with the sisters but it started raining a lot so we just hung around the mall around. We went in this PC Curry place with all the smart phones and stuff and I never knew what the phones can do now! It’s crazy. The hardest part was I couldn’t figure out how to turn on the phone. So P day was alright.
We then had our Scotland South Conference. We woke up pretty early then got a train to Edinburgh. I honestly like taking the train, I don’t really want a mission car. So we got to the conference and it was a pretty simple conference. We had some good instructions about the Atonement and a few other things about the New Year, and what the mission is hoping to do. We were told about our new mission President. I’ll have him as my mission President for about a week or 5 days. So not really two mission presidents. Then we had the fun time travelling back to Irvine. We were going to get a ride to the train station from the mission home because our zone leader said that the van would come back for my District. So we waited and waited, and they never came. The other AP came back and he called the missionaries that were driving the van and those missionaries thought they were done with giving rides, so they went and started street finding. Well we just gave up and walked. Got back pretty late but that’s okay.
So the rest of the week has been pretty crazy, we’ve been running from appointment to appointment. I mean we have been literally running. I need to do morning exercises more often. So we went and taught our investigator Nathan. The first lesson was terrible. We were all over the place, but we went back the next day and it was great! He wants to get baptized so badly. He is doing great. So Sunday morning we were going to walk with him to church and we were out on the street waiting for him, but he didn’t show up. So we ran over to his flat and buzzed his flat over and over and woke him up. Then he got dressed and off we were to church. So we got to Church and it was a pretty good service. Nathan just went around to everyone telling everyone about his baptism and how he loves reading the Book of Mormon. It’s been great! Then after church we sat down with him and went through the Baptismal questions. This guy had some really amazing answers. We’ve only been teaching him for a week. Then one of the questions was “what does it mean to you to repent?” And he answers with “To apply the Atonement of Christ” I have never heard any investigator give such a profound answer. Just completely blew me away. So I can say that this week I had a joyful heart!
Because of the miracles that have been happening in this area, Elder Palmer and I have been working really hard and we are starting to see the effects of working hard. When we just simply follow the commandments and do our best we can feel such a greater peace in our life. This is how this past week has been. So it’s going to be a great week this week as well! The Beith Elders came down for P day today and we’ll be on exchanges tomorrow. Then we should be having a baptism on Saturday. What a great week. I’ll get the t shirt pictures today don’t have any photos of the birthday so oh well. Maybe next year ha-ha. Then I did get the card so Thank you to everyone I loved it a lot!